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Chapter 766: 766

Sima You Yue’s words successfully pulled them out of their joyful aura and made them more solemn . They kept their joyful smiles away and looked over to that direction rather fearfully .

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“Boss, will your array really be useful?” Qi Wei’s hand that was shaving his beard suddenly stopped as he asked rather doubtfully .

Sima You Yue saw his half shaven beard and accepted his form of address .

“What are you worried about? You’ll know the answer in a bit . ” Sima You Yue’s answer was calm, much unlike the others who were dripping with anxiety .

Qi Wei thought it over . There was no use worrying about it, so his hand continued to shave his beard steadily .

No matter when it was, as long as he was dealing with his beard, he could fully concentrate on it and ignore everything happening outside .

Sima You Yue watched as his attitude changed completely, and her heart ached . He was obviously such a handsome guy, so why did he like keeping that huge beard?

While Blue Blade and the others were anxious, You Yue was steady and Qi Wei was shaving his beard, a black dot suddenly appeared in the vast sky . Then, the black dot grew larger and larger, and it was the spirit beasts that had ambushed them before .

“Senior Zhou . ” Yu Qing saw that the spirit beasts were coming closer, and held Zhou Lan’s hand anxiously .

Zhou Lan’s palm was sweaty, but she still held Yu Qing’s hand, saying with a tremble, “It’ll be fine . It should be fine . ”

Qi Wei’s beard was all shaven as he kept his blade away and looked at the encroaching spirit beasts . He almost cried out, but Sima You Yue covered his mouth .

“Don’t shout . ” Sima You Yue glared at him as she said with a small voice .

Qi Wei nodded as he waited for her to take her hand away before saying softly, “Why does something feel off about those spirit beasts?”

Blue Blade and the others sensed this as well . Those Spirit Beasts did not fly towards them when they came, but flew directly towards the valley instead .

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Qi Wei dashed towards Sima You yue and asked softly beside her ear, “Boss, what’s going on?”

Everyone looked over as well .

Sima You Yue stretched forth a hand to push his head away, asking, “What?”

“Those spirit beasts . Why are they flying over there? We’re obviously over here . ” Qi Wei said . .

“In their eyes, we are over there . ” Sima You Yue pointed to the valley .


“Because I set up an array . It’s linked to the array that we’re standing in right now . Our silhouettes and auras have been sent over to where the teleportation array is . That’s why the spirit beasts think we’re in that valley . ” Sima You Yue explained .

“Is it the rumored Mother-Son Array?” Yu Qing asked .

Sima You Yue nodded, saying, “You know of the Mother-Son array? Lady Yu Qing, are you an array master as well?”

Yu Qing shook her head, saying, “I’m not . I merely went once with Master Bu and heard him mention about a Mother-Son array . At that time, he lamented the fact that many arrays have already been lost . It was because the Mother-Son array required two arrays to work, and it was special, so I remembered it . ”

“Master bu? Is he an array master of the Heroic Sword Sect?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Yeah . He’s quite well learned . Many in the inner regions respect him . ” Yu Qing’s face was one of respect as she said, “If he knew that you knew how to set up the Mother-Son array, he would definitely go crazy from excitement . He might even come to look for you!”

“Eh- then it’s better not to tell him . ” Sima You Yue did not wish to reply to those curious people . Especially during a busy time like this .

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Those spirit beasts stopped when they flew to the valley, and revealed vicious gazes when they saw those inside .


A vulture attacked the people in the valley and spit out a fireball . As the fireball flew past, it dissipated their image .

At the same time, the array that Sima You Yue and the others were in was broken and they appeared in view of the spirit beasts .


The spirit beasts were even more incensed when they realised they had been duped . They wanted to fly over to tear them apart, when they realised that they had been trapped . Each and every one of them were roaring and thrashing about inside the dragon trapping array .

The flying beasts were flying chaotically inside the array, and those spirit beasts on their backs were thrown off and landed on the ground . It was a good thing that they had thick hides, so they didn’t die even after the fall .

Blue Blade and the others guessed that the array had failed when they spirit beasts discovered them, and were given a scare when they saw them about to fly over . In the end, they watched the group of them thrashing about chaotically .

“Ha ha ha, those spirit beasts are really comical!” Xian ming Lang said as he slapped his thigh in laughter .

“It really is . ” Blue Blade couldn’t help but laugh .

The others looked relaxed . Heaven knows how their inner clothes were drenched with sweat from earlier on .

“What do we do now?” Qi Wei asked .

His shaven face was white and clean, revealing his pretty features . He was rather attractive .

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“We’re going to wipe them out . ” Sima You Yue said .

Wipe them out? Was she sure they weren’t the ones wiping them out?

They followed Sima You Yue and flew over, stopping halfway in the sky as they looked at those spirit beasts .

“These spirit beasts are rather strong, but they’ve lost all thought because they’ve been controlled by the ghost clansmen . What a waste . ” Zhou Lan said .

“Yeah, it’s a real waste . ” Yu Qing said woefully .

From their point of view, now that they had been controlled by the ghost clansmen, they had no other way but death . This was because there was no way they could let them off and leave a loose end .

“Little Dream, do you want these spirit beasts?” Sima You Yue asked .

Little Dream appeared in front of everyone and looked at the trapped Spirit Beasts . She ran over with sparkling eyes as she cried out piteously, “Yue Yue, these Spirit Beasts are quite powerful . I like them, I want them!”

“They really aren’t too bad . Do you really want them?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Yeah yeah, I do!” Little Dream nodded .

“Can you control them?”

“I’ll need even more time . ” Little Dream said, “But it should be no problem . ”

“Then you have to be careful . ” Sima You Yue urged .

“Yeah yeah . ” Little Dream agreed as she flew over excitedly .

Sima You Yue watched as Little Dream went to get the job done, and said that she was going to go down as she flew towards the ground . She took out a chair and a book, planning to read to pass the time .

“Boss, are we just going to do nothing?” Qi Wei asked when he saw Sima You Yue chilling .

“Yeah, we don’t have to do anything . ” Sima You Yue said .

“What do we do with those Spirit Beasts?”

“Little Dream will settle it . ”

Qi Wei raised his head and looked at Little Dream, who was wandering around the dragon trapping array . She looked to be a young child, and he secretly wondered if Sima You Yue had spoken wrongly .

“Boss, can she do it? There are so many spirit beasts!” Qi Wei said concernedly .

“If you keep doubting Little Dream’s capability, be careful, or she’ll cause trouble for you later on . ” Sima You Yue said as she looked up at him .

“She will?”

“You can try . ” Sima You Yue said .

When he saw Sima You Yue speak so casually, Qi Wei subconsciously broke out in cold sweat, “Forget it . However, how is she going to deal with the Spirit Beasts?”

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