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Chapter 778: 778

Sima You Lin forced himself to calm down before making the teleportation array, not letting the news shock him .

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However, he could not control his heart . It was filled with the notion that You Yue was injured and that Xu Jin was helpless to do anything, as such, he was unable to set the array up properly .

Sima You Yue walked over and patted his shoulder, saying, everyone is worried . If you can’t set the array up properly, we won’t be able to return . ”

Sima You Lin nodded and took a deep breath before continuing .

“He’s so young, and heavenly Sect is so far . Will he be able to make a teleportation array for such a distance?’ Xian Ming Lang asked .

“No problem . ” Wei Zi Qi said .

“I thought that Boss was the only young genius array master . Who would’ve thought that he’d be one too . ’ Wei Zi Qi looked at Sima You Lin with worship .

“The item in his hand should be a semi-formed array, right?” Yu Qing asked .

“That’s right, that is the half formed array that he and You Yue made together . As long as the array stones are placed in a pre-set order, we will be able to head right to heavenly Sect city . ” Wei Zi Qi explained, “We initially wanted to use this when we were done with our mission . ”

“Array Masters are really powerful!” Qi Wei exclaimed again .

This time, Sima You Lin was able to set the array up properly . He got everyone to stand inside it and activated it, returning to heavenly Sect .

On the other side of the array was the Sima residence’s courtyard . When Sima Lie and the others heard the commotion at this courtyard, they walked over .

Sima Lie noticed with a glance that You Yue was missing, and instead there were strangers . With a furrow of his eyebrows, he asked, “Where’s You Yue?’

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“Yue Yue has returned with Master Xu . We were not together, so we didn’t return together . ’ Sima You Ran explained .

“Oh . And these people are?”

“Grandfather, let me introduce them . These are disciples from one of the sects in the centre regions . We met them outside . They have come to the heavenly Sect for something, so we came together . This is Blue Blade, this is Zhou Lan, Yu Qing, this is Qi Wei and Xian Ming Lang . ” Sima You Ran said before Blue Blade and the others could speak . “This is my grandfather, Aunty Lan, Aunty You, and Bei Gong’s younger brother, Bei Gong Hang . ”

Blue Blade and the others have a bow as they were introduced .

Grandfather, we will first take them to Memory Restaurant . ” Sima You Ming said .

“Since they are your friends, why don’t they just stay in our house . ” Sima Lie said .

“We don’t want to trouble you . ” Blue Blade said .

“Grandfather, they have things they need to do . ” Sima You Ran said, “We’ll be heading off first, and return in a bit . ”

Blue Blade and the others cupped their fists towards Sima Lie and the others, turning around to leave the Sima residence .

“Grandfather, Aunty Lan and Aunty Yu, we’ll be going off to turn in our mission at the sect and will take leave to return once we are back . ” Sima You Ming left after speaking .

Sima Lie saw how flustered they were and said, “Do you guys feel like they were being a little strange?”

“It seems so . ” Sang Mu Yu said .

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“You don’t think that something happened?” Yin Lan did not see Sima You Yue, and had a bad feeling .

“Could something have happened to You Yue?” Sima Lie guessed .

“I don’t think so . ” Yin Lan said with a smile, “If something really happened to You Yue, they would not all return . Someone would have stayed by her side . ”

“That’s true . Their reactions were all a little strange, but they weren’t flustered . If something happened to her, they wouldn’t have the heart to return home . ” Sang Mu Yu agreed with a smile .

“You’re right . ” Sima Lie let go of his suspicions and worries when he heard what they said .

As for Sima You Le and the others, they let out a long breath when they left the Sima residence . In order to prevent Sima Lie from worrying, they pretended like everything was okay . Once they left the house, the group of them rushed towards the sect .

“Brother Blue, you cannot just casually enter the sect . I’ll send you to Memory Restaurant . If anything happens, we’ll get them to notify you . You can also look for them if you want to know anything . ”

“Is Memory Restaurant one of yours?’ Blue Blade asked .

Why did he seem to remember that Memory Restaurant belonged to Qin Mo?

“Something like that . ” Sima You Ming said, “A friend opened it and then gifted it to You Yue . ”

“Could that friend be surnamed Qin?”

Sima You Ming didn’t reply him, leaving the answer open . “Please be careful when you reach Memory Restaurant, because grandfather will check things out over there occasionally . Before ascertaining her condition,we don’t want to let him know . So we’ll have to get your help on this . ”

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Blue Blade knew that he had guessed right when he saw the way he was acting .

Who would have thought that Qin Mo would gift memory restaurant to someone? It seems that Sima You Yue’s initial casual representation of their relationship was a bluff .

“We understand . You guys can relax . ” Qi Wei said, “if you find out anything about Boss, please update us . ”

“Okay . ”

Once they settled Blue Blade and the others, they immediately rushed over to the sect and returned to the inner sect from the outside .

They did not return to their dorms but went to Xu Jin’s parting garden instead . They were standing outside waiting for a moment before xiao xiao came out from the house .

“Senior Su, how is my Fifth Bro?” Sima You Ran asked .

“Junior Brother?” Su Xiao Xiao looked at them puzzledley, “Didn’t he leave with you? What? You didn’t return together?”

“Didn’t You Yue come back?’ Fatty Qu asked with surprise .

Su Xiao Xiao shook his head .

“Then, did your master return?” Sima You Lin asked .

“Master returned once before leaving again . He’s not here right now . ” Su Lin Lin said, “Did something happen? Did something happen to Junior Brother?”

“What’s wrong with Junior Brother? Is he back? Xiao Xiao?” Han Miao Shuang was hugging a wine jar . You could tell at a glance that she had just returned from eating .

“We don’t know what happened either . ” Su Xiao Xiao said, “They just asked how Junior Brother is when they returned, then asked if Master was around . They haven’t told me what happened . ”

Han Miao Shuang guessed that something must have happened, so she kept his wine jar away and asked, “What happened?”

Wei Zi Qi and the others saw them acting this way and knew that Sima You Yue was not in the parting garden . If they wanted to know how she was doing, they had to first find Xu Jin .

“Here’s what happened…”

Su Xiao Xiao and Han Miao Shuang listened to what happened and said, “Master went to the house and stayed for a moment before leaving . He said that he would return for more things . Since he didn’t bring Junior Brother back, this means that his condition hasn’t improved . ”

“But where is Junior Brother now?” Su Xiao Xiao said, “If we knew earlier, we would have asked Master . ”

“It’s not like you knew that something happened to Junior Brother just now . ” Han Miao Shuang said, “We have to look for Master . ”

“Master should be with the principal . ” Jiang Jun Zhe came out, but he didn’t have that sleepy look like he always did .

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