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Chapter 721
Chapter 721: Don’t Try

Rainbow, you’re grown up . ” Sima You Yue looked at Rainbow and waved at her . The little bird had already transformed into a human .

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Rainbow came in front of Sima You Yue and You Yue got down from the flower and stood with her .

“Brother, he’s my uncle . Please don’t kill the contract master . ” Rainbow asked while grabbing Sima You Yue’s hand .

“Okay . ” Sima You Yue nodded . “Since our little Rainbow has spoken, I’ll spare his life . ”

“Thank you brother . ” Rainbow finally smiled .

“Rainbow, what’s the use of begging her? Now I am a contracted beast, I might as well die than live!” Lu Fei looked at little Rainbow and was not happy to have survived .

“Uncle, you were injured for the sake of Rainbow, so you were contracted by this person . “Do you want Rainbow to die of guilt?” Rainbow spoke with tears . “Uncle, you are Rainbow’s last relative . Are you also going to abandon Rainbow?”

“I…” Lu Fei’s indifferent expression finally changed . If not for her, why would he continue to live after being contracted?

“Uncle, rest assured . I will find a way for you to terminate your contract . ” Rainbow promised . “Before that, don’t think about dying . Otherwise, I will follow you and father .

Lu Fei walked over, and wiped the tears on her face . “Since I promised your father to take care of you, I won’t break my word before you grow up . ”

He didn’t believe there was a way to terminate the contract on him, but before Rainbow grew up, he would not end his life .

“Humph . ” Little Seven snorted and stepped on that person’s foot involuntarily .

Sima You Yue saw her haughty expression . She walked over and led her over . “Little Seven, let me introduce you . This is Rainbow, a friend of mine from before . Rainbow, this is Little Seven .

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Little Seven turned her head away . She did not like Rainbow .

Humph, why did Yue Yue let go of that person because this guy begged her?!

Rainbow presently appeared like a fifteen to sixteen year old girl, and Little Seven looked like a seven year old doll . It looked like she was younger than her .

She didn’t like this feeling .

Sima You Yue gave a pill to Rainbow and let Rainbow give it to that male .

“Rainbow, take this person to Bei Gong and the rest . I still have some things to deal with . ” She pointed to the top of the mountain where Bei Gong Tang and the others were .

Rainbow did not know what Sima You Yue wanted to do . But she nodded and flew away with Lu Fei . That old woman grabbed onto the male’s clothes and left with them .

“Little Seven, go with them too . ” Sima You Yue told Little Seven .

“I don’t want to . ” Little Seven pouted her face .

Sima You Yue did not force her . She commanded Flowey, “Flowey, eat all of these people . ”

Flowey was enthusiastic . One flower after another swallowed those people . Ma Lin was not spared while Nalan Lan used some kind of divine artifact to protect herself, leaving the flowers helpless .

“Your Royal Highness, save us!” The people of Sage Pavilion continuously begged her, but the halo propped up by the divine artifact was only enough for one person . She had no way of letting others in .

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Therefore, she couldn’t say anything and couldn’t do anything . She had to close her eyes with a pained expression as if she felt guilty and regretful that she couldn’t save them .

“Your Royal Highness, help!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Nalan Lan kept shaking her head while praying for her master to come quickly .


Suddenly, several spirit powers appeared in the air, breaking the flower branches, and the buds fell onto the ground . Those who were swallowed rolled out of them .

Sima You Yue’s face sank . After a delay, the reinforcements had arrived .

“Master!” Nalan Lan opened her eyes and looked at the sky with joy .

A space tunnel opened in the air . Nalan Lan’s master, Yu Cheng Bi came with a group of people . With a wave of his hand, he cut off most of Flowey’s flower branches .

Flowey went crazy from pain from the numerous cut off flower branches . The vines quickly regrow with new flower branches .

“Hmph, a measly man-eating flower king dares to act impetuously in front of me!” Yu Cheng Bi shouted and his spirit power quickly condensed to attack Flowey . That power could directly smash Flowey .

Sima You Yue quickly recalled an irritable Flowey . This guy had lost his mind after he was provoked . Even if it saw the attack, it would not dodge .

Yu Cheng Bi lost his target, and his attack hit the ground, creating a deep pit of tens of meters .

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After Flowey was called back, Nalan Lan stored her divine artifact away and flew beside Yu Cheng Bi . “Master . ”

“Are you alright?” Yu Cheng Bi asked with concern .

“I’m alright . Luckily, master came in time . But those senior brothers and sisters … . ” Nalan Lan said sadly .

Although the flower buds were cut off, some people had already lost their lives and could no longer wake up anymore .

Yu Cheng Bi looked at the dead people wearing Sage Pavilion’s uniform . “I won’t let those who hurt people of Sage Pavilion off . ”

“Thank you master . ” Nalan Lan flew behind obediently and stood with those who came with Yu Cheng Bi .

Yu Cheng Bi turned his eyes to Little Tu . “Is this the auspicious beast? It actually turned into a human?”

“Master, he was originally a person . ” Nalan Lan explained, “He has the *** bloodline, and now the spirit beast bloodline has swallowed the human bloodline . He is already an auspicious beast . ”

“An acquired auspicious beast? The effect of this auspicious beast is not great . ” Yu Cheng Bi looked at Little Tu with disdain .

“Master, although he is an acquired auspicious beast, the power of his bloodline is very pure which is higher than ordinary auspicious beast . ” Nalan Lan said .

“What kind of auspicious beast is he?”

“This… I don’t know . He has only revealed his auspicious beast aura and hasn’t shown the body of an auspicious beast . ” Nalan Lan answered . “Therefore, we do not know his actual body . ”

“Don’t know his actual body?” A voice was transmitted from space . Then there were spatial fluctuations in several places except the lake .

Those who were paralyzed on the ground felt rejuvenated with spirit when they saw their reinforcements .

“Sect elder!”

“Sect master!”

“Master, you’re finally here!”

“Family head!”

Soon, when those people saw their disciples or clan members were beaten like this, they were furious . But now was not the time to be angry . With a swipe of their long sleeves, pills were directly delivered to those people’s lips .

When Fan Lei saw the backups, his face was darker than the bottom of You Yue’s cooking pot . These guys seemed to have different intentions for Little Tu . They were not simply here because he was an auspicious beast .

He glanced at Little Tu and could not guess the real reason .

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