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Chapter 764: 764

Sima You Yue’s expression changed when she saw the spirit beasts that packed the place .

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Surrounded by the spirit beasts!

How did so many spirit beasts suddenly appear? There was no forewarning or movement before!

“What happened?”

Blue Blade and the rest flew into the sky and their expressions turned pale when they saw the spirit beasts that suddenly appeared .

“How did so many spirit beasts suddenly appear!” Zhou Lan looked at the spirit beasts with fear, voice trembling .

“Where did the spirit beasts come from? Damn, they’re all so powerful . Any single one of them could kill me!” Qi Wei cursed .

Yu Qing and Hang Ming lang looked at the scene unfolding before them and almost fainted .

“Where are the Qiu clan’s sisters?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Not out yet!” Blue Blade said .

“Don’t let them come out . They’ll be fine if they hide downstairs . ” Sima You Yue said .

She took out a scarlet bee and got it to quickly go back to notify the Qiu clansmen . Then, she called Halcyon out . Without her needing to say anything, everyone got on .

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Halcyon flapped his wings and flew towards the opposite direction . With his speed, they quickly left those spirit beasts behind!

In the secret house, Qui Ruo and Qiu Rui were already done entrusting their tasks to their younger siblings and ready to come out when they suddenly heard an earth-splitting roar . They don’t know what happened and were about to open the barrier to go outside to take a look when the scarlet bee suddenly rushed in to stop them .

They had flown for a long while before Yu Qing and the others finally came back to their senses, although they were still trembling .

“They’ll be fine, right?” Yu Qing’s voice was light because she was so scared . It didn’t sound like it came from her .

“The scarlet bees have already sent word back . They should have told the Qui clansmen not to come out . With such a huge commotion, even if they closed the door of the secret house, they should be able to sense it . They won’t come out during this time . ”

“Those spirit beasts are really powerful . They were just charging at us, but my heart was already chilled and my legs turned to jelly . ” This was the first time that Qi Wei had been scared by these happenings . Even though they had been hunted down by other spirit beasts before, with their lives on the line, they had never felt like they did today .

“If it were not because Brother Sima has Halcyon with his lightning speed, I’m afraid that we would have already gone inside their bellies . Brother Sima, you saved us agai . ” Blue Blade looked at Sima You Yue gratefully .

“It’s too early to say that I’ve saved you . Those guys are still behind us!” Sima You Yue said .

“They are?” Yu Qian was so afraid that they turned around . But she didn’t see them?

“Maybe they have some beasts with a good sense of smell . They’re using our scent to follow us . ” Sima You Yue said, “And those flying beasts are taking those land beasts with them . ”

Didn’t those guys lose their conscious thought? How did they learn how to cooperate!

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“How do you know that?” Xian Ming Lang looked at her puzzledly .

She hadn’t turned around a single time . How did she know those Spirit Beasts were still chasing them?

“I’ll occasionally leave a few spirit beasts behind as we fly . They send me news . They told me that those spirit beasts are still chasing after us . ” Sima You Yue explained to them . “The flying beasts are taking those land beasts with them in chase . This is what the scarlet beasts told me . ”

“I initially felt that contracting those scarlet beasts was pretty useless, but I know how that they’re rather useful . ” Qi Wei said with jealousy tinting his voice, “When we go back, I’m going to look for a group of bees to contract as well . ”

“What’s the use of you contracting bees? You’ll have to contract the queen bee . That’s how you have a constant supply of bees! Right, Brother Sima?” Xian Ming Lang looked at Sima You Yue, eyes filled with envy and awe .

“Yes . Only with the queen bee will you have an endless supply of bees . Also, you’ll just need to contract one of them . It’s convenient . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then you only contracted a single queen bee?” Yu Qing asked with curiosity .

“Formed a contract with one by chance . ” Sima You Yue smiled .

“Most people would find that these types take up their mental energy and that it’s wasteful . That’s why most don’t do it . They rather use their mental energy to contract other useful beasts . Did you think this way when you contracted their queen bee?”

“Why would I? My bees are very useful and have helped me a lot . They’re my capable assistants . ” Sima You Yue said, “See? Aren’t they the ones feeding me information about the situation right now? Otherwise, how would we know that there are still many chasing after us?”

Waste? She didn’t feel like her scarlet bees were a waste at all . Instead, she was the one who put her life on the line to form the contract .

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“I’ll look for a queen bee to contract once I’m back . ” Qi Wei was interested now . If he was able to survive, he would definitely look for a queen bee as his contracted beast!

“We have to think of a countermeasure right now . ” Zhou Lan said, “Those spirit beasts are under someone’s control . Without his order, they will keep following us . If this flying beast gets tired and they catch up to us, we’re dead . ”

“That’s right . We have to think of something . ” Xian Ming Lang said, “We can’t be sitting ducks . ”

“We can’t go out, and we can’t shake them off . How do you want to deal with them?” Sima You Yue asked calmly .

Xian Ming Lang and the others fell deep into contemplation . They had already finished using their life preservations three months earlier . Now that they encountered this, aside from using their spirit energy and tools, they were truly out of options .

“Even if I chose to self detonate, I wouldn’t be able to severely harm them . ” Yu Qing said disappointedly .

Could it be that although they managed to escape out of there, they wouldn’t be able to escape death?

“If it really comes to that, then we should choose to self detonate . ” Blue Blade said, “If they kill us, even our souls would not be at rest . ”

“The person who self detonates will destroy even his soul . You’re willing to do that?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Even if we disappear from the face of this earth, it would be better than becoming a slave . ” Blue Blade said .

“Slave?” Sima You Yue looked at Blue Blade without understanding .

“I saw it before with my fallen comrades, that one turned into an evil ghost that turned to attack me . ” Blue BLade said, “They completely lost their humanity and turned into a mindless evil ghost!”

“That’s right . If it really reaches that step, we will definitely choose to self detonate . ” Yu Qing said firmly . It was just that her pale little face looked as if it was extremely terrified .

“Brother Sima, if it really comes down to them, you should do the same . Even if you die, there’s no need to have that kind of life . It’s worse than death!” Qi Wei even ran over to counsel Sima You Yue .

Xian Ming Lang nodded from the side as well .

You Yue burst into laughter . These guys were really interesting . Seeing how cute they were, she would rescue them this once .

“Realx, with me around, you won’t die . ”

Although her confidence was dashing, Blue Blade and the others didn’t believe her yet . Because based on their point of view, this was completely impossible!

Sima You Yue didn’t say much . She only smiled and got Halcyon to find a spacious and empty canyon .

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