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Chapter 750: 750
Chapter 750: Group of ghosts appear!

It was already evening by the time they returned, and deep into the night by the time they reached a conclusion .

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Sima You Yue had yet to fall asleep . She leaned against the window in her room, daydreaming as she watched the river flowing outside .

“When will you be well?” She toyed with the devil snare bracelet in her hand, muttering .

Inside the devil snare bracelet, ever since they came back from the formless world, she could feel a strong sense of longing from the shadow curled up in the corner . It finally moved, coming into a shape slowly .

“You could have fused with Senior, but you actually fell into a deep sleep again . If the method that Little Dream talked about actually works, I don’t care how dangerous it is . I will definitely help you to catch those ghosts . ”

Mo Sha had just awoken when he heard what she said, and a light smile appeared on his icy face . He took out some soul fluid and drank it, his transparent body becoming increasingly corporeal .

Suddenly, Sima You Yue could feel a silhouette float over from across the river, forming a dense mass of black . Just as she thought they would attack Mushui City, the black silhouettes suddenly took a sharp turn, flying towards a nearby village .

“Something’s happening . Big Bro, Fatty, wait here and don’t go outside . ” Sima You Yue ordered before she immediately flew out the window .

Although Fatty Qu was anxious, he dared not leave the house . Sima You Yue had set up a protective array over this house, and it would generate lightning strikes the moment any ghosts attacked, dissipating them .

Only Feng One and Feng Two flew out after her .

As they reached the outside, they immediately realised that there were a few figures who were flying out as well and towards those black silhouettes .

As for those black silhouettes, they had long since guessed that they would do so, and separated into four different directions . Those figures had no choice but to split up and give chase .

Sima You Yue led Feng One and Feng Two flying towards the sky, catching up quickly to those ghosts .

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“Ya h” Those ghosts suddenly stopped flying, and turned around inside, quickly surrounding Sima You Yue and the others in a circle .

“Young Master, be careful . ” Feng one and Feng Two flanked Sima You Yue, each taking their place against the ghosts .

Sima You Yue saw that they looked similar to the average person, it was just that their faces were stark white, and their bodies were transparent . They were extremely ugly .

“Although they’re ghosts as well, my Mo Sha is a lot more good looking . ” Sima You Yue thought to herself .

Because Mo Sha was now conscious, he could hear what she was thinking and he opened both eyes as his gaze turned soft .

“Hyeh hyeh- there’s actually someone who dares chase after us . ” One of the ghosts sneered, his voice sounded as terrible as it could be .

“Your voice sounds terrible . ” Sima You Yue covered her ears, “If I were something like you that never saw the light, I would hide in the ghost realm forever and never come out!”

“Who knew you’d actually have some eyes on you, that you’d know we’re from the ghost realm . You still dared chase after us? You sure are gutsy . ”

“Thank you for your praise, you’re not the first one who’s said that . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Hmph, just a tiny little human . Let us not waste time, get rid of him so we can move on . ” Another ghost had a chilling voice, as if the chill was from some ice cold depths .

Sima You Yue was a first ranked divine saint while Feng One and Feng Two were Monarch Ranked experts . However, they were just brushed off as tiny humans .

Did they not know how powerful humans were?

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The people who destroyed the mountain would definitely know . However, since they said things this way, this only showed that they did not think anything of Sima You Yue and the others at all .

They were extremely powerful!

Feng One and Feng Two did not wait for Sima You Yue’s orders as they attacked simultaneously, sending out bursts of spirit power . However, they were dispersed easily without doing much harm at lal .

Very quickly, the floating dark shadow came back together .

“The average attack is useless against them . ” Sima You Yue said, “Try using fire . ”

Feng One and Feng Two thought of that as well as Feng Two used a fire based spirit attack, and fire rain was sent their way .


Those ghosts who were weaker, cried out in pain as they were burnt by those flames . Very quickly, the ghosts who cried out were burnt into nothingness .

Although some had been burnt to death, most of them stood there without harm . When the fire attacks came their way, a cloud of black mist would form in front of them with a wave of their hand . When those flames encountered the black mist, it was as if someone had doused it with water, extinguishing it .

A monarch ranked attack was dissipated just like that! Furthermore, this was the fire attribute that the dark attributes were weak against . If it were other attributes, the results would have been even worse .

“Hyeh hyeh, you dare stand against us with this level of power . ” The ghost that had spoken up at the very beginning started to mock them .

Feng One and Feng Two turned solemn . Earlier on, although the attack that Feng Two had sent out was merely a probing ont without using all his strength, it was only able to burn those who were weaker . Who knew how powerful their foes were!

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It was no wonder those people who had gone before them were all exterminated . These ghosts were truly much stronger than human spirit masters .

“You better not get arrogant . You merely rely on the death aura . Your bodies have no power at all . ” Sima You Yue said, reminding Feng One and Feng Two, who had been confused .

“What rubbish!”

“Is it really rubbish, though?” Sima You Yue said, “The death aura isn’t yours, is it? I wonder who gave you that death aura, strong enough to deflect Feng Two’s attacks . However, I dare say that if it were not for that death qi, you wouldn’t be able to take even a single one of my blows . ”

When those ghosts heard what Sima You Yue had said, they became incredibly riled up .

The death aura was their secret, and not a single one of those they had killed had known about it . However, a tiny little human had now discovered it!

“I’m guessing that you’re ghosts who are under someone’s control, right?” Sima You Yue said, “Furthermore, that death aura has been given to you by that person . That person is on Bright Red Mountain Peak, but unable to move . As such, has no choice but to let you roam outside to absorb the souls and vitality of others . ”

The more she said, the angrier those ghosts got . How did she guess it all!

“That is why you guys are nothing but bluster . ” Sima You Yue concluded .

“What about those who were burnt away?”

“Of course, those were the ones who did not obtain any death aura to protect their bodies . Otherwise, they’re just those who react slower than snails . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Hmph, so what if you’re right?” That ghost hugged, “Today is the day that you all die here!”

“You want to kill us? However, you won’t be able to, and neither will those after you!” Sima You Yue made a motion of flipping her hand over and pulling it up, unfazed at all . “You merely have a bit of death aura . Do you really think that you will be able to sweep the world under your feet? You’ll be gone with a bout of fire!”

“Ha ha ha, what a daring brat! I’m going to eat you whole!” The one who spoke grinned widely, as the death aura on its body grew denser, rolling about its body incessantly .

Sima You Yue snorted coldly as she produced a small fireball . The moment Crimson Flame’s fireball was revealed, the expressions of the ghosts changed .

“Didn’t you want to eat me whole? Let’s compete!”

After speaking, she tossed the fireball over…

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