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Published at 27th of February 2020 06:40:08 PM
Chapter 713: 713

Chapter 713: Meeting Little Tu

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Sima You Yue and Little Seven entered the spirit border . An old man on an island in the middle of the lake suddenly opened his eyes . He leapt off .

In front of the island, a figure was soaking in the water with their small head exposed .

“From the outside, it looks as if there is a lot of fog in here . I didn’t expect there to be nothing . ” Little Seven commented .

“The fog was generated from the array . It was used to obscure our vision . Otherwise, how could ordinary mist obstruct one’s divine sense . ” Sima You YUe said .

“Oh . ” Little Seven nodded . “Yue Yue, why do I think this array is a little familiar?”

“Have you seen this array before?” Sima You Yue had some doubts but she was not surprised .

“Of course, you would feel familiar . ” An old man appeared in front of them, looking at them coldy .

When Little Seven heard this voice, she subconsciously jumped . She hid behind Sima You Yue shouted in bewilderment, “You, you, why are you here?”

That’s why she thought the array was familiar . Wasn’t he the guy who trapped her original body for so long!

“I also want to say, why are you here? How did you escape? Wasn’t Old Yuan managing you?” Fan Lei looked at Little Seven .

“He promised me . ” Little Seven shouted at Fan Lei .

“Are you Vice President Fan?” Sima You Yue saluted to Fan Lei .

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“Who are you?” Fan Lei looked at Sima You Yue .

When he sensed two people entered, he thought if they were people with motive, he would get rid of them . He didn’t expect Little Seven would be with her .

“I am a student of the inner sect, and my teacher is Xu Jin . ” Sima You YUe said . “In addition, I am Little Tu’s relative .

Fan Lei’s eyes narrowed . “You are Sima You Yue?”

“Vice president Fan knows me?” Sima You Yue was slightly surprised .

“Little Tu told me about you . ” The Vice President swept his sleeve . “Since you came, come in . ”

“Vice President, how is Little Tu?” Sima You Yue asked .

“His situation is not very good . ” Fan Lei said .

SIma You Yue felt Vice President Fan was more indifferent than other presidents . He didn’t say much and talked coldly .

Before they reached the center of the lake, Sima You Yue Little Tu with a pained face floating in the shallow water . .

She hadn’t seen him for a few years . Little Tu had changed a lot . The original seven to eight year old looked like a teenager . His facial features had matured but with some childishness . His face was a bit pale and frowning . He seemed to be suffering from severe pain .

“Vice President Fan, you have been here for the past two years?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Mm, he has been soaking in this water for the past two years . ” Vice President Fan accompanied Little Tu day and night for two years . When he saw his forbearance and strength, he liked him a lot . When he spoke of him, his tone was very mild .

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“Ahh—” Little Tu’s closed eyes suddenly opened . His black pupils had turned golden . He raised his head with a roar, and the aura of the auspicious beast released without reservation .

This was the aura they felt from outside! This was the aura that she, Bei Gong Tang, and the rest sensed which made them finally suspect Little Tu was here .

Unexpectedly, it was really him!

Little’s face became distorted by the pain . Large beads of sweat fell into the lake causing a rippling effect, and his body experienced a change in the ripples .

Sima You Yue was distressed when she saw Little Tu this way . “Is he uncomfortable every time he changes?”

“Since his blood awakened, his body’s human blood has been engulfed . Now his change is based on his strength . Every time his strength increases, his appearance will change . Because of his physical constraints, he needs a period of time to successfully transform .

Two years ago, they heard this news . Did this mean that he had gone through this for the last two years?

“The most dangerous stage has already passed . He is about to complete his transformation . Now the danger is not his, but those people outside . ” Fan Lei had a headache when he saw the crowd on the shore .

Little Tu overcame this transformation . His golden eyes turned back to black, and he became clear-headed . When he saw Sima You Yue standing on the shore, his pale face showed a big smile .

“Brother, why are you here?”

“I came here by accident and met you unexpectedly . Everyone was worried for you and it is good to see you are safe . ” Sima You Yue returned the smile .

“Brother, when I go out, I can always stay with you . ” Little Tu happily said .

“Mm, we’re waiting for you . Bei Gong and they are waiting for you outside . You will see them when you go out . ” Sima You Yue nodded and smiled .

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“Okay . Ahh—”

Little Tu was absorbed in the change in his body again . His pupils turned golden again, and his body began to show slight changes .

“He looks like he’s in so much pain . ” When Little Seven saw Little Tu’s appearance, she felt his evolution was even more uncomfortable than her .

“Yeah . ” Even though Fan Lei had watched it many times, he still was a bit uneasy when he saw him like this . He transmitted to Little Seven, “You can help him . ”

“Can I help him?” Little Seven blinked her eyes .

“Just need a little essense . ” Fan Lei said . “I originally intended Old Mao to bring some over . But he said you are not in the sect . How about it, give some?”

Little Seven shook her hand and reluctantly said, “It’ll hurt!”

“It’s not like you neve been hurt before . ” Fan Lei retorted . “After returning, let Old Yuan give you delicious food . ”

Little Seven was a little stunned . When she saw Sima You Yue looking at her worriedly . She reluctantly agreed, “Alright, just a little . ”

“Just a little . Go . ”

Little Seven let go of Sima You Yue’s hand and walked to the water .

Sima You Yue didn’t know their transmission just now . When she saw Little Seven went over, she grabbed her hand and asked, “Little Seven, what are you doing?”

“I’ll go take a look . ” Little Seven said .

“It’ll be dangerous to Little Tu right now . Don’t go over . ” Sima You Yue said .

“It’s okay . ” Little Seven said . “He’s in pain . I’ll help him . ”

Having said that, she continued to move forward . At the same time, a faint scent emitted from her body . Little Tu felt a little relieved after smelling this scent .

Little Seven went beside Little Seven . She bit her finger and extended it to Little Tu’s mouth . She said, “Don’t bite me, just suck some blood . ”

Little Tu found the source of comfort for himself and sucked Little Seven’s finger .

The scent of fragrance spread out . Sima You Yue remembered when she had been promoted in level in her sleep, and she woke up with this taste .

It turned out that Little Seven helped her .

Guessing it was one thing, but seeing it with her own eyes was another .

Little Seven let Little Tu drink her blood for a while and pulled her hand back . When she pulled her hand back, she accidently touched Little Tu’s tongue and felt a little itchy . She glanced at him but she did not dare to look into the bright pair of eyes .

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