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Chapter 749: 749

Sima You Yue raised an eyebrow . How did this guy know?

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When Chou Xiao Tian saw the look on Sima You Yue’s face, he knew he guessed correctly . “What did you discover? Quickly tell me . ”

“How did you know we discovered something?” Fatty Qu questioned .

“You all appeared to be aware of something . You must know something . My senior brothers can’t see it . But we have been together for some time . ” Chou Xiao Tian explained .

“Tsk, only you know . ” Fatty Qu said .

“That’s right . Quick, tell me what you discovered . ” Chou Xiao Tian smiled and urged .

“In fact, it’s nothing . We just guessed what type of creatures can cause these wounds . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“Did you guess right?”

“We have some prospects of an answer, but no confirmation . ” Sima You Yue said .

“When I looked at these corpses, they were exceptionally strange . ” Chou Xiao Tian commented . “I have never seen such brutal and strange wounds . ”

“It’s normal if you haven’t seen it before . ” Sima You Yue replied . “You haven’t seen anyone from the Ghost Realm . ”

“Ghost Realm? You’re saying people from the Ghost Realm did that?” Chou Xiao Tian whispered .

“At least, they can be made by the creatures of the Ghost Realm . As for the people of the Ghost Realm or other creatures in the Ghost Realm, it is unknown . ” Sima You Yue explained .

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“How can it be the Ghost Realm? Why did you suspect the people of the Ghost Realm did it?” Chou Xiao Tian was shocked by the news because it was harder for people of the Ghost Realm to come to the Human Realm than for people of the Devil Realm . He never expected there would be a day where he would encounter people of the Ghost Realm . So he couldn’t digest this news for a while .

“Because these people had their souls and energy drained before they died . ” Sima You Yue said . “In addition, an aura of death still lingered in their wounds . ”

“Aura of death?”

“There are no traces of spirit energy in the whole village, because the other party doesn’t use spirit energy at all, but aura of death . Except those from the Ghost Realm, who else would use an aura of death?” Sima You Yue reasoned .

Chou Xiao Tian squatted down and examined the wounds . Sure enough, he noticed a faint black mist lingering on the wounds . If one didn’t examine closely, they wouldn’t find it at all .

“How do you know that this is the aura of death?”

“Because I am smart . ” Sima You Yue replied .

She couldn’t just tell him, she had seen it before .

That was true . She had seen the aura of death before . The person who was suppressed by the seal under the Dragon Reflection Mountain was enshrouded completely with the aura of death . But at that time, she hadn’t recovered her memory . She had thought it was an ordinary black mist . After recovering her memory, she realized that the aura of death was too thick to be dissolved .

When Chou Xiao Tian saw how she answered, he knew she didn’t want to talk further, so he stopped asking .

“You all guessed that this was done by the people of the Ghost Realm . Why didn’t you just say it?”

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“Why should I say it?” Sima You Yue refuted . “I don’t even know them . You and them aren’t even close . ”

Chou Xiao Tian glanced at her and was moved . The reason behind was the main reason .

“Now you know the reason . What do you plan to do?” He asked .

“Nothing much . So many people died here . I don’t know if those people can find them and deal with the corpses . Otherwise, we’ll deal with them . ”

Everyone agreed, so they burned the place clean with fire .

After leaving the village, they continued to walk around . They met many people on the road, all of them appearing sad or angry . Occasionally, they witnessed one or two villages were burned .

“It seems that the same situation is happening in those villages . ” Sima You Yue said . “Those people passed by the villages before us, and they are also being burned . There is nothing to gain by going now . Let’s go back . ”

“Where are you staying now?” Chou Xiao Tian asked .

“In a small inn on the waterfront . ” Sima You Yue answered . “It’s not that big, you probably wouldn’t stay there . ”

“We have more people, so we are staying at the largest inn in the city . ” Chou Xiao Tian said .

“Since we already guessed it, let’s go back . ”

They flew back to the city and heard people at the gate of the city say that the city lord has not returned . It was estimated that they were still investigating the cause in the town, or they were going to the surroundings for inspection .

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At the gate of the city, Sima YouYue and them separated from Chou Xiao Tian and then returned to the inn

“You Yue, now we know the reason, are we going back to the sect to report?” Fatty Qu asked .

Sima You Yue looked out the window at the torrent of rain, which was the source of this matter .

“No, I’m going over there to see . ”

“You’re going? It’s dangerous over there!”

“I know, but I have a reason to go . ” Sima You Yue said .

“What can you do there?” Fatty Qu said . “You Yue, don’t think that Third Aunt and Brother Ximen are gone, so you can do dangerous things . ”

“Even if Third Aunt and them are here, I will still go . ” Sima You Yue said . “For my companion, I must go . ”

“Fifth brother, is it because of Little Dream?” Sima You Ran asked .

Sima You Yue nodded . She understood what Sima You Ran meant when he asked if she went for Little Dream, but she was going because of something Little Dream told her .

After Little Dream determined it was done by the people of the Ghost Realm, she said, “There are scents of ghost spirits . If she can catched the ghost spirits, and let them be absorbed by Mo Sha, he would recover quicker . ”

Mo Sha suffered such a serious injury for her . Since this was possible, she would try it . Even if Ximen Feng knew about it, he would not stop her .

Fatty Qu wanted to dissuade her, but Bei Gong Tang grabbed his arm .

“Let’s go with you . ” Wei Zi Qi suggested .

“No, just wait for me here . ” Sima You Yue rejected . “I have Little Dream, ordinary soul attacks have no effect on me . But you are different . What if something happens to you?”

“But you are alone, we can’t be assured . ” Sima You Qi said .

“I also have Feng Yi and Feng Er, and Little Roc and them . ” Sima You Yue insisted . “Second brother, believe me, I will successfully resolve this matter . ”

Everyone saw her insistence . Although they were worried, they had no choice but to look at her with anxiety .

“Rest assured, couldn’t I invoke the tribulation? If it’s really a last resort, I’ll invoke the tribulation again . People of the Ghost Realm, no matter how strong they are, are afraid of this . ”

“That’s true, fifth brother has so many ways of preservation which could be used against the ghost clan . If she really encountered people of the ghost clan, it is not necessarily her who would suffer . ” Sima You Ran was confident in her .

“Then when do you plan to go?” Sima You Lin asked .

“After tonight . ” Sima You Yue answered . “Those things all happened at night . Yesterday, they were at the side of Mushui City . Maybe, they will be here tonight . ”

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