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Chapter 756: 756

Sima You Yue didn’t stop Little Spirit when she saw him so agitated . She crossed her arms as she said, “Don’t’ forget to keep him alive . ”

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“Relax, he won’t die . With me around, he should know that death is something he can’t even wish for . ” Little Spirit said confidently .

“That’s good . I’ve been rather tired lately . I’m going to rest . I’ll leave him to you . It’ll be great if you can get some information out of him too . ” Sima You Yue siad .

“Alright, Yue Yue, you can go ahead . ”

Sima You Yue looked at Little Dream and asked, “Do you want to come with me to rest?”

Little Dream looked at Little Spirit with interest as he kept that guy away . When she heard what Sima You Yue said, She said without looking up, “Yue Yue, you go ahead . I want to have some fun with Little Spirit . ”

Sima You Yue shook her head and left when she saw both their eyes shining .

As such, at this moment, the devil clansman wanted to self-detonate to kill himself to end his pain, but found that he was unable to move the death aura in his body .

“Want to self detonate? Don’t talk about a door . There isn’t even a window!” Little Spirit looked at him condescendingly before saying, “You want to try dying after waiting for me to leave? I’ll have to disappoint you . No matter where I am, every single part of this space is under my control . ”

“How did you know what I was thinking?” The ghost clansmen looked at Little Spirit with shock .

Little Spirit smiled smugly, “Don’t you know where we are? Don’t you know who I am?”

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“Where is this place?”

“You are in the spirit pagoda, while I am the spirit tool . You are now inside my body . Of course I’ll know what you’re thinking . ” Little Spirit said, “You can say that I can do whatever I want here . Which is why your resistance is futile . Just obediently tell Yue Yue whatever she wants to know . Who knows, you may be able to live a little longer . ”

“Hmph, in any case, I’ll die all the same . ” The ghost clansmen’s thinking was strange as if death was welcome .

“Let’s do it this way then . I hope that you will still be able to speak this way when the time comes . ” Little Spirit didn’t bluster, choosing only to look icily at him .

Little Dream finished eating that spirit fruit before calling out to Little Spirit, “I’m done eating . ”

Little Spirit gave a thought as another pile of spirit fruits appeared in front of Little Dream . She beamed as she grabbed all of them, picking one out to munch on . She even moved a chair over to sit down and watched with leisure as Little Spirit took care of that person .

Ya Guang and the others came to watch the drama when they heard that a ghost clansman had been caught . When they heard that he had actually dared get so many spirit beasts to try and kill You Yue, they were beyond themselves with anger and requested that Little Spirit take care of him properly .

“It was the first time that Little Spirit was on the receiving end of the hopes of everyone, as he nodded his little head, “Relax . I’ll definitely make him regret coming to this world…”

Sima You Yue went to the cultivating room once she left . She had set up a spirit gathering array . The spirit energy increased in density and she was quicker in absorbing it .

One day later, she came out when her vitality had recovered a hundredfold . She closed her eyes to sense her surroundings and flashed over to where Little Spirit and the others were after sensing their location .

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“Yue Yue, you’re here . ”Little Roar pounced into her embrace and looked at her while saying, “Yue Yue, you should take me with you when you go out . I’m better at dealing with those dirty things . ”

“Yue Yue, I want to go out as well . ” Ling Long was sprawled on the top of Little Spirit’s head as she said lazily .

“You guys, relax . ” Sima You Yue patted Little Roar’s soft fur, saying, “I get attacked no matter where I go . I’m thinking that you definitely have to keep watch over things from here . If you all go out, and others find out about you, wouldn’t that be painting a big target on my back?”

“But it’s dangerous all on your own!” Little Roar protested .

“With Little Dream around, it won’t be too dangerous . ” Sima You Yue said, “I’ll call you guys out when it’s dangerous . It’s not like I would be caught unprepared . ”

“That’s true . ” Ling Long nodded, “However, if you meet any of those blind spirit beasts, just take me out to hack them to pieces . I would control it better and it would be so much more convenient!”

“What do you know! With so many spirit beasts, in the future, when Yue Yue fights, she’ll have a huge squad!” Little Dream lashed .


Sima You Yue laughed at the way Little Dream said it . She had once mentioned something about a kamikaze squad, and didn’t think that Little Dream would actually remember it .

It was just that hearing these words from Little Dream’s mouth made her feel like she had travelled through time .

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“Alright, enough . Let’s talk about this later . ” She said to the two of them before asking Little Spirit, “Have you gotten the information?”

“With me on the task, of course there’s no problem!” Little Spirit said, “He told me some things, but it may not be the complete information . If you have any other questions, we can ask him now . ”

“Send me the information . ” Sima You Yue siad .

Little Spirit nodded as he gave a thought, and Sima You Yue got the information she wanted .

“So little people, but they were actually able to kill all the people on Bright Red Mountain range?” She was more surprised when she got the information .

“Although there are few of them, they aren’t weak wt all . However, we don’t know who the owner is, that he actually has that many capable people . ”

“I’m more curious as to whether or not that person is from the human realm . ” Sima You Yue said, “It’s tough enough for those from the ghost realm to come over, but he was actually able to bring those people over . He wasn’t afraid either of being killed upon arrival . ”

“It’s a pity that this person isn’t of a high rank . He’s merely a footman, and doesn’t know any core information . ” Little Dream said .

“No problem . I’ve already found out a lot . ” Sima You Yue said, “At the very least, I won’t need to wander around the whole place like a headless chicken . ”

“But we don’t know how powerful those people are! If you go just like this, wouldn’t it be too dangerous?” Thousand Resonance asked .

“Then I’ll just go capture someone who knows the core information . ” Sima You Yue said, “We’ll get closer to the core bit by bit . We’ll definitely catch one . ”

Those who were higher in rank would know more . At that time, they would just have to kidnap him and question him .

“I just don’t know whether or not Mo Sha will be able to absorb those souls . Whether or not absorbing them will help, even . ” Sima You Yue sighed, “Let’s go . The sooner we settle this, the sooner we can reach a conclusion . ”

“Alright . ”

When she went out this time, she didn’t take Little Dream with her . She left her in the spirit pagoda to continue controlling those spirit beasts . They would be sent to battle the next time they were attacked .

She stayed in the spirit pagoda for a day, but only two hours had passed outside . She called Halcyon out and flew towards the direction that person said .

A few more days had passed, and within these few days, she had encountered a few more attacks that tried to kill her . There were two times that she used the controlled spirit beasts to attack . Sima You Yue didn’t have to act at all, as Little Dream controlled those spirit beasts and used them to attack . As for her, she focused on the person controlling them and sent a bolt of lighting his way . She managed to successfully get another captive .

It was a pity that he was like the one before him,and was one of the lower ranked people . He didn’t even know more information .

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