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Chapter 757: 757

Sima You Yue flew for a few more days before seeing a relatively larger city .

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“I wonder if we can use the teleportation array here . ” She flew to the city up in the sky . The entire city was deathly quiet, and there wasn’t a single sound . It was like a dead city .

“Halcyon, let’s head down . ” Sima You Yue patted Halcyon’s back and he landed them on the side of the street .

“The smell of blood still lingers here . ” Halcyon said, “But it seems to have been from a long time ago . It’s not as dense . ”

“It could be that the disaster struck them long ago . ” Sima You Yue said, “Let’s take a look to see whether or not there’s a teleportation array here . ”

Ever since news of the Bright Red Mountain Peak was spread over here, all the cities that had teleportation arrays linked here had been closed . As such, she had no choice but to look for a teleportation array on her own ever since she got here .

“We may not even be able to use those teleportation arrays even if we found them . ” Little Dream said .

“It’s fine if they’re spoilt . I just need the spatial coordinates . ” Sima You Yue said .

As long as she had the spatial coordinates, she would be able to create her own teleportation array .

Once she thought about this, she felt that her decision to study arrays back then had been a good one . In this vast continent, if she didn’t know how to use teleportation arrays, she would spend half the time travelling .

“There’s something happening on the other side of the city . ” Halcyon said .

“Let’s go over and take a look . ” The group of three hurriedly flew over . Once they arrived, they saw a group of people locked in battle with a group of spirit beasts over by the city gate .

“Go inside the city!” Someone shouted .

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“What’s the damn point of going inside the city!” A full bearded man said, “The city is completely empty, and the protective array is gone . Even if we went in there, those guys would still follow us in . ”

“So what? Do we have no choice but death?” A lady said tearfully .

“Senior Sister, don’t be afraid . We’ll hide inside the city for a while and we’ll be able to rest for a bit . ” Another white clothed male said .


A spirit beast roared as the spirit beasts attacking at the front increased the intensity of their attacks . Two more beasts leapt towards the city gate, cutting off their route for retreat .

“The spirit beasts have blocked off our escape route!” A baby-faced lady stabbed through the heart of the spirit beast in front of her before she raised her head to look at the spirit beasts guarding the gate . She took out another long sword and attacked another one . She was quick, teleporting in front of the spirit beast in the blink of an eye, stabbing them through the space between their eyebrows .

Although the spirit beast had lost its consciousness, it was still sensitive in its movements and as the babyface stabbed towards their head, it dodged to the side and sent its large claw slashing her way simultaneously .

When her sword landed on the tough hide of the beast, it was completely useless . However, she did retreat at a rather quick speed and managed to avoid the lethal blow .

“Yue Yue, are we going to help them?” Little Dream asked from afar .

Sima You Yue thought back to the time at the riverside, where Xiao Yi had told her that some people had come to the Bright Red Mountain Peak . She guessed that they must be some of them .

“They’re all people who have come to settle the problem here . Since we’ve met them, we should help them out . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Alright . ” Little Dream nodded and flew to the city wall . She looked at the people locked in battle outside and tried to control them .

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“Roar-” The spirit beast at the back could feel the attack that Little Dream had sent their way, and roared loudly before attacking in retaliation .

“You dare to compete with me in mind attacks!” Little Dream’s voice was smug as the seals she formed with her hands increased in speed .

That spirit beast didn’t know it was a method of control . Little Dream’s attacks made it feel uncomfortable, but did not take it down . As for the other spirit beasts, their malicious gazes turned slack when they stopped being under its control, and their attacks were less powerful as well .

“Grasp the opportunity!” That full bearded man said, reminding his other comrades who had been stunned by the sudden change in tide .


The lady who spoke earlier had lost focus and almost got her head torn off by a spirit beast . That bearded man sensed it and dragged her to the side, only to be wounded on his shoulder . Bright red blood immediately stained his clothes .

“Focus!” He yelled at the lady before attacking another spirit beast .

Sima You Yue looked at the rather weak people and shook her head lightly, “Halcyon, you go down as well . ”

Halcyon flew down and stood in midair, his usual pupils changing to double-pupils as she looked straight at the spirit beasts below .

“Explode!” He said this softly as those spirit beasts who were currently locked in battle with the bearded man suddenly exploded . The bearded man’s reaction was quick as he immediately dodged . However, his clothes were still splashed with quite a bit of flesh .

However, he didn’t notice this as he turned around to look at the other spirit beasts . However, before he managed to fight a few, they all exploded .

The white clothed youth who was standing near them didn’t dodge . When he heard the sound of exploding flesh, he was immediately disgusted .

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That youth was stunned when the spirit beasts exploded . He distractedly stretched forth a hand to feel the splattered remains on his face, and was overwhelmed with disgust .

Whenever he fought with spirit beasts, he would do his best to avoid contact with blood and the like . Now that his whole body had been splattered with flesh remains, he could not help but want to vomit just thinking about it .

It was just as he was zoning out that another spirit beast to his right exploded . This time, the splattered remains landed directly on his head . His entire body was drenched in blood .

Endure! Continue to endure! Finally, he could endure it no longer as he ran to a patch nearby to vomit .

Sima You Yue landed on the city wall and looked at the spirit beasts who had exploded just like that . She couldn’t help but purse her lips .

The guy who was retching his guts out at the side must be a clean freak, right?

Quickly Little Dream settled the remaining spirit beasts . With Halcyon’s help, the others cleaned up the other spirit beasts as well .

Little Dream returned to Sima You Yue’s side and looked down at the other people and said, “It’s such a waste for all those spirit beasts to have died just like that . ”

Halcyon heard what she said when he landed and replied with a smile, “You have so many already . These few won’t make a difference . ”

“It’d be better with more, you know!” Little Dream said .

“I’ll keep them for you next time . ”

Little Dream finally smiled when he said that .

Those people initially thought that they would die here unquestionably . They didn’t expect the sudden rescue .

“This lowly one is Blue Blade . We are disciples of the Heroic Sword Sect . We thank you for rescuing us . ” A blue clothed male cupped his hands to Sima You Yue in gratitude .

Heroic Sword Sect? The sect that was ranked at the top for physique and sword arts?

Sima You Yue avoided the place below that was reeking with blood and was unwilling to head down, saying, “I was casually helping you out as I passed by . You guys have fought a hard battle . Why not head inside the city to rest and recuperate?”

Those people felt the same way as they bowed to her before flying into the city .

“I wonder what our saviour’s name is?” Lan Jie asked politely as he came beside Sima You Yue .

“Sima You Yue . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“Young Lord Sima, do you know where we can get water?” The baby faced lady asked .

Sima You Yue shook her head, saying, “We just got here as well . We came over to take a look when we heard movement, and have not yet come across anyone’s house . Since there are houses here, there should be water as well . ”

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