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Chapter 736: 736

Sima You Yue felt like she was a little pitiful . She had just healed from her previous lightning tribulation, but less than two days of peace later, she had to get struck by lightning again .

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The contract symbol flew out from Lu Fie’s brain as the other half flew out from that male’s forehead . The two symbols merged in the air as it rushed into the barrier, shattering it and rushing towards the cloud .


The contract symbol flew into the calamity cloud, and the calamity clou increased its power as it sent a shot of lightning down . Everyone in the city could feel their hearts pumping in their chests .

Once the protective array was broken, Sima You Yue flew out of the house and looked at the bolt of lightning, returning an attack .

“You damn calamity cloud . Why do you chase after me all day? Just throw down two more bolts, just try it! We’ll see whether that is more powerful than my purple lightning?!” When she was directly hit with the lighting, she could feel that her body was a little numb . Even without her instruction, the lightning headed directly to her dantian .

The cloud spirit that was in the calamity cloud in the sky, howled in grief when it saw Sima You Yue . Why did it always encounter her? Why why why? It was fine if it kept encountering her, but why did she never die from it’s strikes! It felt like his life was too hard recently! Where was it’s glamour? It’s awe? It was all gone because of her!

Now that it had met her again, she had even spat such vicious words at it . At this moment, it had really lost all his face!

However, she really had the purple lightning in her body . If she let it out, it really dared not go against her . Troubled, it was really troubled . It had never been threatened by a person before, never in all these years!

The calamity cloud spirit was more depressed, the more it thought about it . It was wailing with grief, beside itself with sadness .

Everyone was stunned when they saw the calamity cloud wailing .

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This was just… too domineering!

“However, threatening the calamity cloud… is it useful?” Ni An Yi pursed his lips in question .

“Maybe . ” Shi Chen was uncertain . He had never seen something like this before . Who knew how effective it was?

Sima You Yue kept feeling like the calamity cloud must have life . There is definitely something controlling it . As it wailed, she really felt like there was a kind of moodiness radiating from it .

Could there really be something in there?

After pondering for a moment, she created a protective layer before flying directly towards the calamity cloud .

“He- he- what’s he doing?!” Ni An Yi was so shocked that he couldn’t speak properly, stammering .

“He couldn’t be planning to go inside the calamity cloud, is he?” Dai Yi cried out .

“He… really is!”

Everyone watched as she flew into the calamity cloud, and were beyond themselves with horror .

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Nobody had ever dared to challenge a calamity cloud! Nobody had ever dared to go inside!

Sima You Yue flew into the calamity cloud and saw lightning all around it . It was releasing static sounds .

“You damn human, you actually dared to come here!” The cloud spirit scolded her . However ,it was a raspy sound without a single bit of killing energy .

“Little Calamity Cloud, where are you?” Sima You Yue called out lightly . She sounded like a big bag wolf about to cheat a child .

“I’m going to strike you to death!” Little calamity cloud didn’t come out, as it huffed angrily .

Two huge bolts of lightning struck Sima You yue, but aside from feeling numb, she didn’t feel anything else .

“It seems like I’ve gotten better at withstanding the bolts after the previous tribulation . ” Sima You Yue thought arrogantly .

The purple lightning in her dantian rolled its eyes . It was because it became stronger . Otherwise, with such a terrifying blt of heavenly lightning, she would have long since turned to ash!

“Little calamity cloud, we’ve already met so many times . We can be considered old friends . Come on out, I have good food to eat!” Sima You Yue continued to entice it as she didn’t know what it was thinking .

“I don’t eat anything, okay!” A transparent bunny about the size of a human palm appeared on the calamity cloud . Its red eyes looked at Sima You Yue, gaze derisive .

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Why was she so pitiful? No matter what, she couldn’t’ strike her to death .

Sima You Yue never thought that the calamity cloud spirit would look like this . How was this a calamity cloud in charge of heaven’s law? It was obviously a moe moe little creature!

“Little calamity cloud, there’s no use glaring at me like that . Your bolts don’t do anything to me . ” She beamed .

“Hmph, it’s not like they’re useless! If it were not for the purple lightning in your body, you would have been struck to death long ago! I didn’t think it would grow so quickly . Even the heavenly lightning is helpless against it . ” Cloud Spirit huffed .

“Grow? The purple lightning can grow?” Sima You Yue was a little incredulous .

“Of course . How else would you become increasingly resistant to the lightning . ” Cloud Spirit replied .

“Is it the same as you, then?” Sima You Yue asked .

“It’s not as cute as I am!” Cloud Spirit said narcissistically, “I’m the cutest calamity cloud . ”

Siima You Yue closed her eyes for a moment . She was actually able to see a little silhouette swimming in a pool of lightning her dantian . The silhouette didn’t seem to have a form, and was merely a foggy silhouette .

That silhouette seemed to sense Sima You Yue’s gaze as it pulled a weird face at her, as if saying that she didn’t realise it despite it being in her body for such a long time .

Sima You Yue felt as if the guy must be pulling faces at her, even though it didn’t have a face right now .

Thinking about how she had obtained her lightning, she asked the lightning cloud puzzledly, ” Isn’t the purple lightning yours? How come it has a will of its own?”

“How could the purple lightning be mine? If it was, I would have eaten it long ago . ” The cloud spirit said a little disappointedly, “In the past, I used this purple lightning before . However, I’m not sure who it was that survived it . I think it was you who absorbed it and didn’t die ,so that guy formed its own consciousness . ”

“There must be many in charge of the calamity clouds, I guess?” Sima You Yue suddenly asked .

“Not many . In any case, this area is my territory . Whoever dares treat me with disrespect, I’ll just strike him to death!” Cloud Spirit said before it suddenly remembered the person in front refused to die no matter how many times it struck her . It was so infuriating!

Sima You Yue saw the way it was acting and said with a smile, “Isn’t it good that you didn’t strike me to death? See? Since I managed to discover your existence since you didn’t . We can be friends from now on!”

“I don’t want to be your friend!” Cloud Spirit huffed . How was it supposed to live it down if it was friends with a human who refused to be struck to death!

“If you don’t want to be my friend, then I’ll just be yours!” Sima You yue said, “Since we’re friends, I should treat you to a meal . How about it? Do you like any of these things?”

She took out a whole pile of stuff and placed it on the cloud . They actually didn’t fall off .

The calamity cloud initially didn’t care for any of it, but those things were really fragrant . Especially a single scent, which made it drool like mad .

It proudly looked at those things before turning its head away, saying, “What are all these things? I won’t eat anything you give me!”

Sima You Yue secretly laughed when she saw that although it claimed that it didn’t want anything, but that its gaze would keep darting to the wine jar .

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