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Chapter 794: 794

Chapter 794: The Sect’s Request

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Jiang Jun lazily got up from the bed and took out a pillow . He leaned on the wall behind him and moved his body . Once he was comfortable, he said, “Today, Director Mao called me over to talk a little bit about the Cliff Mountain Team’s situation . ”

Sima You Yue was not surprised . So many students had died during Xue Rong’s situation . There was no way they would hide it . Also, based on Shu Yuan Yuan’s reaction, it wasn’t anything small either . It was something they could handle on their own .

The only thing they could do was to go the sect and let them handle it .

However, it was a little out of her expectations that the sect would tell Jiang Jun Zhe .

“Does it have to do with them inadvertently stumbling into some cemetery, where everyone who entered it died, leaving only Shu Yuan Yuan alive?” Sima You Yue said .

“You’re right . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said .

“How did Shu Yuan Yuan escape?” Sima You Yue asked, “Based on what I know, the array in the cemetery should be an ancient one . ”

“Shu Yuan Yuan said that they did not enter the array . There were people in there, so they stopped . However, they were still hit by the effects of the array and seven to eight of them died . Because Shu Yuan Yuan was at the back, she managed to escape quicker . I’m guessing it’s because those behind her managed to buy time . ”

“That is her luck . ” Sima You Yue sighed, “But why did they come to you?”

“Shu Yuan Yuan said that there were a few creatures inside it that she had never seen before . They looked ancient, and were worried that something was happening, so they wanted to send men over to take a look . ”

“Then they want us to go?” Sima You Yue blinked .

“Not us . You . ” Jiang Jun Zhe looked at Sima You Yue, “But since you’re going, we have to as well . That’s why it would be accurate to say that we are going as well . ”

“Looking for me? Want me to go?’ Sima You Yue was really surprised this time, “You’re kidding?”

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“How could the sect get Junior Brother to go? This is too dangerous . ” Su Xiao Xiao was extremely surprised .

“Getting Junior Brother to go would be putting him in right in the heart of danger, right?” Han Miao Shuang disapproved . .

“I haven’t even finished, but you guys have already said so much . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said .

“Who asked you to take so long?” Su Xiao Xiao complained .

“Quickly tell us . What’s going on . ” Han Miao Shuang urged .

“The sect is preparing to send people over . Because of the presence of the array, they also sent to look for the two in charge of the array . But those two said that since ancient beasts have appeared, the array could be ancient as well . That’s why they wanted You Yue to go . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said .

“Big Wei and Little Wei?” Han Miao Shuang raised her eyebrows in surprise .

“Who else?” Jiang Jun Zhe said .

“Junior Brother knows arrays?” Su Xiao Xiao looked at Sima You Yue tentatively .

“Of course . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said as he looked at her, “If he didn’t, how would he be able to enter our courtyard at the beginning?”

“Didn’t we bring him the first time?”

“He already knew how . He just wanted to pretend in front of you, which is why he followed you guys in . ”

Su Xiao Xiao slapped her thigh, crying out animatedly, “That’s right . I was just wondering how Junior Brother had managed to grasp it so quickly . So he already knew how beforehand . Junior Brother, are you messing with us!”

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“Junior Brother just didn’t want to scare you!” Han Miao Shuang said . Then, he wanted to seek confirmation a little, “Right, Junior Brother?”

“I really didn’t think that Junior Brother would be an array master . ” Su Xiao Xiao was extremely amazed when she thought about her perfect alchemy skills .

“Actually, it’s also because you two didn’t notice . Master also said before that the array was set up by Junior Brother . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said, “If you two thought more about it, you wouldn’t be surprised today . ”

Su Xiao Xiao and Han Miao Shuang thought about it and agreed .

“Then is Junior Brother going to head out with them?”

“Yeah . ” Jiang Jun Zhe nodded, “I already agreed . ”

“How could you agree? How dangerous would it be if Junior Brother went out? There are so many outside that want to kill him . If they knew that he went out, they’d…”

“Xiao Xiao, have you gone stupid? Have you forgotten that Master mentioned that it’s easy for Junior Brother . If others don’t know that person is him, as long as she doesn’t use that move, nobody will recognise him . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Oh yeah . ” Su Xiao Xiao smiled .

“I’m not worried about that . ” Han Miao Shuang said, “I’m worried about the dangerous nature of the situation . The sect already asked Big and Little Wei to go, which means that the situation is dire . If Junior Brother goes, what if something happens?”

“It will definitely be dangerous . That’s why we have to go together . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said .

“Wow! The first time going out with Junior Brother! I’m a little excited!” Han Miao Shuang called her hands as she looked at Sima You Yue .

“What are you excited about?” .

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“Something fun always happens when he goes out . Who knows, this time might be too!” Han Miao Shuang said .

Sima You Yue looked at them . They bantered amongst each other before coming to their own conclusion .

“You guys haven’t asked me for my opinion . ”

Han Miao Shuang walked over and grabbed onto her shoulders, “Junior Brother, you can’t reject us . We definitely have to ensure your safety . Or are you saying that you don’t want to go?”

Sima You Yue shook her head, “I actually came back today to ask for leave from the sect . ”

“Where do you want to go?’

“Violet water swamp ”

“You planned to go on your own?”

“My friends came to look for me to tell me that some of their people had been trapped inside the cemetery . They wanted me to go over and help them take a look . ”

“It just happens to line up, then . ”

“Yeah . Has the sect mentioned when we should go?”

“Tomorrow morning if possible . ”

“Then l’ll go let them know . ”

“I’ll give Director Mao a reply . ”

On the morning of the second day, they moved out . Sima You Yue did not go along with Kong Xiang Yi and the others, only letting them meet her at the nearby Jialing City .

Fan Lei, from heavenly sect, took the lead . Big Wei and Little Wei were together, along with a few other teachers . Sima You Yue realised that she didn’t recognise many of them and guessed that they must not be teachers who usually taught students .

Aside from those teachers, the party was made up of Sima You Yue and her three seniors, Xue Rong and Shu Yuan Yuan .

Fan Lei directly opened a port over there . Once they had exited, they were already at the outskirts of Jialing city .

“You Yue . ” Ximen Feng and Kong Xiang Yi, who had long been waiting outside the city, called out when they saw Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue waved her hands to tell them to go over, then introduced them simply .

“Xiang Yi, where are your clansmen?’ She asked .

“Inside the violet water swamp . ”

“Vice-principal Fan, since this is the case, we should quickly head over to Violet Water Swamp . ” Sima You Yue saw that Kong Xiang Yi was rather anxious and knew that she was worried for Jing Wen’s safety so she wanted to go over as soon as possible .

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