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Chapter 793: 793

Sima You Yue took out her mother-stone and smiled apologetically at Blue Blade and the others . She inserted her spirit energy saying, “Senior Brother . ”

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“Junior Brother, when are you coming back?” Jiang Jun Zhe’s voice droned lazily, making her wonder if he had fallen asleep .

“I’ll be back soon . Did something happen?”

“Kind of . I wanted to discuss it with you, but since you’ll be back soon, then I’ll wait for you to come back before discussing it . ” Jiang Jun Zhe said .

“Oh . I’ll head back earlier, then . ”

“Alright, just wake me up when you’re back…” Jiang Jun Zhe’s voice got softer and she knew without needing to think much about it, that he had definitely fallen asleep again .

As expected, a soft voice came from the background, “Jiang Jun Zhe, can’t you sleep in the house? You’re in the way of my cleaning . ”

Sima You Yue smiled at Blue Blade and the others . Seeing the confused look on their faces, she explained, “My Senior Brother just loves sleeping, sorry for the comical scene . ”

“The world is big, and there will always be a few more unique people . This isn’t that strange . ” Blue Blade said .

“How is your injury?’ Zhou Lan asked .

“Much better . My brothers told me you guys specially came here for my sake . Thank you all . ”

“That’s because you’re my boss . Oh right, Boss, I have to go . Don’t you have any gift for me? Like that kind of small metal ball? I want to play too . ” Qi Wei dashed in front of her and looked at her with hope .

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“Little metal ball?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand as she looked at Qi Wei .

“The last time when we were at rhinoceros vldh, one of your sect mates used a small metal ball . You just had to insert a bit of spirit power in and it would explode a huge area . That metal ball . ” Qi Wei explained . “I saw your sect mates using it the last time and it was so amazing . Can you help me make a few that I can okay with?”

“You’re talking about that metal ball, eh…” the moment Sima You Yue heard him talk about inserting spirit energy into an exploding metal ball, she immediately knew what he was talking about .

“Yup yup . We spent the last few days looking over in the shops, but we didn’t see that kind of small metal ball . Blue Blade said that it might be made specifically by your sect, which is why we can’t get it outside . I have to go, so I have no choice but to ask you for it . ” Qi Wei beamed at her while speaking . When he saw that Sima You Yue had fallen silent, the excitement in his expression fell a little as he said, “This isn’t your sect’s secret toy that you can’t let outsiders know about, is it?”

Sima You Yue saw his crestfallen expression when he thought that he had guessed correctly, and laughed .

“This isn’t any secret tool . It’s just something that Fatty discovered and likes to play around with . Since you like it, I’ll give you a few . ”

She took out a few of them and handed it to Qi Wei, who kept it away joyfully .

“Thank you, boss!”

Sima You Yue thought about how she had given Qi Wei a few, so she couldn’t not gift them to the others as well, so she took out a few more tens of them, giving a few of each to them .

“Fatty is kind of lazy, so I don’t have much on me . Don’t blame me for giving you too little . ”

Actually, when Blue Blade and the others had seen Qi Wei requesting for the little metal ball, they wanted it as well . However, they were not as direct as Qi Wei and couldn’t ask for it . Now that Sima You Yue had gifted it to them, they didn’t pretend to be coy and took the little metal balls with their thanks .

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“Boss, did Fatty really create this?” Qi Wei asked with curiosity .

“Yeah . Fatty Qu is the only person in the world who has this . It could be said to be his exclusive goods . ” Sima You Yue said

Just now, when Qi Wei talked about the power of Fatty’s little metal ball that day and saw the expressions of Hang Ming Lang and the others, she guessed that they had also come here because of that little metal ball .

However, they weren’t bad, so she gave a few of each to them . It wasn’t a big deal . Fatty would be more than glad to make a few more .

“All right, lil bro, we have to go . ” One of Qi Wei’s brothers instructed .

Qi Wei oh-ed in reply as he turned to Sima You Yue, “Boss, I’ll be leaving first . Come look for me when you reach the central regions . Don’t forget me, or I’ll be sad . ”

Sima You Yue saw the reluctance in his eyes and took out two more jade bottles, saying, “This is for you . ”

“What is this?” Qi Wei opened the cap and a dense wave of the scent of medicine wafted over . “Such a strong medicine! Boss, this medicine is definitely expensive, right?”

“Not bad . ” Sima You Yue said, “Keep it with you . It might save your life one day . ”

Qi Wei kept the bottles away as he slapped Sima You Yue’s shoulder heartily, “Boss, you’re really good to me! I’m so touched that I might die!”

Another one of Qi Wei’s brothers, who was the type who liked to get things done quickly, saw that he was still dilly-dallying so he took out a boundary breaker talisman, opened a space portal and said, “We’re leaving . ”

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Qi Wei saw that the portal had already been opened and knew that he couldn’t drag on any longer . He said his goodbyes before leaving with his older brothers .

Sima You Yue watched as the space portal closed, and the strong aura left with it .

“Qi Wei’s clan should be very powerful . His two brothers…Their auras are intense . ” She sighed .

Blue Blade nodded, saying, “They’re one of the strongest clans in the central region . ”

Sima You Yue stayed to chat with them for a moment and heard them explain how they had split the power in Bright Red Mountain Peak . Then, she said her goodbyes and returned to the sect .

Blue Blade and the others had seen here and got the information they wanted to know, so they left heavenly city on the second day .

Sima You Yue immediately rushed back . Because she was distracted by her situation, she had forgotten to come back in disguise . As such, when she had entered the inner sect, she was immediately surrounded by the students .

It was a good thing that most people were cultivating or resting at this moment, so there weren’t many students outside . She replied a few sentences before rushing back and hiding in Parting Garden .

Those students followed her to Parting Garden, and it was only after watching her go in that they left reluctantly .

Sima You Yue stood in Parting Garden and patted her chest, letting out a deep breath .

“These guys are way too crazy . How are they like old students at all . ”

“It’s because you’re not like a new student . ” Su Xiao Xiao appeared in front of her and smiled .

“Sigh, it seems that I have to be careful the next time that I go out . At least until the wind dies down . ” Sima You Yue said, “Right, where’s Eldest Senior?’

“Sleeping inside . ” Su Xiao Xiao said .

“I wonder why he’s looking for me . ’ Sima You Yue said, “Then I’ll wait till he’s woken up tomorrow to talk about it . ”

She could take leave while she was at it tomorrow .

“He said for us to go look for him once you returned . Let’s go . ”

Sima You Yue saw the way Su Xiao Xiao was acting, and guessed that he must know something .

They knocked on Han Miao Shuang’s door as they walked up and she quickly opened the door and came out to follow them to Jiang Jun Zhe’s house .

“Alright, Junior Brother’s here . Jiang Jun Zhe tell us your plans . ” Han Miao Shuang took a chair and sat down .

Sima You Yue looked at them and then back to Jiang Jun Zhe . What was it that they had to wait for her to return before talking about it?

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