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Chapter 765: 765

Halcyon flew for another half a day . Sima You Yue knew how far away the spirit beasts were, and told him that he could stop at one of the valleys .

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Halcyon had been flying straight the whole way, and it could be because they had good luck but they found a valley within a few hours of flying . Furthermore, that valley happened to be one of the more spacious ones .

Sima You Yue patted his back, and he let everyone down on one of the cliffs .

“Brother Sima, why have we stopped here?” Qi Wei and the others didn’t understand .

Shouldn’t they take advantage of the distance between them and the spirit beasts to run even further? Why did they stop? Were they waiting for the spirit beasts to catch up?

“Running forever isn’t a strategy . We’ll still have to deal with the root problem . ” Sima You Yue climbed off Halcyon . Although the rest were hesitant, they still followed suit .

“If we want to deal with the root problem, we’ll have no choice but to kill the spirit beasts . ” Zhou Lan said, her baby face revealing a murderous glint that didn’t suit her .

“That’s right . Without settling those spirit beasts, it wouldn’t matter how fat we ran . They would always catch up . ” Sima You Yue said while appraising the area around them, “Actually, the most straightforward way would be to kill the one controlling them . However, that seems impossible . ”

“Then what do we do?” Yu Qing asked .

“The keys to success are good opportunity, location and people . Of these… we have none . Their expressions were of shock when they heard her begin to speak, but then her words suddenly took a turn, and they were almost unable to keep up .

Qi Wei couldn’t help but purse his lips . This guy really knew how to exasperate!

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He already said it before . There wasn’t even a shadow of a ghost . Not to mention people, but they were in an empty valley . How were they supposed to have good opportunity, location and people?

“Although we don’t have these, we can create it . ” Sima You Yue continued .

“Create it? How?”

“Of course I have my way . You just stay here and watch . ” Sima You Yue flew to the sky after she finished speaking, stopping at the heart of the valley . She carefully calculated the distance .

“What is he doing?” Xian ming Lang puzzled .

“We’ll know by watching . ” Qi Wei and the others didn’t know either .

“That… he shouldn’t be setting up an array, right?” Yu Qing guessed .

“Setting up an array?”

“The last time, I went out with Master Bu and he also flew up the sky to take a look before setting up an array . ” Yu Qing said, unconfidently .

“Master Bu is a great array master . Him setting up an array just by taking a look around is reasonable . But Brother Sima is still so young . Even if he were an array master, he wouldn’t be that competent right?’

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“If he was really able to set up an array just by taking a look at the terrain, I’ll call him Big Brother and be his little brother!” Qi Wei said gleefully .

He didn’t believe that Sima You Yue was really setting up an array . She must definitely be looking for something . Or perhaps, looking for something to hold the spirit beasts back .

Sima You Yue heard what he said and glanced over at him, as if deciding whether or not he had the qualifications to be her younger brother .

After this, to everyone’s surprise, she took out aray stones and began placing them down methodically .

“He is really able to set up an array just based on taking a look??” Xian Ming Lang felt like he was living in a fantasy world

Qi Wei used all his strength to rub his eyes . In the end he finally saw an array as he cried out, “I must be hallucinating…”

“This guy…” Even Blue Blade could not conceal his shock .

Yu Qing was the first to come back to her senses, her eyes looking at Sima You Yue with unconcealed awe .

“Qi Wei, you’re dead . ” Her solemn voice brought everyone back to their senses .

“What do you mean?” Qi Wei’s brain was still malfunctioning and had not yet figured out what she meant .

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“The grand Young Master Qi said that he would be my younger brother . I wonder whether your brothers would punish you if they knew . ” Yu Wing laughed .

“Eh-” Qi Wei thought of the words he had casually tossed out earlier, and his mind did a few turns before he eventually laughed, “If I were really to become Brother Sima’s lil’ bro, they wouldn’t punish me . They’ll praise me for being such an amazing person, instead!”

“That may really be the case . ” Zhou Lan thought of his brothers and her smile faltered .

“Such a young array master… I wonder which clan produced such a person . ” Blue Blade’s eyes burned with passion as he looked at Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue was focusing on setting up the array . She had to make sure that it was set up before the spirit beasts got here . Otherwise, it was all just empty talk . As such, she didn’t have any reaction to their passionate gazes .

This time, she was setting up the dragon trapping array . However, because she had to research arrays upon arrays, she spent a lot more time than before . However, from the outsiders perspective, she was already working at heaven defying speeds .

When she was done setting up the array, she flew to another plot of flat land far away and set up another array . Then, she waved to them and got them to fly over .

“Boss, you’re done setting up the array?” Everyone flew over and Qi Wei landed beside Sima You Yue . He wasn’t ashamed at all to call her boss so loudly .

Sima You Yue tossed him a sideways glance, saying, “I’m not your boss! Don’t randomly call me!”

“How are you not my boss? I said that if you were able to set up an array just by taking a look around, I would be your little bro . Now, I’m calling you my boss . You can’t abandon me and make me a despicable person who goes back on my word . ” Qi Wei said while hooking on to her neck .

Sima You Yue saw him speak with such self righteousness that she couldn’t be bothered to deal with him . She felt like this guy was really strange .

She pulled him off her, saying, “If you shave your beard off, I’ll recognise you as my lil bro . ”


Yu Qing and the others couldn’t help but laugh . They were the clearest on how much this guy treasured his beard . Now, she was actually requesting that he shave it . This would definitely send him crying all the way home .

Sima You Yue guessed as well that he would treasure his beard the most, which was why she gave this request to get him to retreat . When she saw his troubled expression, she patted his back, saying, “It’s okay if you can’t, it was me who set too high of a requirement . Nobody will speak ill of you . ”

“Who says I can’t?” Qi Wei took out a blade and immediately cut off his beard .

“You…” Sima You Yue didn’t think that he would act so swiftly, and he had already acted before she could react .

Qi Wei’s beard looked like it had been haphazardly cut off, and looked extremely comical . If he didn’t shave the rest of it off, there was no way he would dare to go outside

Although Sima You Yue felt rather guilty, she laughed as she felt that his character wasn’t bad . Her laughter was contained, while Blue Blade and the others laughed more wantonly .

“Qi Wei, you were actually willing to shave off your beard . You’ll definitely give those people a shock when you return!” Xian Ming Lang grabbed his stomach as he guffawed .

Suddenly, Sima You Yue’s expression changed as she interrupted their jokes, warning them, “The Spirit Beasts are here . ”

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