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Chapter 731: 731

Sima You Yue was brooding in her heart . Before people arrived, they already controlled the space here . How strong were they?

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If the other party came for Little Tu, did they still have the ability to stop them? With her current state, she could no longer be able to invoke another lightning tribulation .

If they couldn’t hold on to Little Tu… . she dare not think about the outcome . If they really couldn’t, she could only ask her for help . She was not sure if it would be too late .

After a while, the space tunnel opened, and several tall people with golden eyes came out of it . They swept their gazes at the people present . Many of them directly knelt down .

Sima You Yue had difficulty breathing, as she was being pressed down by a high mountain . She could not breathe at all .

Even Yuan Shao Jie had some difficulties as well and bowed his head slightly .

Such a strong pressure!

When those people saw Little Tu, the person in lead waved, and Little Tu flew out of Fan Lei’s hands into his arms .

“Let go of Little Tu!” Fatty Qu anxiously shouted .

“What kind of thing are you!” One of them coldly snorted, and Fatty Qu fell to the ground with his bones broken .

“Fatty!” Ouyang Fei and the rest flew over and surrounded Fatty Qu in a protective circle .

But it was still useless .

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“Who are you?” Fan Lei held back his anger . He cupped his hands and asked .

“Who we are is not something you can ask . ” The person holding Little Tu replied, “He is our people . We want to take him away . ”

“I saved Little Tu . He is my little brother . You want to take him, but have you asked for our opinion?” Sima You Yue came down from Sima You Ming . Her appearance could no longer be seen . But she still stood straight and looked at them without fear .

“A small human wants to climb up on my clan in vain . You’re overestimating your capabilities!” The person in lead exerted pressure on Sima You Yue, intending to take her life, but the pressure was beaten back by a gentle force .

“Who?” That person yelled . He was hurt by his own strength and was furious .

Sima You Yue felt a cold and gentle power envelop her body, and she suddenly felt better .

“Aunt Feng . ” She cried out in joy .

A figure of Feng Ru Yan came out of Sima You Yue’s body . She frowned when she saw her current appearance .

“How did this happen?” Feng Ru Yan was upset . She looked at those people and asked, “Was it them?”

“Aunt Feng, it was not them . I invoked the lightning tribulation and got struck . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“You can’t call me unless it’s a life or death situation, anyway . So, do these people want to kill you?” Feng Ru Yan looked at these people indifferently .

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Unexpectedly, it took just a single glance to make these extraordinary people lower their heads .

The person in the lead saluted Feng Ru Yan . “Elder Feng, we are the descendants of the ancient divine ape . My name is Hua Bin . This child has the blood of our clan . Today we are here to take him away . We do not want to make things difficult for them . ”

Ancient divine ape? Sima You Yue was shocked . She hadn’t heard of this in inner regions and thought Little Tu’s bloodline was pure ape of the inner regions . It seemed it was not so!

“No, I don’t want to go with you . ” When Little Tu woke up and heard they would take him away, he struggled regardless of his injuries . “I want to be with my brothers and sisters . I won’t go with you . Brother You Yue, I don’t want to go . Save me!”

Sima You Yue saw Little Tu’s opposition . “You heard it, Little Tu said he doesn’t want to go with you . ”

“You are a descendant of my divine ape clan . Because of your bloodline, you can’t stay outside . If you don’t want to return to the clan, even if you have noble blood, we won’t keep you!” The person in the lead said .

“Brother, I don’t want to go . If I go, I won’t see you again! I’ll be trapped forever in a nook and never see the sky again!” Little Tu struggled .

“Who said you would be trapped for a lifetime!” Hua Bin slapped Little Tu’s head .

Thinking of his strength, Sima You Yue was afraid that he would break Little Tu . But the result was Little Tu was fine .

“Didn’t you say I have to go? If I go back, I won’t be able to come out?” Little Tu countered .

“The reason for you to go back is to let you meet and know your ancestors, and better cultivate you, not to trap you of your freedom!” Hua Bin was enraged by Little Tu’s comprehension .

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“Then can I come out?” Little Tu asked .

“If you can pass the test, you can come out . ” Hua Bin answered .

“Oh . ” Little Tu fell silent for a while . “Brother, I’ll go with them . ”

“Little Tu, are you certain?” Sima You Yue looked at him and asked .

“Brother, I want to become stronger . ” Little Tu said . “Today’s affair, if it was not because I was too weak and easily attracted so many people, how could there be so many forces besieging us . If it was not because of my weakness, why would I need a brother to protect me with this method? Although all those lightning bolts landed on you, it breaks my heart every time it did . Every single time, Brother is saving me, protecting me, I want to protect Brother as well . ”

When Sima You Yue heard Little Tu’s words, her eyes were warm . However, she was still uneasy and turned to look at Feng Ru Yan . “Aunt Feng?”

“I have some friendships with the old ancestors of ancient divine ape and know some things . It’s good if this child goes back . ” Feng Ru Yan said .

Since Feng Ru Yan said it’s good, she was relieved and told Little Tu, “Since you want to go back, then go back . After all, they are your clan members . But after you leave, we won’t be able to protect you, take care of yourself . Got it?”

“Mmmm . ” Little Tu nodded .

He was not sad because he made up his mind to go back and then come back to them when he became stronger!

“Let’s go back . ” Hua Bin ordered .

Little Tu agreed . Sima You Yue had no more opinion, and Feng Ru Yan naturally had no opinion . Several people bowed to Feng Ru Yan and opened a space tunnel and left .

They originally thought it would be a fierce fight, but it was resolved so easily . Those who hadn’t gone far were a bit surprised .

However, today’s events had given enough topics to talk about . They did not waste their trip . But they didn’t know what kind of species took Little Tu away, and who was the person inside Sima You Yue .

“Aunt Feng, thank you . ” Sima You Yue smiled gratefully at Feng Ru Yan .

Feng Ru Yan looked at Sima You Yue . She had improved a lot compared to a few years ago, and it had not exceeded her expectations .

“You’re making progress quickly, but not enough . Keep working hard . I won’t fall asleep too much in the future . ” After that, she returned to You Yue’s sea of consciousness .

After Feng Ru Yan left, her powerful aura dissipated, and Yuan Shao Jie and the rest were able to relax .

The thought of Sima You Yue had such a character in her, everyone looked at her as if looking at a monster .

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