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Chapter 728: 728

This was the first time she was struck by lightning after being approved by heavenly lightning in the Ninth Star Ocean last time . Thinking of the pain of being struck last time, she still had lingering fear before she came out of it . She didn’t expect herself to be so relaxed this time, and was glad .

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This top grade purple lightning was really useful!

The top grade purple lightning became aware of her thoughts despised her severely . It really didn’t know how it was absorbed by such a weak chicken . It was so humiliating!

No, it needed to become stronger quickly, so it could leave this weak chicken! Mm, if it didn’t absorb some lightning bolt, it would not get stronger .

Thinking of this, it absorbed more frequently, and unceasingly attracted lightning bolt .

Sima You Yue discovered the frequency of lightning bolt was increasing . She thought it was just because she left the protective array, and didn’t think more about it . She flew towards Nalan Lan .

“What are you doing! Get away!” Nalan Lan saw Sima You Yue coming over . Her face paled, and she screamed .

They have been the situation outside, and had long discovered that You Yue was invoker of the lightning tribulation and was the most frequently struck . Now she was approaching, weren’t they also going to be struck along with her?

Sima You Yue came to a stop outside of their protective sphere . She smiled at the people inside, and then… she didn’t leave!


A thick lightning fell, not only striking her, but also on Yu Cheng Bi and the rest protective sphere .


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After several lightning strikes, Nalan Lan’s and Yu Cheng Bi’s hearts were shivering .

“Master, the lightning bolt outside is too powerful . I’m afraid that this lightning protection barrier won’t last long . Master, we must think of a plan!” Nalan Lan cried out .

“What plan is there!” Yu Cheng Bi was anxious . “Even if we want to leave, the space is sealed . ”



A loud bang exploded over the two people’s heads . Nalan Lan screamed in horror .

Sima You Yue didn’t expect that such a large lightning would suddenly fall . Without any defense, one would be split into black charcoal .

Top grade purple lighting shrank its neck . Not good, it absorbed too much and forgot to control its strength and attracted a large heavenly lightning . It hoped she didn’t suspect anything .

“Cough, cough—–”

She coughed twice and exhaled black smoke from her mouth . Her body was blackened and her hair was blown up again . Fortunately, her clothes were specially made and would not rip . Otherwise, she would have to run around naked .

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“Damn, didn’t they say it was not lethal? How can it hurt so much!” She took out a pill and swallowed it . The burning pain in her body was relieved a little .

The tribulation clouds in the sky were still heavy . Even though they had been striking down for so long, they still had not dispersed yet, indicating there were more lightning bolts to come .

Inside the dragon trapping array, many people were blasted dead on the ground . Otherwise, they ended up falling into the river . In short, there were corpses struck by lightning all over the ground .

There were people who used this method before to defend against the lightning bolt . But after being strike for so long, those methods had become useless . They could only rely on themselves to counter the heavenly lighting .

Sima You Yue glanced at Little Seven and Little Tu . The protective array had already collapsed . Both of them were relying on their strength to defend .

Little Tu was alright . Although he was now in his human form, he had the strong defense of the spirit beast . Little Seven was more miserable . She had never experienced a lightning tribulation and didn’t have as strong of a body as Little Tu . Being struck by lightning, she felt her body was about to be torn, and her spirit power was revolving involuntarily .

Later, the two of them were struck several more times and both were injured . Although Little Seven took a pill given by Sima You Yue in advance, she felt she was only on the verge of dying .

“Brother, Little Seven is about to die!” Little Tu shouted to Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue was guiding heavenly lightning around to Nalan Lan and the group . When she heard Little Tu’s call, she glanced down and stopped her actions . She quickly flew to the island, and pulled Little Seven underwater . Then she sent Little Seven into the Spirit Pagoda .

This was the method she just thought of . She couldn’t make people disappear in broad daylight, but if she went underwater, who would know where Little Seven went off to .

Water was a conductor, and the lightning bolt made her even more uncomfortable, so she came out quickly .

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After leaving the water, she no longer went to trouble the Nalan Lan and her master, but instead watched the magnificent scene she had made .

“This top grade purple lightning is really easy to use . In the past if there were so many lightning bolts, I would have long fallen down . ” Sima You Yue said to herself .

The top grade purple lightning heard Sima You Yue praised it and smiled smugly . As soon as he got happy, he forgot to control his aura and accidently attracted another heavenly lightning down .


She was stunned when the bucket-size lighting fell on her .

“Isn’t it always been a small heavenly lightning? What is the matter with such a large lightning bolt?!”

“Opps, I didn’t mean to on purpose . ” The top grade heavenly thunder regretted in its heart . It felt that Sima You Yue’s body was quite miserable, and it quickly took measures to remedy it .

Sima You Yue was grinning with pain . Fortunately, after the lightning bolt came down, there was no other lightning bolt for a moment, as if the entire lightning bolt seemed to be on rest . Then it regained its strength .

When others saw the lightning bolt stopped, they were not very happy because the dark clouds did not have any intentions of dispersing, indicating that there was more to come .

“Kid, you are vicious! If you don’t die today, I must kill you with my own hands!” Aunty Hei shouted resentfully .

Their lightning tribulation was not as powerful as Sima You Yue’s, but were more miserable than her . Aunty Hei didn’t have any meat left on her body, all of which were charred charcoal . But these old guys were very strong . They used their spirit power to protect their meridians . They couldn’t die for a while .

It would be alright if Aunty Hei didn’t say it, but she reminded Sima You Yue that they couldn’t get a chance to leave . These old things despised their enemies . So they gave her time to carry out her plan . She could not make the same mistakes as them!

Making up her mind, she looked at the dark clouds in the sky and then smiled unscrupulously .

“Since you have said so, I must not let you leave here alive . ” She took a pill and waited for the next wave of lightning bolts .

Aunty Hei went numb when she saw You Yue’s smile . What bad things would she do?!


The next wave lightning bolts began to descend, and Sima You Yue suddenly flew from the island and straight into Aunty Hei .

Aunty Hei was hanging on her last breath . As a result, when Sima You Yue arrived, the lightning bolt immediately shifted over to her, and several lightning bolts struck together, which directly split her into a pile of slag .

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