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Chapter 777: 777

When everyone saw Sima You Yue’s condition as well as Xu Jin’s attitude, they guessed that she probably wouldn’t survive .

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What kind of person was Xu Jin? He was not just an ordinary teacher in the heavenly Sect, but his power was recognised by the entire continent . If even he was helpless, that must mean that Sima You Yue’s condition was obviously bad .

Qi Wei’s eyes were red when he saw Sima You Yue like this . Although they had not known each other for long, she had taken good care of it . He had not recognized her as his master for that long, and she was fine just like that . Where was he supposed to find another powerful master?

“Do not be sad so quickly . ” Zhou Lan said, “He may be okay . ”

“Even his master doesn’t have any idea . His condition…” Qi Wei felt upset and couldn’t continue .

“Heavenly Sect is a place of many talents . Someone may have an idea . ” Blue Blade said, “Do not yet be downcast . It may be too early for that . ”

“I want to go to Heavenly City . ” Qi Wei said .

“What?” Blue Blade and the others looked at him with surprise . This guy rarely travelled anywhere on his own, but for someone who he had not known for a long time, he was actually willing to go over there .

“I’m worried about Boss’ situation . I want to see it with my own eyes . ” Qi Wei said .

“But the Qi clan’s competition is going to begin . You have to go back and compete in it . If you go out now, you may not make it in time . ” Yu Qing reminded him .

“That’s right . If you’re absent, then your brothers may not let you off . ” Xian Ming Lang added on .

“I don’t care . ” Qi Wei said with a tightened fist . “Boss has saved me so many times . If not for him, I would have died a long time ago . Now that his future is uncertain, you want me to leave? I can’t do it . I’ll rush back to compete if he’s really okay . If he’s not okay, I might be able to help in some way . ”

“Then, we’ll go with you . ” Blue Blade said, “You’re right . Although we have not spent much time together, we went through a few rounds of life and death . We can’t just leave like this . If we let our Master know, the old guy should agree as well . ”

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“Since you guys are going, we will go as well . ” Zhou Lan said .

“Alright, I’ll go notify Master . ”

Blue Blade went to notify Master Blue Blade . The sect was normally not too happy about interacting with the other sects, and he thought that he might have to spend a bit of time convincing him, but his Master unexpectedly agreed immediately .

“He is your saviour, and you should go and see how he is doing . But you have to remember our sect laws . You are not to do anything to violate the rules . ” Master Blue Blade said .

He had a good impression of Sima You Yue .

“Yes, Master . ” Blue Blade replied .

“Blue Blade, when you’re over there, help me to find out more about that little metal ball . ” Master Purple Blade said

“Noted . ” Blue Blade understood the power of the little metal ball . Many people must be very interested in it, and it was not unexpected that the sect would want to find out more about it .

If the sect was able to obtain a few of those things, it would be good for them as well .

After the events of today, news of the little metal ball might very quickly spread .

The younger generations were not needed for the rest of the events because they just needed to clear the Bright Red Mountain Peak of the dead bodies . The sects split their power and stationed them at different areas

Blue Blade and the others returned first to Mushui City . When they recalled that Sima You Yue had told them that she was staying at the Mushui Riverside, they headed straight to look for her .

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Fatty Qu and the others were currently anxiously trying to find out news about the Bright Red Mountain Peak . When they heard that the barrier had been broken, they immediately tried to contact her . However, they found that they are completely unable to .

At this moment, Sima You Yue was currently inside a barrier . The barrier had isolation abilities as well, which was why they were unable to reach her . Later on, she had gone into battle, and couldn’t investigate even though she could feel something from the spirit pagoda .

And then, she had fainted .

When they heard from the manager that someone was looking for her, they were still wondering who it was . Going downstairs, they found that they were strangers, and were rather puzzled .

“This lowly one is Wei Zi Qi . May I ask who…” Wei Zi Qi went first and asked when he saw them .

“You are Wei Zi Qi?” Qi Wei stepped forward to hold his hand, saying, “so you know which city leads directly to Heavenly City?”

“You guys are?” Wei Zi Qi looked at them questioningly .

Blue Blade culled his hands towards Wei Zi Qi, saying, “We are You Yue’s friends . He saved us back in Bright Red Mountain Peak . ”

“Are you Blue Blade and gang who were dispatched there? We heard when you sent word . ” Wei Zi Qi said, “you have to head to Great City if you want to head to Heavenly City . That has a teleportation array that will take you straight to Heavenly City . ”

At this moment, others came as well, and went over to find out more about the situation when they saw Wei Zi Qi talking to Blue Blade and the others .

“You guys look anxious to get to Heavenly City . Is something the matter?” Sima You Ran asked .

“You Yue is injured, so we want to go over and take a look . ” Blue Blade said, “We heard that you guys are her family and close companions, so we wanted to let you know . ”

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When they heard that Sima You Yue was injured, their expressions changed immediately .

“Fifth Bro is injured?”

“You Yue is injured? Where is he now?”

“How did Fifth Bro get injured?”

“When we were in battle with the ghost clan, he was hit with a wave of aura that entered his body . He fainted on the spot . ” Blue Blade saud .

“How is he now?’ Wei Zi Qi asked .

“He’s already been sent to Heavenly Sect . ”

Wei Zi Qi and the others had pale expressions . Only Fatty Qu had yet to understand the complicated situation

“Was Teacher Xu not with him? Why did he have to return to the sect?’ He asked .

“Teacher Xu Jin said that he was powerless to do anything, and could only take him back to the sect . ’ Yu Qing said .

“Teacher Xu is so powerful, but even he said that he was powerless to do anything…” Fatty Qu had yet to complete his sentence when he was stunned, “You’re saying that his situation is dire?’

“We don’t know how he is right now . ” Blue Blade said, “Which is why we plan to go to Heavenly City to take a look . ”

“We shall depart as well . ” Sima You Ming said, “You Qi, check out now . ”

“Okay . ” Sima You Qi nodded as he went to look for the manager to check out .

“Since you plan to go as well, let’s go together . ” Blue Blade said .

Sima You Ming nodded, getting everyone to go upstairs and pack their things . Because their hearts felt heavy, nobody said a word, returning to their rooms in silence .

However, they did not go to the teleportation assay when they checked out, going out of the city instead .

“Are we not going to Great City?” Xian Ming Lang asked .

“It’s too troublesome to go to the teleportation array . We’re heading back directly . ” Wei Zi Qi said

“Going back directly? Didn’t you say that there’s no teleportation array nearby…” Zhou Lan looked at what Sima You Lin was doing as she spoke, swallowing the rest of her words .

Yet another array master!

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