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Chapter 723: 723

“She will surely overcome this matter . You have to remember what you said . ” Sima You Lin called out his flying beast . “Let’s go . ”

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“This matter is nothing to You Yue, but it will be painful again . ” Fatty Qu was not worried about Sima You Yue ast all, rather he looked forward to seeing the outcome of those people .

“Really?” Rainbow still did not believe them and wanted to go back and help her .

“Rainbow, we will only hinder You Yue here . ” Bei Gong Tang reasoned . “Besides if You Yue can’t handle these people, we’ll still be useless if we stay . Instead of waiting to die here, it is better to go back and upgrade our strength . That way we can avenge her in the future . ”

“That’s right . ” Sima You Le nodded in agreement .

You Yue said those words to them more than once . If they are of no match, don’t charge to death, escape and look for revenge in the future . If a person died, there would really be nothing left .

Therefore, they would never blindly risk their lives for others because it was useless .

Tuoba Wu Chen and the group didn’t understand how Fatty Qu and them could be so confident in Sima You Yue . But seeing them so, their hearts stabilized .

“Let’s go . ” Sima You Lin urged again .

The White Egret Clan elders, Honor Roc and the others knew what Sima You Yue wanted to do . So when Little Roc ordered them to leave, they left the scene without hesitation .

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They flew for dozens of kilometers and stayed midair to observe the situation at the scarlet lake .

The other onlookers retreated a long distance away . As more and more powerful figures appeared, they already felt that things had become more serious . If a fight started, they would surely be affected given their previous distance .

Sima You Yue and Little Tu stood on the small island in the center of the lake . Little Seven refused to leave her side while Little Roc stood guarding her . Now there were only four of them left on the island, and there were hundreds of people midair and on the shore . Any one of them had a higher cultivation level than her .

“Little Tu, when did you become so popular to have so many people vying for you?” Facing such a situation, she still had the time to chat with Little Tu .

“I don’t know, maybe I become more handsome . ” Little Tu said cheaply .

“When did you learn to be slick . ” Sima You Yue patted his head . “I think you have some uses to be able to attract so many people . But what use?”

“Do you want to know? That’s easy, just ask and you’ll know . ” Little Tu replied .

“Will they say it when you ask? Are you stupid?” Little Seven scornfully said .

“How do you know if you haven’t tried?” Little Tu snorted . He stepped forward and stood in front of Sima You Yue . “Are you coming for me? I am only an auspicious beast . It is strange that I made so many strong figures appear . ”

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Auspicious beast, we have so many people here today, you should obediently come with us . ” Someone answered .

“What’s the benefit of going with you?” Little Tu asked .

“Your friend can live . ”

“That doesn’t help me!” Little Tu exclaimed . “I am only a little auspicious beast . I’m afraid I can’t attract the attention of so many forces, can I? Since you want me to recognize the master, can you tell me the reason? Whoever tells me and he can win us today, then I’ll go with him . ”

His words displayed its effect . Some people got excited and blurted, “A rumor recently circulated in the continent that an immortal land is about to open, but not everyone can go in . It requires an auspicious beast to open it . Since the auspicious beast appeared early and news of an auspicious beast in the dark forest came out again, it will naturally cause everyone to snatch it .  You said that if I tell you the reason, you would go with me . ”

The people present could not help but scold him for being stupid . Things that everyone had tactical understanding about were different when they were said . Since everyone came for this matter, the news was subconsciously confirmed to be true . Then they would surely snatch it .

That person was still looking at Little Tu as he really thought that he would recognize him as master .

“I said that if you can win us today, I will go with you . If you can’t beat us, how can I go with you?” Little Tu’s expression mocked him as silly . He felt that this person’s intelligence was low and that he cultivate too much that he damaged his brain .

“Hmph, there are so many of us today . Do you think you can still make it out alive?” That person yelled . “But it’s said that I need the auspicious beast blood . It didn’t say that you need to be alive . If you die, we will divide you flesh and blood . It can save us from killing each other . ”

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Only need blood?

Sima You Yue looked at the large man . She wondered if this man was really stupid or faking stupidity . If he wasn’t stupid, why did he smoothily explained the reason to Little Tu . If he was stupid, why did his words easily pacifiy the crowd .

The forces originally wanted to snatched Little Tu . When they heard his words, they all calmed down . Oh right, that immortal land only required the blood of the auspicious beast, they could divide equally with everyone . There was no need to fight to death .

“There are a lot of auspicious beasts in the Primordial Lands . For example, in the Sage Pavilion, your Holy Sun has the Qilin beast? Why don’t you go to him for it? You have many sub pavilions; you can ask let him take some out . You can split evenly . Why do you want to snatch from others?” Sima You Yue did not understand .

“This auspicious beast must be in its infancy . It is difficult to find one like this now . ” Someone answered .

“Since only the blood of the auspicious beast is required, I think we don’t need to fight for it . How about we divide the flesh and blood of the auspicious beast equally?” Yu Cheng Bi said .

Those people who came later were all strong . If they fought each other, the result might not necessarily be good . It was better to save their strength in the immortal land to look for opportunities .

“Very well . ”

Don’t fight if there was no need to . Since there was a better solution, why should they fight? It was only an auspicious beast, regardless of how precious it was . It was not enough to oppose so many forces for it . It was best to divide equally .

“Then let’s rank in order of strength and arrival . ” Yu Cheng Bi recommended .

Sage Pavilion’s strength was very strong . He was the first to come . How could he not be ranked first?

“Okay . ”

“Agree . ” Those who were shameless went in accord, and did not see Sima You Yue’s increasingly dark face at all .

“You want to divide Little Tu flesh and blood equally?”

Sima You Yue saw the enthusiasm of those people’s’ discussion, and many people looked at Little Tu with undisguised murderous intention . She was inwardly growing furious . She sneered, “Have you had enough? Do you really think the continent is your backyard? Do you think you can do anything? You want to kill Little Tu and take his blood and flesh, have you asked for our opinion?”

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