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Chapter 730: 730
Chapter 730: Completing a Mission in the Passing

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Yuan Shao Jie brought people over . The first things he saw were the scorched corpses, the flowers and trees were gone, and it was a mess .

Fan Lei stood still waiting for their hearts to absorb everything .

“What happened?”

Who had such great ability to destroy the center of the entire Dark Forest?

“Old Yuan, you took too long!” When Fan Lei saw Yuan Shao Jie, he complained . If he came earlier, the child wouldn’t have to use this method .

“I directly brought people over when I got your news . What happened?” Yuan Shao Jie was surprised . Why is this guy who was usually arrogant a little strange today?

Fan Lei briefly explained what happened today . Yuan Shao Jie and several others behind him were shocked .

“Hundreds of monarch rank powerhouses all have been struck to death?” Xu Jin was surprised, then he laughed, “Ha ha ha, not bad, it’s indeed my disciple, very domineering!”

“Master, are you so happy? I have offended hundreds of forces!” Sima You Yue couldn’t help knocking on him as he laughed heartily .

“What are you afraid of, what’s the matter, you have your masters!” Xu Jin said disapprovingly .

The other two people who came with Yuan Shao Jie were not concerned over this . When they heard Fan Lei speak of dragon trapping array, they started to wander around the island . They ran over excitedly, exclaiming, “It’s really the dragon trapping array! Who arranged this array?”

“It was arranged by You Yue . ” Fan Lei answered, “If it weren’t for this array, I’m afraid things wouldn’t have ended so easily . ”

If those people weren’t trapped, they could leave here directly, and return after the lightning tribulation, then You Yue and them would be in danger .

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When the two people heard it was arranged by You Yue, their eyes expressed changes from surprise, hesitation, to disbelief . One of them even went on alert .

What they wanted to say was interrupted by Xu Jin . “If you have something to say, say later . My disciple needs to recuperate . Didn’t you see she was so badly injured?”

Those two old guys better not think of touching his disciple, otherwise he wouldn’t be polite to them . Even if their status is distinguished, he did not lack ability!

Sima You Yue recognized the two people were the two people who guarded the teleportation array in the inner sect . Why did they come here?

Yuan Shao Jie looked around and didn’t see Little Seven . He asked, “You Yue, where’s Little Seven?”

Could she be taken away?

“President, rest assured . Little Seven is in a safe place . ” Sima You Yue replied without any specifics .

“Okay, let’s leave here . ” Xu Jin said .

An environment full of corpses was not really a good place to talk .

Yuan Shao Jie and the other also wanted to know more about what happened . He said, “Let’s go to the nearest city . ”

Sima You Ming stepped forward and picked up Sima You Yue, while Fan Lei picked up Little Tu .

At this time, Xie Jun brought his people forward and saluted to the crowd and then bowed to Sima You Yue . He gratefully expressed, “Thank you little friend for letting me go . ”

Sima You Yue saw his attitude was passable and smiled, “The person who saved your life today is yourselves . I just gave you a chance . ”

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“If you didn’t give us this opportunity, we would have not been able to make the right choice . ” Xie Jun said . “If there is a need in the future, you can directly find me with this token . ”

Sima You Qi accepted the token .

“I’ll take my leave . ” Xie Jun saluted everyone and then took his people away . Although he really wanted to ask Yuan Shao Jie about the spirit border array, he knew it was not the time . They still had a lot of things to deal with . If they disturbed them now, they might be annoyed .

Other people who were watching the scene also left . This matter had affected them greatly . If they ever encountered this situation again, they should not be under brain fever . They must understand the situation clearly . Otherwise, if they die, then there really would be nothing .

As Yuan Shao Jie prepared to open the space tunnel, Sima You Yue abruptly stopped them . “President, wait a minute, I still have something to deal with . ”

“What else do you have?”

Sima You Yue glanced towards the flamingos on the side . The flamingo king hurriedly came forward and apologized, “I didn’t know you are the contract master of king . I’ve offended you, young master, please issue your punishment . ”

The flamingo king felt the aura of Little Roc from behind . When he arrived, Sima You Yue was already trapped inside the dragon trapping array .

“Mm, there is punishment . ” Sima You Yue said . The flamingo king went cold . If he was in human form, he was afraid it would be cold sweat .

Seeing him trembling, she rolled her eyes . “I haven’t said how to punish you, why are you all shaking?”

“I will be executed if I offend the contract master of king . ” The leader from before answered .

They think she was going to kill them?

“Okay, don’t tremble . You’ll lose all your feathers!” Sima You Yue didn’t scare them . “I’m easier to talk to . Since you didn’t know before, I didn’t plan to take your lives . As a warning, hand over twenty eggs . ”

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Just give twenty eggs is all?

The birds were surprised .

“What, are you not willing? Or do you want to die?” Sima You Yue saw they were silent and seriously asked .

“No, no . ” The flamingo king replied . “We will offer the eggs . Go back and get twenty eggs . ”

Although he was distressed, this punishment was indeed lighter than the destruction of many clan members .

Sima You Lin and the party did not expect Sima You Yue was still thinking about their mission at this time . They did not know whether to cry or laugh .

Wasn’t it the same if she came back after recuperating to get them?

What they didn’t know was that after this incident, she didn’t plan to come to this Dark Forest again . This place was the place shoe would not come as long as she didn’t need to .

After killing so many powerhouses at one time, her little heart was quite restless .

Soon, the flamingo eggs were sent over, and Sima You Yue calmly stored them without explaining that this was actually the sect mission they accepted .

“Alright, let’s go back . ” She started rushing after she got the things .

“I’ll take my leave . ” That flamingo king took his clan members and quickly flew away . He was sad to have lost twenty eggs .

“Let’s go . ” Xu Jin said .

Yuan Shao Jie opened the space tunnel . Before it completely opened, for some reason, the tunnel closed again .

“What’s wrong?” Xu Jin asked .

“Someone is controlling this piece of space . ” Yuan Shao Jie replied .

“Even you can’t open it?” Fan Lei’s face changed .

“The person’s strength is greater than mine . ” Yuan Shao Jie appeared solemn .

Everyone was silent . Who was it that could trap them all in this little world?

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