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Chapter 745: 745

Chapter 745: Strange Red Mountain Peak

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When the Flamingo King heard Red Mountain Peak, his face changed drastically and he subconsciously shivered .

“Young Master is going to Red Mountain Peak?”

Sima You Yue nodded .

Investigating the latest strange incidents in Red Mountain Peak was their third mission this time .

“Young Master shouldn’t go . ” Flamingo King discouraged .

“Why?” Fatty Qu asked .

“Because it’s strange and dangerous . ” Flamingo King answered .

“We’re going to see what’s happening there . ” Sima You Yue said . “Investigate the strange incidents before we can turn in the mission . ”

“Can’t you reject it?” When the Flamingo King said that, he remembered it was inappropriate for him to say that . He explained, “Red Mountain Peak is quite far away from us . We originally never heard of it before . But I’m afraid that no one in Central Province doesn’t know where it is . ”

“Do you know what’s stange over there?” Sima You Yue curiously asked .

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“I’ve seen it with my own eyes . ” The Flamingo King answered . “A few months ago, when I was traveling outside, I happened to go to the peak adjacent to the Red Mountain Peak . I witnessed a group of people who heard about the strange things in Red Mountain Peak and went in to investigate . Only one person came back half a month later . That person was covered in blood, his eyes were dull, and when asked about his companions, he said they were dead; they were murdered . That person became a fool . ”

“So strange? Did he and his companions encounter something else?” Wei Zi Qi asked .

“It’s not just this group of people . ” The Flamingo King answered, “At that time, my thoughts were the same as you . I felt they might have encountered an enemy or something like that . Because his companions were dead and he came back, he became lifeless . But at that time, a waiter next to me sighed that it was another batch of unbelievers of heresy . So I asked the waiter, he said that it was that this was not the first group of people to go . Recently, there were many . Some went and came back like fools, but others went and never returned!”

Sima You Yue sucked in a breath .

“Is this for real? After a trip, he became a fool? This is too strange!” Fatty Qu exclaimed .

“Isn’t it?” The Flamingo King affirmed . “Those who went, regardless of their strength, end up with the same result . So even if I know that the Young Master is very strong, I still implore Young Master not to go . ”

Everyone fell silent after listening to the Flamingo King .

“You Yue, what do you think?” Sima You Lin asked .

“This situation is much worse than we thought . ” Sima You Yue also was not sure if they should go or not . She hesitated for a moment . If she was alone, she would like to check it out, but if she was them, she was a little uncertain .

Fatty Qu and them were also hesitating . So many experts had gone to end the same way . Their strength wasn’t high, wouldn’t they have the same end result?

“You say it is a mission of the sect? What happens if you don’t complete it?” You Si asked .

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“It won’t matter if we don’t complete it . Didn’t we just give up the second mission?” Fatty Qu said .

“What’s the second mission?” Ni An Yi followed his words and asked .

“It’s just…” Fatty Qu started and stopped halfway . He chuckled at Ni An Yi .

“What are laughing at?” Ni An Yi saw him laughed and felt he was infuriating .

“Nothing, nothing . ” Fatty Qu stopped laughing but he didn’t say what the mission was .

“The second mission is probably killing us . ” Shi Chen smiled .

“Hehe…” Fatty Qu laughed embarrassedly, confirming his words .

“It turned out you wanted to kill us!” Ni An Yi punched Fatty Qu’s shoulder . He didn’t hurt him, but his hand hurt . He shook his hand twice before it felt better . “God, what did you do, why is it so hard? It hurts!”

“Fatty is on the refining body route . If you hit him, you’re looking for pain!” Sima You Yue glanced at him expressing you’re stupid .

“The situation in Red Mountain Peak is not clear . If it is only a mission of the sect, you can choose to give it up . ” Shi Chen expressed his thoughts .

“I also think so . The unknown risks are the most dangerous . ” Feng Zhi agreed . “If you know the situation over there, it would be okay . Even if you have a strong opponent, you can take precautions in advance . But the situation is unclear, it’s best to not add trouble . ”

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Since the two pillars of the ten brothers said this, her heart wavered . She looked at Sima You Ming and asked, “Elder brother, what do you think?”

“I think it’s been months since Flamingo King went there . After a few months, we don’t know what’s going on there . Whether to go or not, go to the neighborhood in the vicinity to find more about the situation and then make a decision is good . ” Sima You Ming expressed . “Maybe things are different now than before . ”

“I also agreed with elder brother . ” Sima You Ran agreed . “We’ll approach to check the current situation . If it is as complicated as he said, as long as we don’t go in, it will be alright . If the situation has changed, we can go in and take a look . ”

Believe in everything but take it with a grain of salt . It was better to see things as they are .

“This is also possible . ” Shi Chen said . “This strange phenomenon only occurs in Red Mountain Peak . As long as you don’t enter Red Mountain Peak, it is safe to listen to the news nearby . ”

“Then let’s take a look . If you heard that it’s weird and gave up, it’s not like our style . ” Ouyang Fei said .

All right, let’g go around Red Mountain Peak . ” Sima You Yue said .

“I haven’t seen anything like this!” Dai Yi said excitedly .

“Can you go?” Fatty Qu asked . “Wouldn’t you be exposed and attacked as soon as you appeared in public?”

“This is really possible . ” Sima You Le said .

“Don’t we go?” Dai Yi asked in surprise .

“It’s better you don’t appear in front of people as of late . ” Sima You Yue said . “I think the people who receive information about you are not only those in Green City . You should avoid the limelight . ”

“But aren’t we following you?” Ni An Yi said .

Sima You Yue shook her head . “You don’t follow me now . I want you to do something, and you can do those things after you leave here . ”

The rest could guess what she would let them do and nodded . They were unlike Ni An Yi and them who wanted to go to Red Mountain Peak .

“We have just left Green City these two days, and those people will surely search for your whereabouts nearby . You wait here for a few days before you go out . We will also discuss what needs to be done to form a force…”

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