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Chapter 753: 753

“I sent men later on to check it out, and the person was indeed known as Sima You Yue . ” Xiao Yi said, Why? Young Lord Chou, so you know him?”

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“I do, of course I do . ” Chou Xiao Tian replied, “I had already mentioned to my senior that a friend had told me of the presence of the ghost clan, but was thoroughly lectured . It was You Yue who told me about it . ”

“He told you about it before?” Wang Xi asked .

“Yes, Sect Master . ” Chou Xiao Tian recounted the time where he met Sima You Yue at the little village .

“Xiao Tian, how did you come to know of him?” Yu Tian Yuan asked .

“Master, I once told you before that I was able to escape from the Heavenly tiger mountain range before because of his help . ” Chou Xiao Tian said .

“You have indeed told me before of a group of people who saved you . ” Yu Tian Yuan said .

“Since you already told Mu Gang, why did he not report it to the sect?” Wang Xi asked with a solemn expression .

“It is because seniors said that this was the wrong explanation . They felt it was impossible that those from the ghost realm had come over . As such, they told me not to speak rubbish . They even said that they would tell this to Master, telling me not to worry . I actually did think that they reported it to Master . ” Chou Xiao Tian looked downwards, concealing his true thoughts .

You always put me down, and this time, if I don’t expose your completely, my name isn’t Chou Xiao Tian!

It was such an important thing, yet be had actually concealed it without reporting it . It would be strange if the sect did not punish him! If he wanted to die, he should die alone without dragging anybody else down with him .

Wang Xi did not know of the tension that Mu Gang and the others had with Chou Xiao Tian, but Yu Tian Yuan definitely did . However, he had mentioned it twice, that Mu Gang had pretended to say he would do it, but had still secretly done things that way .

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“Sect Leader, let us investigate this later on . Right now, we should look for a way to solve the situation on Bright Red Mountain Peak . ” Yu Tian Yuan said .

“Yeah . ” Wang Xi nodded . It was the sect’s issue, and it was no place for an outsider like him to intervene . “What about that little friend?”

“After telling me about the truth of the situation, he headed towards the Bright Red Mountain Peak . It’s already been two days since then . ” Xiao Yi said .

“What? You Yue went to Bright Red Mountain Peak?” Chou Xiao Tian cried out, drawing the attention of everyone else, who started to guess who it was that actually went over there .

“I saw the people who are usually by his side today, though . Did he not take anyone with him?”

“No he didn’t, not even his two guards . He went alone . ” Xiao Yi said .

“What?! He actually went alone! How could he go alone?! No way, I have to go look for him . ” Chou Xiao Tian wanted to leave after he spoke, thinking to charge straight over .

“Stop!” Yu Tian Yuan shouted, “Apart from going over there to die, what use would you be?’

“But he’s over there alone…” Chou Xiao Tian said anxiously .

“Xiao Tian, relax . ” Wang Xi said, “his guards are Monarch ranked, but he didn’t take them with him . It’s clear that he’s confident enough . ”

“That’s right . Could it be that you see yourself more powerful than monarch ranked experts?” Yu Tian Yuan glared at him in a huff .

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“That is the case . ” Xiao Yi said, “The guards of that young lord had wanted to go with him back then, but he had intentionally left them before . This proves that he does not want just the average person going along with him . ”

“If you go, you might even drag him down . ” Yu Tian Yuan was candid with his words, putting an end to Chou Xiao Tian’s protests .

“Master…” Chou Xiao Tian looked helplessly at his own master .

However, this impulsive decision of his had really been quashed . They were right . She didn’t even bring his guards with her, which proved that she had her own plans . If he went to find her, he really might drag her down .

“Right, Fatty and the others will definitely know how she’s doing . Master, Sect Leader, I’ll head over to ask them about it, first . ”

“Go ahead . ” Yu Tian Yuan was truly soft heartened towards this disciple of his . As long as it wasn’t something that would endanger him, he would let him do as he pleased .

When Chou Xiao Tian had left, Wang Xi asked Xiao Yi, “I wonder what City Lord Xiao plans to do about this situation? There’s no way we can let a child bear the responsibility of the whole continent, right?”

“You’re right, Sect Leader Wang . ” Xiao Yi said, “That is why I plan to discuss it with everyone first, to see if we can dispatch some people to check the place out . ’

Wang Xi nodded, “As one of the powers on this continent, we have to fulfill our responsibility as well . If you want to go, the Zhengyuan sect gives you our full support . ”

“Thank you, Sect Leader Wang . ” Xiao Yi gave a great bow .

“I am merely doing what we ought to . ” Wang Xi said, “I wonder how our little friend is doing…”

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Sima You Yue was currently in battle with a group of evil ghosts . Those evil ghosts were different from the ones before . Those ghosts still had conscious thought, but these completely lacked a mind of their own . They were merely spirits under someone else’s control . They knew not of advancement or retreat . They could only follow orders with abandon

Furthermore, they were a lot more powerful than the average ghost .

Sima You Yue did not use Crimson Flame’s flame to deal with them right away . Instead she used her own flames and turned it into fire rain and attacked those evil ghosts .

Those evil ghosts were terrified of Sima You Yue’s flame . They didn’t have their masters death aura, and their own was not enough to deal with her .

The first wave of evil ghosts were quickly wiped out .

However, before Sima You Yue had time to catch her breath, the second wave had come . Before she was done with the second wave, the third wave came again .

More than a hundred thousand evil ghosts surrounded her, wanting to rip her to shreds .

“Damn this to hell, how are there so many ghosts!” Sima You Yue created a ring of fire around herself, and the heat caused those evil ghosts to step back quite a bit, afraid to casually step forward .

“Since you’re all so excited, let me treat you to a large feast!”

She called out her lightning and moved the thunder clouds in the sky . Then, under her control, lightning started to rain down, striking the bodies of the evil ghosts .

Lightning was a holy punishment while evil ghosts were filthy creatures of darkness . Hence, after being struck, those ghosts turned directly into air .

Sima You Yue’s attack was different from others of the lightning attribute . Others were only able to directly use lightning as an attack, while she could work with the sky . She could change the weather in the air and manifest lightning . Although it was not as powerful as the calamity tribulations, it was still useful in dealing with these evil ghosts .

They sensed the terrifying aura coming from the sky, but those evil ghosts only hesitated for a moment before charging straight at Sima You Yue .

“They really are idiots!” Sima You Yue watched as they came towards her like moths to a flame, and couldn’t help but curse .

“Absorb!” An icy voice came from a hilltop far away, and all those evil ghosts took a step back in accordance to his booming voice .

Sima You Yue looked over, and merely saw a single person standing over there . In his hand, he held a white cloth and of those evil ghosts that were attacking her, every single one had flown into the white cloth, disappearing completely .

The person glanced at her, and his eyes carried traces of death . It was one where one was tired of his life, and was thinking of killing himself .

That person merely tossed a glance in her direction, and had no intentions to fight with her, so he turned around and hopped off the mountain .

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