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Chapter 716: 716
Chapter 716: Compromise

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Tuoba Wu Chen glanced at his indifference . Folding the fan in his hand, he patted his shoulder and said, “That is a auspicious beast . Are you really not interested at all?”

Feng Zhi Xing’s eyes were aloof . He scanned the crowd again and did not see Sima You Yue . He wanted to leave .

“It’s only an auspicious beast . If you want it, hurry up and come back early . ”

“Alright . ” Tuoba Wu Chen saw Fan Lei and asked, “Are you Principal Fan?”

“Yes, who is this young master?” When Fan Lei saw that Tuoba Wu Chen didn’t act immediately . He did not disregard his face and replied politely .

If a moment can be delayed, then delayed a moment!

“It’s really you!” Tuoba Wu Chen felt a little embarrassed . “Zhi Xing, this is going to be difficult . ”

“What happened?”

“Han’er, ah, that kid told me if I encountered Vice President Fan, I have to help out . But you see, it’s obviously him against thousands of people . If I help him, wouldn’t I have to go against so many people?” Tuoba Wu Chen sighed . He seemed to be very troubled by this matter .

“Mm, You Yue is also from the sect . We should help out . ” Feng Zhi Xing said .

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Those people who had been paying attention to the situation over here at first heard that Tuoba Wu Chen wanted to snatched the auspicious beast . They were depressed, but it was understandable . With their words, breaking the spirit border was even more certain .

But what was the situation now? They wanted to help Fan Lei?

“Young master Tuoba, the people of Heavenly Sect want to seize the auspicious beast for themselves . Do you want to oppose so many of us for him?” Someone asked .

With a wave of Tuoba Wu Chen’s fan, the person who spoke was forced to the ground . At the same, he flew over and landed beside that person . He stepped on his chest . He cursed, “This young master can do anything he wants . Don’t you dare to threaten me?”

“Young master Tuoba, what are you doing?” One of that person’s sect members witnessed the beating and scolded .

“Didn’t you see what this young master has done?” Tuoba Wu Chen glared at him . “He dared to threaten my Tuoba family . I’m already benevolent to not take his life . Who dares to question me?”

“Tuoba Wu Chen, don’t think you are invincible because you have a top family clan supporting you!” That person who was stepped on by Tuoba Wu Chen shouted .

“I don’t think I am invincible . But if I want to destroy you, this ability is still there . ” Tuoba Wu Chen retorted . “Especially you!”

He stepped down hard, and that person spat blood and fainted . It was not certain if he died or just fainted .

“Tuoba Wu Chen, that’s going too far!” The same sect member reproached .

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“I didn’t go too far . But someone offended my dignified Tuoba family . How can I ignore it?” Tuona Wu Chen retracted his foot and looked at that person . “Why, do you want to try as well?”

That person was frightened by the killing intent in Tuoba Wu Chen’s eyes, but he was stubborn . “Tuoba Wu Chen, even if your Tuoba family is a top family in central regions, do you want to kill everyone today and oppose all the forces in the entire continent?”

“I did not attend to do this . Even if I want to, my old man wouldn’t agree . But we wouldn’t let go of anyone who offends my Tuoba family . ” Tuoba Wu Chen was not an idiot . This guy wanted to drag him into a mire . He would not follow his words foolishly .

The people on scene’s minds turned a few corners . The meaning of Tuoba Wu Chen was obvious . They did not want to oppose everyone . But if anyone dared to offend Tuoba family, they would not hold back .

Tuoba Wu Chen returned to his flying beast . “Everyone, the Heavenly Sect is not easy to provoke . Today if you force their Vice President, have you thought about what will happen in the continent when you become enemies with them?”

“This auspicious beast is a spirit beast of heaven and earth and does not belong to the Heavenly Sect . Things of heaven and earth belong to the people, and we are only chasing treasures . We are not specifically opposing Heavenly Sect . ” An old man started . His turbid eyes revealed a sharp glint . However, in his speech, he changed opposing Heavenly Sect to chasing treasures, meaning not trying to be enemies .

“Heavenly Mountain Sect old debauchee even appeared?” Tuoba Wu Chen finally glanced at the old man . “I heard you are going to die . Do you want to use the essence blood of the auspicious beast to increase your lifespan?”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” The Heavenly Mountain Sect elder shouted angrily . “If I get the auspicious beast, it will naturally be a contract for the younger generation of the sect . How can it increase longevity?”

“No?” Tuoba Wu Chen gave a look of you would not admit you’re lying . “So, you won’t fight with us for the auspicious beast?”

“Auspicious beasts are so rare, so I naturally won’t give up . ” Heavenly Mountain Sect elder said .

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“Tuoba Wu Chen, don’t mislead people . ”

“I am not misleading people!” Tuoba Wu Chen showed an innocent face . “I am openly telling you that I will protect the auspicious beast . Please give me a face, and the Tuoba family will be grateful to you all .

“The same goes for the Feng family . ” Ximen Feng echoed .

Some people were hesitant . It was difficult for them to make a decision between becoming enemies of Tuoba family and Feng family and the auspicious beast .

Others who responded quickly had made their decision . They weren’t strong enough . So many people came today, and even if they were to fight over it, it would not fall in their hands . Moreover, they would be under the spite of Tuoba family and Feng family . Today’s incident, Tuoba and Feng family were not willing to let go .

With this in mind, some people immediately stood up and said, “Since young master Tuoba had already spoken, we will give you face . We won’t participate in today’s affair . ”

“Thank you very much . ” Tuoba Wu Chen cupped his hands and smiled . “Wu Chen will remember your friendship today . ”

“Young master Tuoba is being polite . We’re leaving . ” That person waved and everyone behind him left with him .

Their strength wasn’t strong, and more and more large forces were participating . Since their strength is low, they can only be a cannon fodder . By leaving now, they would be able to save their lives .

The first wave of people left . Some other small forces and people with low strength also chose to leave .

In a while, a third of the people had left . The rest were from large forces in central regions and inner regions .

Seeing these people leave, the rest did not have objections . The fewer people there were, the fewer opponents there would be . Even if these people pose no threat to them, their departure could save them a lot of time .

“Thank you young master Tuoba . ” Fan Lei cupped his hands in thanks .

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome . Who made my nephew your student . ” Tuoba Wu Chen shook his folding fan and said, “Vice President Fan, there are still so many people left . It seems they are not willing to give up without reaching their goal! Tell me what’s underneath it?”

“A student of the inner sect is recuperating . ” Fan Lei answered .

“Since this is the case, why haven’t you dispersed yet?” Tuoba Wu Chen asked .

“Tuoba Wu Chen, Feng Zhi Xing, you just came back and don’t you stay in your family clan and cultivate well . Why do you have to run around making a fool of yourselves?”

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