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Chapter 746: 746

Chapter 746: Arranging for Saber-Toothed Tiger Clan and Snow Wolf Clan

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During these days in the Dark Forest, everyone discussed the forming of a force together . Now Sima You Yue wanted them to do was not to recruit people but to have them go around and find a place to establish their force .

Sima You Yue asked Fatty Qu to make some human skin masks for them and let them wear them after they left . By that time, others would not know they were the ten great villains, which would be more convenient .

To be on the safe side, she asked them to make a pledge . They didn’t have to recognize her as the leader, but they had to swear on the things about her . They couldn’t publicize them or hurt her at all .

Feng Zhi and they understood her scruples . They all pledged and let the rules of heaven and earth provide trust for both parties .

After the discussion, she asked Ximen Feng, Feng Zhi and the rest to discuss the specifics while she took the time for leisure .

Kong Ren and Hong Wu asked her for advice on alchemy and arrays . She was more interested in these compared to forming a force, so she chatted with them in earnest .

A few days later, the flamingos returned with news . After searching for a period of time, the people outside gave up pursuit of Feng Zhi and them and went back .

Those people were speculating where Feng Zhi and the group would go if they left Green City . They thought of many places, but no one thought they would hide in the Dark Forest .

As soon as the wind died down, Sima You Yue urged them to leave . After Feng Kai and them spent some time with You Yue and her group, they found they had similar temperaments and couldn’t bear to go . Especially Hong Wu and Kong Ren, they still had a lot of things to discuss with Sima You Yue!

She made it clear to them during these days . In order to protect their safety, she gave them some feathers of Little Roc . If they encountered any danger, they could take this to get help from the nearby bird clan .

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Feng Zhi and the group left with a thick stack of human skin masks and Little Roc’s feathers . After they left, Sima You Yue also prepared to leave .

Sima You Yue asked for the direction of the teleportation array . It seemed that she needed to bypass the snowy mountains . She thought of the scarlet lake in the center of the forest, and the two clans inside her spatial ring .

Rejecting the flamingos’ offer to send them off, they went to the center of the forest . She called out all the members of the saber-toothed tiger clan .

“You will live here in the future . Or you can go elsewhere . ” Sima You Yue said .

When the saber-toothed tiger clan was in the Spirit Pagoda, they were locked in a dark area alone . They didn’t know where they were . Now they saw the blue sky and white clouds, as well as the scarlet lake . They were very cordial .

“We want to try here, if life doesn’t work, we’ll leave again . ” The saber-toothed king said .

“I already told the flamingos, and they will help you a bit . ” Sima You Yue said . “In addition, the snow wolf clan will live on the snow mountain over there . You are all from the little realm . I don’t need to explain to you the principle of keeping watch and helping each other?”

“We understand . ” The saber-toothed tiger king said .

Sima You Yue nodded to him . Then she sat on the Sima You Lin’s flying beast and flew towards the snow mountain .

When they arrived on the snow mountain, she called out the snow wolf clan, and told them the same thing, and that they could live here .

The snow wolf clan thought they would really follow her and lived in that dark place for a hundred year . They didn’t expect her to release them so early .

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“Then the agreement between us…”

“If necessary, I will come find you . ” Sima You Yue said, “If not, then you will be free after a hundred years . ”

Both the saber-toothed tiger clan and snow wolf clan were brought out of her little realm . They had previously agreed that they would be at her dispatch within the hundred years . She had thought there would be some situations here . As a result, the situation above was much more difficult than she had previously expected . They never came in handy, but Little Roc evolved into the Legendary Great Roc, so now she obtained the entire bird clan’s assistance .

Since they were not needed, she might give their freedom back early .

After arranging the snow wolf clan, they went over the top of the mountain, spent half a month leaving the Dark Forest, arrived outside of the city, found a teleportation array, stopped at two cities, and arrived at Charred Mountain Ridge which was next to Red Mountain Peak .

Charred Mountain Ridge had vast territory but its population was not large because the climate here was not suitable for ordinary people, so there were cities with a spirit master as city lord to accomodate for the long distance . Usually, the towns here were not lively, but they have been lively for more than a year . Many outsiders had come to these towns in order to enter Red Mountain Peak .

Mushui City was one of them .

No, to be precise, Mushui City was much more lively than other cities because it was located on the edge of the Red Mountain Peak and separated from Red Mountain Ridge by a river .

Sima You Yue and the group were sitting in a teahouse by the river . Although they had a large group, they did not choose to take a private room, but divide themselves into two tables and sat in the dining hall .

They were far from each other . People normally couldn’t see that they were together .

“Did you hear that a group of people went to Red Mountain Peak a few days ago . They still do not believe in heresy . ” A person at the table next to them murmured .

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“How do you know?”

“I saw it with my own eyes . They passed from here . ” That person pointed at the river outside .

“These people sure have guts . They still dare to go there . It’s a pity!” Someone shook their head and sighed as if those people wouldn’t be able to come back .

The person who sighed was a male next to their table . Sima You Yue looked at his face filled with pity, and asked, “This young master, how can you be so sure they can’t come back?”

That person did not expect Sima You Yue to pick up on hum . He hesitated and sighed again, “It’s not that I’m sure, but that none of the people that went had come out in the past three months . Why do those people send themselves to death?!”

“Not a single one returned? Wasn’t it said that there were some people who could come back occasionally?” Wei Zi Qi asked .

“That was before . No one can come back as of late . ” That person replied .

“How do you know?” Wei Zi Qi continued .

“Because I watch it here every day! I will record here how many people go and how many people return . ”

“Can they go in from here and come out from another city?” Fatty Qu made a conjecture .

“No . if someone comes out from other places, the news should spread throughout the continent . ” That male denied .

“Are you here everyday?” Sima You Yue curiously asked .

“Yes . Because I need to record data, I have been here always recently . ”

“Record data? You…”

Wei Zi Qi wanted to ask about his identity when a man dressed as a soldier hurried in from outside . “City Lord, an urgent report just came from the villa!”

“Urgent report? Where?” The City Lord of Mushui City stood up suddenly .

“It’s ours . ” The guard reported . “We just got news that the weird phenomenon has occurred in two towns outside our city, similar to the situation in Red Mountain Peak . ”

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