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Chapter 774: 774

When that damned old woman saw Sima You Yue retreat, she thought she was afraid of her, so she ran away . She disregarded Sima You Yue’s spirit power attack that didn’t even scratch her .

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However, after being attacked by Sima You Yue, the stubborn, starving flame suddenly drank a glass of milk and was immediately rejuvenated .

As soon as it rejuvenated, other flames followed . All those flames burst forth, and numerous evil ghosts appeared in the air . They bared fangs and brandished claws and attacked everyone .

The flame below the damned old woman rekindled first, so evil ghosts appeared around her immediately . The evil ghosts attacked her as soon as they appeared, catching her by surprise .

Everyone was frozen for a moment, no one had ever expected such a situation to occur .

Wasn’t everything improving? How could it suddenly become like this again?

“Damn it, Bian Shui Ping, look at what you’ve done!” Some hot-tempered people sweared out directly .

They have been fighting for the evil ghosts for so long just now . Due to the effect of aura of death, they were downcast . After finally finding a solution, this guy actually sneak attacked the other!

Some people weren’t in the mind to scold her . They went directly to Sima You Yue’s previous position . At this time, they discovered that the positions of the flame seem to change in an instant . They attacked at the position where Sima You Yue had just attacked, but the flame only became more vigorous .

“Old Huang, don’t attack at random . Didn’t you find out that he attacked the wrong one, it’s counterproductive?!” Someone scolded .

Some people immediately understand that it seemed that only Sima You Yue knew how to extinguish these flames .

“Little friend You Yue, don’t bother with this old woman . Think of a way to extinguish the flames!”

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Sima You Yue didn’t even look at those people when she spoke, “Everyone is a powerhouse among powerhouses . It won’t be a problem for you to endure for another hour and half . The evil ghost sky-swallowing array will wait until I’ve dealt with personal matters . ”

This Bian Shui Ping dared to sneak attack her and wanted her to die, then she must accept her anger and revenge . That guy is stronger than her . If she made the evil ghosts disappear, how could she get revenge?


She condensed a lightning bolt and struck it directly at Bian Shui Ping . although that old woman was besieged by evil ghosts, she noticed the danger in advance and avoided it .

But before stopping for a second, the second lightning bolt came . And this time two fell at the same time .

She was not so lucky . She avoided the first one but not the second one . Her body was struck by lightning and electric current made sizzling sounds on her .

“You, ignorant child, dare to sneak an attack on me?!” Bian Shui Ping angrily glared at her, as if she wanted to cut her to pieces .

Sima You Yue was not frightened by her imposing manner . She fiddled with the lightning attribute spirit power in her hand . She retorted, “Shameless old woman, you obviously attacked me first . Aren’t you embarrassed to say that I sneak attacked you? Besided, even if I sneak attacked you, what can you do? Bite me?”

“I want to kill you!” Bian Shui Ping shouted .

“Kill your sister!” Sima You Yue rebuked and directly sent out a lightning bolt again . Then she quickly condensed a fire attribute spirit power toward the flame near here .


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When the young women next to Bian Shui Ping saw the evil ghosts suddenly appear around them, they screamed .

“Go die!” Bian Shui Ping flew into rage from the lightning bolts and evil ghosts . She attacked Sima You Yue’s position several times .

Those attacks came at Sima You Yue from all directions, trapping her in the middle without any way to escape .

Humph, an ignorant kid dared to hurt her . Now she must die!

“Bian Shui Ping, are you crazy! If you killed her, who would break this array?!” Someone reproached .

Because Wang Xi was far away, by the time he noticed, Bian Shui Ping’s attack was already approaching close to Sima You Yue .

“You Yue!” Chou Xiao Tian yelled when he saw spirit power flying in from all directions targeting Sima You Yue . He disregarded the attacking evil ghosts in front of him, and attacked those spirit powers .

Unfortunately, he was no match for Bian Shui Ping and could only block one attack from her . The rest of the attacks still flew towards Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue didn’t move and stay at her original spot, nor did she condense a protective cover to protect herself . From the perspectives of others, she seemed to have been frightened .

“You Yue, run!” Chou Xiao Tian found that his attacks were useless and saw that Sima You Yue stood still, so he could not help but shout out .


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Another spirit power attack was broken up, which was done by Wang Xi from behind, but unfortunately, it only broke up the rear .

In fact, it was only a blink of an eye when the spirit power attacks of Bian Shui Ping hit Sima You Yue . Many people didn’t have the time to respond and could only watch as Sima You Yue got hit .

Then, at the moment when the spirit power was about to hit Sima You Yue, she vanished, and the sound of a sharp tool being inserted in a body was transmitted from not far away .

Everyone looked over, and was stunned by the sight .

Sima You Yue who was supposed to be killed had actually appeared behind Bian Shui Ping with a dagger in the latter’s heart .

“Instantly, blink…” Someone looked incredulously at Sima You Yue . She could move in a blink!


Sima You Yue pulled out the dagger, blood sprayed out, and everyone’s sight was dyed red . She retreated after pulling out the dagger, avoiding the attacks from people around Bian Shui Ping .

“Master! Master, how are you?” A female disciple next to her supported her falling body and shouted in horror .

“I—-” Bian Shui Ping couldn’t utter a word as her eyes gradually became distracted .

“Master, take the pill quickly . ” Another disciple came forth and offered a pill to her .

“Yes, yes, yes, master, take the pill! You’ll be better after you take it!”

Sima You Yue watched from afar and didn’t try to stop them, because she knew, even if she took the pill, it wouldn’t matter . She couldn’t live!

The Ling Long in her hand shook with excitement . When it pierced that person’s heart, something was also added . How could some ordinary pill save her life!

Bian Shui Ping’s disciple watched her take the medicine with hope, but her condition did not improve . Her body’s vitality continued to drain . When those evil ghosts smelt the aura of life, the swarm over, drilling into the wound in her body .

The disciples who supported her were attacked by the evil ghosts . When they subconsciously went to resist, they loosen their hold . As a result, she fell straight down to the corpses in the valley .

After the evil ghosts consumed the vitality in her body, they floated out of her body . At the same time, the flames engulfed her, and her body was instantly burned .

She killed Bian Shui Ping!

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