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Chapter 761: 761

“What battle, why haven’t I heard of it before?” Xian Ming Liang started .

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“At that time, you hadn’t come to the sect, and when you came, you didn’t bother with what happens in the outside world . It’s normal that you wouldn’t know . ” Blue Blade replied .

“Ming Liang, you didn’t see the scene of that battle . It was basically a world upheaval!” Qi Wei put his arm around Xian Ming Liang’s neck as he excitedly talked about that battle .

“You saw it?” Xian Ming Liang asked .

“Of course!” Qi Wei rubbed his beard with his other hand and spoke, “At that time, I hadn’t become the core disciple, and my place of cultivation was exactly near the peak . I personally witnessed the battle . Even my house was blown away by it . ”

“Why haven’t I heard you mention such a major battle?” Xian Ming Lian said .

“That’s because our sect forbids us to tell . ” Qi Wei explained . “I don’t know what that Red Blade disciple did at the beginning to cause such a great commotion . Later, our masters ordered us to not talk about it, so everyone spoke less of it . After all these years, since Eldest Senior Brother didn’t mention it, we almost forgot it . ”

“Was that battle really world upheavaling?”

“That’s right! Especially the move used by the last person . The combat power doubled instantly . Red Blade master was about to win, but was defeated by him in the end . ” Zhou Lan said .

“His name is Sima Liu Yun, and her name is Sima You Yue . Could she be from that family?” Yu Qing was startled by her own speculation . She covered her mouth .

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“I think it’s true . ” Blue Blade said . “Actually, you don’t know, but I know the reason why master didn’t let us talk about this . It was requested by that family over there . They said that this matter could not be spread . The sect was under pressure and had to keep all the disciples silent . ”

“Is that family really so powerful?”

“They’re more powerful than us . ” Blue Blade didn’t answer his question directly . “I didn’t expect that we would meet people from that family here…”

“Yi Gao Ren is so daring . Before, I was wondering why she would come here alone . Now it is not surprising why . ” Zhou Lan said .

As a result, they designated You Yue as a person of that family…

At this time, the spirit ward in front of them disappeared . Sima You Yue’s voice transmitted from inside . “Come in . ”

Blue Blade and the other thought that she had closed the spirit ward from inside . However, they did not expect to see a dozen people crowded inside a small basement . Almost all of them were children and young girls . ”

“Young master Sima, what’s going on?”

Sima You Yue shrugged . “They are the lords here . I haven’t asked for the specifics yet . ” afterwards, she asked the oldest girl in there, “What’s your name?”

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“Qiu Ruo . ” The girl answered . “This is my younger sister, Qiu Rui . The rest are all our little brothers and sisters . ”

Qiu Ruo and Qiu Rui looked alike . They were twin sisters .

“What is the situation outside?” Qiu Rui asked .

“An empty city . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“What?!” Qiu Ruo and Qiu Rui cried out . “Then our family…”

“There are no survivors in the city, but we also didn’t see many corpses . ” Blue Blade said . “When did you get here?”

“It’s been half a year . ” Qiu Ruo was more calm . “At that time, father and them cannot leave Red Mountain Peak, so they prepared this place . Later, we were sent here to hide . Since then, we heard nothing from outside . ”

“Then you haven’t seen anything outside?” Sima You Yue asked .

Qiu Ruo and Qiu Rui nodded with tears in their eyes .

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“Outside, I mean what’s the situation in the other cities?” Qiu Ruo asked .

“They’re almost the same as here . They are more tragic . ” Blue Blade answered . “There are not many corpses here . In other cities, they are as high as mountains . ”

Qiu Ruo and Qiu Rui hugged each other, holding the sadness in their hearts . Some other people also cried together .

The situation outside was so tragic, and their family could not leave . The result was self-evident .

“Are the mice yours?” Sima You Yue spoke after they cried for a while .

“Yes . ” Qiu Ruo wiped her tears . “We raised these spirit mice for play . We didn’t dare to go out at random, so we sent these spirit mice to check the situation . The last few times they went out were without any news . This time out, they died .

Speaking of the dead spirit mouse, embarrassment flashed across their faces . Zhou Lan stepped forward and cupped his hands . “We accidently killed your spirit mouse . Sorry . ”

“We guessed that . ” Qiu Ruo said . “I think it’s because you found the spirit mouse, you were able to believe there are still living people here and will find it here . ”

“Pretty much . ” Sima You Yue said .

“What happened to Red Mountain Peak . Why did this happen?” Qiu Rui resentfully said . “Father and them are gone . Everyone in the city is gone . Everyone in Red Mountain Peak is dead! Two years ago, everything was alright . How did it turn out like this now!”

“Two years? Since you discovered something wrong two years ago, why didn’t you think of leaving earlier and asking for help outside?” Blue Blade asked .

These people were the first living people they met in Red Mountain Peak . They had a lot of questions to ask .

“How did we not?” Qiu Ruo retorted . “In the beginning, the situation was not so serious . It was just that some fools would appear in some places and some spirit beasts would die . But it was not particularly large . Everyone didn’t want to leave the family clan, afterall . The foundation is here, and every generation has lived here . We thought of finding the problem and fixing it ourselves . But we did not expect that the situation would escalate so quickly . When we wanted to go later, we couldn’t anymore . The family clan wanted to send news out asking for help, but we seemed to have been isolated from the world . The news couldn’t go out, and people couldn’t leave . We can only be trapped here . ”

“At that time, everyone was panicking . Many forces were formed to find where it originated from . But no one returned . Later, we were sent here . ” Qiu Rui explained .

Sima You Yue could imagine the determination of those people that wanted to guard their homes from the beginning . She could also imagine their despair of being trapped here, where millions and tens of millions were all trapped and killed here . In addition, those spirit beasts had been living well here . But because of the people of Ghost Clan, they lost their minds and became the undead!

“Ghost Clan!” Thinking of the tragic outcomes that she saw along the way, she felt anger burning in her heart . For the first time it was so strong that she wanted to do something for those people .

Blue Blade and their faces were unsightly . They tried hard to restrain themselves so that they would not rush out immediately and sought revenge from those of the Ghost Clan .

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