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Chapter 727

The array couldn’t be broken, and the clouds were getting thicker and thicker . The faces of those old guys who were fuming inside were discolored .

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“Little friend, little friend, everything can be discussed . Open this array, we don’t want the blood the auspicious beast anymore . What about it?” Someone yielded, trying to speak well with Sima You Yue .

“You’re saying it now . Don’t you think it’s too late?” Sima You Yue enjoyed the anger and fear in their eyes . Those people had always been high and above . They must not have experienced the feeling of being on a man-made chopping board and being butchered .

“Little friend, as long as you open the array, we are willing to reconcile!” Someone shouted .

“Reconciliation?” Sima You Yue looked at those people who still thought themselves to be superior . “If it was before, reconciliation was indeed a good choice, but now, it’s too late! And even if I let you go today and reconciled with you, I’m afraid you won’t let this matter go in the future . So why bother reconciling?”

“Little friend, do you really want to oppose so many forces? Even if you are a student of Heavenly Sect, the sect won’t let you do it!” Since persuasion was no longer of use, they threatened instead .

“How does today’s matter relate to the sect?” Sima You Yue refuted . “Although we are students of the sect, the sect has ignored this matter before, so it is our own business now . ”

This was why she let Fan Lei leave . The sect did not participate directly, and by them it was impossible to blame the sect .

“Little friend…”

“If I were you, I would not waste my energy to do other things now, but prepare for the lightning tribulation . However, I like seeing you look regretful . ” Sima You Yue interrupted, “When you are determined to kill us, the grudges between us have ended . I am not a good tempered person . If someone wants to kill me, will I stretch out my neck for them . Besides, I gave you a chance to leave . You didn’t take it by yourself . ”

The color of the tribulation cloud was getting increasingly darker, which frightened the onlookers and kept them back . The spirit beasts in the forest became irascible as they all ran out of the forest .

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Bei Gong Tang and the rest had thought they were too far away, but now they felt that they were precisely right outside of lightning tribulation .

“This tribulation cloud seemed like it will press down . ” It was the first time that Ni An Yi witnessed such a frightening lightning tribulation that possessed a sort of power that would destroy heaven and earth!

“Her move is too vicious . She trapped them first and then used lightning tribulation to deal with them . This is the cadence of a saucepan!!” Old ninth, Tao Hong Sheng, patted his mouth and sighed . He felt that they were lucky that Sima You Yue did not use these moves on them .

If she really wanted to deal with them, he was afraid that the possibility of them breaking the encirclement was really minimal .

Feng Zhi Xing and Tuoba Wu Chen were equally shocked . It was no longer simple to describe their mood when Sima You Yue invoked the lightning tribulation .

This move was truly vicious, dragging everyone to undergo the calamity together . When the lightning tribulation sensed so many people, they were afraid the lightning tribulation would be the most gigantic that they ever saw . Although their strength was strong, their bodies were not as durable as spirit beasts . They were a group of weak chickens in front of the thunder calamity .

However, the concerns in everyone’s mind had not yet disbursed .

When Rainbow saw the lightning tribulation, she showed deep fear in her eyes . She grabbed Bei Gong Tang’s hand and asked in a trembling voice, “Sister Bei Gong, it’s such a large lightning tribulation . Isn’t brother still inside, won’t it be very dangerous?”

How could Sima You Yue be spared if those monarch rank experts couldn’t afford it?

“You Yue’s body has the top grade lightning . Normally, the lightning tribulation will not be lethal to her . ” Bei Gong Tang explained .

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Not lethal?

Everyone’s opened their mouths wide and the same expressions across looked very funny .

“She’s incredible!” Ni An Yi cried out . “How did she do it? How could she be so powerful?”

“No one’s achievement was obtained in vain . You Yue suffered a lot and paid a lot of sweat . ” Wei Zi Qi emotionally spoke . “Although she has the top grade purple lightning in her body, in order to attain it, she was struck by the lightning tribulation . Her whole body turned into charcoal except her internal organs and a trace of vitality left . This kind of pain is not something ordinary people can understand . ”

“That’s right, in order to learn alchemy and arrays, she often didn’t rest for a few months, immersing herself in research . So although she has made achievements, it has caused us more heartache . ”

The people present were moved that they never thought that Sima You Yue would experience so much pain . They looked at her with less envy and more admiration .

Not to mention the others, just this lightning tribulation had caused them to not have the courage to face her .

Suddenly, their faces changed, and everyone backed up in unison . The tribulation cloud was rapidly expanding, and their location had been included in the scope of the lightning tribulation!

“God, this lightning tribulation won’t destroy the entire forest, right?!” Fatty Qu shouted, “Can You Yue endure through it?”

Bei Gong Tang and the party also become serious and worried .

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Those who were trapped in the dragon trapping array watched the black, looming tribulation cloud . Their faces were increasingly pale . They stared at Sima You Yue with remorse and bitterness . .

If they knew this was the case, they wouldn’t go against her even if they couldn’t get the blood and flesh of the auspicious beast!

Where in the world sold regret medicine . One could only swallow the bitter fruit into their stomach .



The first batch of lightning fell . Many people were struck and let out shrill cries .

The stronger forces condensed shields, but they were smashed apart within a few moments .

One after another, lightning sliced down and screams continued . Those with lower power were struck twice and split into cinders .

There were also those better off which were not in embarrassing situations, enclosed inside a halo .

For example, Nalan Lan and Yu Cheng Bi . They watched the tragic situation outside their protective sphere .

“Lightning protection divine artifact!” Someone recognize the thing in Nalan Lan’s hand .

Nalan Lan and Yu Cheng Bi were grateful at the moment . Because Nalan Lan’s physique problem, Yu Cheng Bi calculated she would undergo a lightning tribulation when she was promoted to divine rank, so he got this thing for her . But when she was promoted to divine rank, there was no lightning tribulation . They didn’t expect it to come in handy now .

Sima You Yue’s small protection array protected the three of them from being struck, but it could not support them for a long time . She looked at the two people being protected in midair and frowned in dissatisfaction .



Thunder and lightning continued to fall . She found that at her spot, there was more thunder and lightning . Suddenly, an idea rose in her mind .

“If you two can’t withstand it, call me . ” After she said that, she flew out of the protection array .


A flash of lightning fell on her . She only felt a little numb, and did not experience the pain in the past . After the current moved through her body, it was sucked in by the top grade purple lighting into her lightning dantian .

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