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Chapter 776: 776

“Why is there a black aura on her?!” Qiu Ruo was shocked to see Sima You Yue’s current appearance .

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“She was just attacked by the ghost clan members . ” Chou Xiao Tian replied .

“Attacked? How is she now?” Qiu Rui exclaimed .

The question did not need to be answered to know that black aura on her body would freeze the bed . Her situation was self-evident .

Chou Xiao Tian looked at Sima You Yue anxiously and from time to time, he would look out wondering why Xu Jin hadn’t come yet .

On the side of the Rhinoceros Valley, Xu Jin and the group were fighting the spirit beasts . Their situation was more serious than Red Cloud Peak’s . Many people were injured and exhausted from the fight with spirit beasts .

Fortunately, Wang Xi and them arrived, which relieved them from a lot of pressure . The fighting gradually headed in a positive direction .

Xu Jin killed the spirit beast in front of him . When Wang Xi and them came over, he scanned around and flew beside Wang Xi . “Where’s You Yue?”

“I’m looking for you . The ghost clan members left the Human Realm . Before they left, they sent a strange aura into little friend’s body . She’s unconscious now . I had Chou Xiao Tian take here back . You should go back to see her . ” Wang Xi said .

When Xu Jin was seriously injured and unconscious, that was enough for him to tell one of the teacher of the sect and handed the other party something . He quickly broke through the void and headed back .

That teacher distributed the things in his hand to the other people of the sect . He injected spirit power into it and threw it to the place where many spirit beasts were gathered on the ground .

That was the improved version of Fatty Qu’s iron ball . The power was much greater than before, and it would vary depending on the level of spirit power injected in .

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The iron blood exploded on the ground, blasting the spirit beasts apart . Everyone present was shocked .

“F*ck, this thing is so easy to use! Xu Jin that kid took it out now!” That teacher was a straightforward guy . He screamed at the power it caused .

“I’ll try one too . ” Another teacher looked at the scene, injected in spirit power, and threw it at the spirit beasts .

People not far away saw the iron ball fell and hurriedly flew a distance away . They watched the iron ball landed on the ground and explode into a beautiful red flower .

“F*ck, what’s this thing? Such a strong power! It’s not like an ordinary spirit weapon!” Qi Wei exclaimed .

“Hahaha, this thing is cool! A little bit of spirit power can unleased such great power!” That old teacher laughed and liked this thing very much . “Come one, give me some more . ”

“I’ll try one too . ” The other teachers also threw theirs down and consecutive explosions caused serious damage to the spirit beasts .

The others were stunned by the series of actions by the teachers of Heavenly Sect . Someone scolded, “Your group of old bastards, you obviously have such good things, but don’t use them earlier!”

“You didn’t ask us to use it?” A teacher retorted, “Aren’t we fighting the same as you . We’re not lazy . What are you chirping for, do you want to try one?!”

“Then why are you willing to take it out now? Since you already planned to use it, why not take it out earlier! I’ve been so exhausted for so long that I almost got bitten by the spirit beasts . ”

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“Hahaha—- since it’s almost bitten, if you really were bitten, you would not have the strength to chirp . ”

“I don’t care, let me try one of your balls . ”

“Go away, this is something of Heavenly Sect’s things!”

“Are you going to give me one or not . If not, I will tell everyone how you were entangled by a girl outside of the sect . That little girl…”

“Shut up!”

An iron ball flew towards the mouth of that person and was caught by him .

Qi Wei and the rest thought the two were going to quarrel, but the scene reversed . The two were obviously a pair of bad friends .

The man got the iron ball and was very happy . He immediately injected spirit power into it and threw it on the ground .

“Hahaha, this is good stuff! Old guy, give me a few more!” He laughed out loud .

“Go away, this is something unique from our Heavenly Sect . If you want it, ten thousand crystals for each one . ” The sect teacher said .

“The thing I snatched for you last time was worth a hundred thousand…”

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Five iron balls flew out and accompanied the sound of gritting teeth, “The price of the iron balls increased to twenty thousand for each one . ”

“Hehe…” That person got the iron balls and no longer mentioned the thing . He contentedly went to hit the spirit beasts .

As a result, the original brutal battle turned exceptionally joyous .

With the help of the small iron ball, the battle was a lot easier, and the somewhat difficult battle soon ended .

At this time, many people were still thinking about the little thing . Only a little spirit power was needed to unleash such a powerful power . If they could bring it to their sect…

“Let’s go . We should go back to see how You Yue’s doing . ” The sect teacher condensed spirit power to clean up the blood on him and refreshed himself .

“Looking at Old Xu’s anxiousness, it seemed serious . ”

If they were not worried about Sima You Yue’s condition, they would not use so many small iron balls to end the battle earlier . They did so to return back sooner .

Qi Wei was standing not far . After hearing their words, he ran over and asked, “What’s wrong, my boss is injured .

The sect teacher stared at him strangely .

Blue Blade stepped forward and saluted the two teachers . “Qi Wei has recognized You Yue as the boss . Excuse me, what happened to You Yue?”

“Just now, Sect Leader Wang told Old Xu that You Yue that child has been hit by an unknown aura of the ghost clan and fell unconscious . ” A teacher answered .

“What?!” Qi Wei exclaimed and urged, “Let’s hurry back to check . ”

Those teachers were also worried about Sima You Yue’s situation and opened a space tunnel to go back .

Wang Xi, with the people of Righteous Sun Sect did not lag behind . They immediately left after them .

Qi Wei and the group arrived at Qiu family house and ran to see Sima You Yue immediately . But before they entered the courtyard, they saw Xu Jin carrying the unconscious Sima You Yue out of the room .

The black aura on Sima You Yue’s body was stronger than before as if it might swallow her .

“What’s wrong, Old Xu?”

While Xu Jin held Sima You Yue, he used spirit power to resist the ghost aura from entering his body . When he saw the sect teacher returned, he said, “It’s good that you returned . You’ll have to deal with the matter here . You Yue’s situation is weird . I can’t do anything about it . I want to take her back to Old Yuan .

He said he was helpless?! How serious was her situation!

“Okay! You go back first . I will deal with the situation here, and then take the children back to Mushui City . ”

Xu Jin nodded and broke the void, entering with Sima You Yue .

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