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Chapter 754: 754

Sima You Yue released the lightning spirit energy and the dark clouds in the air disappeared quickly . She looked towards the direction in which that man had left in, however, when she looked towards the hilltop, he had already disappeared .

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“Little Dream, what did you see just now?” Sima You Yue called Little Dream out and asked .

Little Dream appeared beside her, her small face lacking an innocent and unaffected look, but was not malicious either, like when she was cheating others . Instead, she looked over there solemnly, saying, “Yue Yue, if I am not wrong, that was a Hundred Ghost banner . ”

“Hundred Ghost banner ? What is that? Is it scary?” Sima You Yue saw the look on Little Dream’s face, and guessed that it was no ordinary item .

“It’s a tool made from refining souls . ” Little Dream said, “My inherited memories do not speak of this specifically, but it says that we should avoid the Hundred Ghost banner if we ever encounter it . We cannot fight it . ”

“Your inherited memories mention something like this as well?”

“The boundaries of the devil and ghost realms are not as difficult as the human world . There are those that interact . ” Little Dream said, “That is why the devil realm does know a thing or two about the ghost realm . However, as they are not one single realm, we aren’t too clear about it . ”

“Since your inheritance says this, then it proves that the item is very powerful . ” Sima You Yue touched her chin, “So many evil spirits were sucked up in an instance . This should be the arch nemesis of evil ghosts . If I’m able to get my hands on it, wouldn’t going to the ghost realm be a breeze for me? If I find anyone unpleasant, I could just set the evil ghosts on them! Ha ha ha ha…”

“Yue Yue, you’re not wrong, but those who use the Hundred Ghost banners are not to be trifled with . The fact that he dared to come to the ancient primordial lands shows that the owner must be very powerful . Before you want to think about snatching his treasure, you have to be able to defeat him . ”

“That’s true . ” Sima You Yue sighed . She tossed that idea to the side, “Little Dream, will it really be useful for Mo Sha to absorb those souls?”

“It should . ” Little Dream was uncertain as well, “Aren’t these all souls?”

“That’s true . They all are, and might even be complementary . ” Sima You Yue said, “Since that’s the case, let us look for those souls . Let’s finish what we came here for, then we can think about the loss of the underworld tool . ”

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“However, I don’t know which direction to go anymore . ” Little Dream said .

“No problem, I know . ” Sima You Yue said as she took out a few scarlet bees and instructed, “You guys are pretty sensitive to scent, right? Sniff out the scent of the person from earlier, then take me there . ”

Those bees flew one circle around the area before flying towards the direction in which the man had left in .

“Yue Yue, will the bees be able to locate those people?” Little Dream asked .

“I don’t know, but we can try . ” Sima You Yue said with uncertainty .

She always used the scarlet bees to trail someone, but had never gotten them to follow a trail before . She would only know how useful the method was once she tried it out .

Trying it out proved that this method wasn’t possible . This was because they had only managed to trail them for a short moment before they lost it . They were unable to figure out where they had gone .

As for the scarlet bees, because they had inhaled too much death aura, they were losing their vitality .

“It’s been tough on you . You should return to heal up . ” Sima You Yue kept the bees away .

“Yue Yue, what do we do now?” Little Dream asked .

“I don’t know, let’s just walk around and see . ” Sima You Yue said .

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They headed towards the heart of the Bright Red Mountain Range, and saw many human corpse and animal carcasses along the way . They had died in cruel ways, some of them only had their bones remaining .

“Those from the ghost realm are really cruel!” Little Dream’s memories were sealed away, and was now like a pure piece of white paper . Although she had come along with Sima You Yue, she had not truly encountered many malicious things . Now that she had come across this cruel scene, her small face wrinkled up .

“Those from other worlds are a little more cruel . ” Sima You Yue said, “The devil and ghost clans are naturally more vicious, and they are more powerful than humans . That’s why humans are so against them coming over . Heaven protects the weak, which is why it is so much harder for those from the devil and ghost realm to come over to the human realm as compared to their own realms . ”

“It’s also a mystery how those from the ghost realm managed to come to the ancient primordial lands . Could someone have brought them here?” Little Dream asked .

“We’ll know this in time . ” Sima You Yue said, “Once we find the one from the ghost realm, we’ll know the answer . ”




When the two of them reached a forest, they heard a loud playing of a flute, accompanied by the roars of some spirit beasts roaming free . All the creatures were crazy, and whether or not they were on the ground or up in the air, they attacked them .

“Yue Yue! Leave it to me!” Little Dream stood up and waved both hands in the air . Sima You Yue watched as a clear ripple burst forth from her, and those crazy spirit beasts were knocked back by the waves, remaining where they were . Many birds fell from the sky because they forgot to flap their wings .

The other party did not expect Little Dream would be able to stop the spirit beasts so easily, and that high pitched note played once again, this time more anxious than before .

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The eyes of the spirit beasts flashed with aggression once again as they moved, charging towards Sima You Yue . However, they were a lot more sluggish than before, owing to Little Dream’s earlier attack .

“If a tiger doesn’t attack, you’ll take it for a sick cat . ” Little Dream stomped her feet as her hands formed seals . Wave after wave rippled out of her, and those spirit beasts were controlled on both ends, suffering endlessly .

“Ah- Bang-”

Some spirit beasts could take it no longer, as they chose to self detonate in order to escape the suffering .

Sima You Yue watched the events with wide eyes . Could they really do that?

Those spirit beasts were truly pitiful, to have suffered so much before they died .



The second and third spirit beasts chose to self detonate as well, as they could stand it no longer . The scene was extremely cruel .

Sima You Yue could no longer bear to watch this as she opened her mind’s eye, looking for the main mastermind .

She found him!

Sima You Yue opened her eyes and looked towards a corner of the forest on the mountain . Then, she released her lightning spirit energy, sending a bolt of lightning over in attack .


After that person was attacked he could no longer blow on the flute in his hand, and those spirit beasts all stopped .

“Little Dream, attack him!” Sima You Yue ordered .

Once Little Dream received the order, she flew onto Halcyon’s back and they headed towards that direction, sending out attacks simultaneously .

“Dream Devil Beast!” The other party cried out in surprise as he flew out from the forest . He looked at Little Dream with surprise, as well as a bit of fear .

“Not bad!” LIttle Dream huffed, her smile no different from Sima You Yue’s, “You actually dared to do something so inhumane . I have to get rid of you today!”

“Ha ha ha ha, a dream devil beasts actually says that something is inhumane . How interesting!” That person burst out laughing .

“What do you mean by that?” Little Dream furrowed her eyebrows, looking at the man .

“What do I mean? Aren’t you a dream devil beast? You actually don’t know what your own clansmen have done! Ha ha ha ha…”

The moment Sima You yue heard it, her eyebrows furrowed as she cried out, “Little Dream, kill him!”

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