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Chapter 708: 708

Fatty Qu heard what Sima You Yue said, and cried out in agony, howling about how she could have told him that earlier before he wasted a grenade .

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Sima You Yue ignored his begrudging stare as she turned around to look at Third Aunt Du, “Third Aunt, since you’re able to open up this place, you should be able to control it . See whether or not you will be able to dig up a hole for the lake . ”

“That’s possible?” Third Aunt Du was shocked .

“Of course you can . This is part of your space now . As long as that Meson is with you, you can bend it to your will . ” Sima You Yue said . “Try it if you don’t believe me . Try thinking about moving that stone over to the other side . ”

Third Aunt Du nodded, and gave a thought . The stone really moved away from its original position .

“Master, you’re so powerful!” Little Wu clapped her hands as she looked approvingly at Third Aunt Du .

Third Aunt Du tried it with a few other things, slowly familiarising herself with how to control this space . Then, Little Wu and Su Li watched in shock as she created a hole for the lake approximately the size of the one outside .

“Now, we just have to move the water from outside, inside here . ” Third Aunt Du smiled at Su Li after she was done .

“Mm . I believe that they’ll definitely like this place!” Su Li cried out happily .

“I hope that they will like this place as well . Then things wouldn’t be difficult . ” Third Aunt Du sighed, “Let’s bring them in . ”

The spirit silkworms all moved, and brought all their belongings to the little realm . Not a single silkworm was left behind .

Once the spirit silkworms were done with their things, Sima You Yue and the others continued to move deeper into the dark forest . After spending around ten days here, many had already entered the depths of the forest .

“You Yue, will we be too late by the time we rush over there?” Third Aunt Du asked .

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Sima You Yue looked at the core of the forest, saying, “So much time has passed . They’ve all probably already reached the depths of the dark forest . However, they’re not yet at the heart of it . We’ll follow in their footsteps to avoid trouble . We should be able to reach the heart around the same time as they will . However, it should be impossible to deter those from the sage pavilion for a bit . ”

“Even if we can’t do it this time, we just have to get them the next time . ” Fatty Qu said .

“Yeah . It was only supposed to be done casually anyway . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then what is your objective in coming here?” Little Wu asked .

“We came here on a mission by our sect . We’ve come to retrieve the Flamingo egg . ”

“The imperial sect is a good place . ” It was as if Third Aunt Du had thought of something as her expression turned rueful .

Halcyon led everyone based on the information that the scarlet bees had told him . One route avoided the territory of fierce spirit beasts, and they managed to draw close to the heart of the forest without engaging in a single battle .

“The heart of the forest is right up ahead . We’ll be too big of a target if we go by the air, so we have no choice but to walk forward . ” Sima You Yue said to everyone .

Halcyon landed on the ground with them, then changed into his human appearance and took his place by their side .

There were many footprints on the ground that the people had left behind . It seemed that there were many who passed by this place .

“So many footprints . It seems that many have chosen to go on foot . ” Wei Zi Qi guessed .

“It’s too dangerous here, especially by flying . You’ll become the target of both man and beast . Since they’ve all rushed here for the auspicious bast, they definitely wouldn’t want to end up being someone else’s target . ”

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“There’s a burnt body here, and broken branches . I’m guessing a fight happened not long ago . ”

“Should be . ”

“Seeing the size of it, it seems that those involved in the battle should have reached the Divine Saint rank at least . ”

“The ability to burn not only the opponent, but also the surrounding trees, shows that the person is not lowly ranked . Who would have thought that he would become nothing but bones in the end . ”

“Even a Divine Saint is dead . The people who’ve come this time aren’t weak at all!”

“Mmhm . Based on the information that the bees have gathered, many experts have been sent down by the powers . There are also a few Monarch ranked . ”

“Even the monarch ranked have been attracted by the auspicious beast? Is the auspicious beast really that attractive?”

“You can’t downplay the potential of an auspicious beast . ” Ximen Feng said, “If a sect possesses an auspicious beast, he will be sure to soar in position . Furthermore, even if some experts look down on a young auspicious beast, as long as the sect gives the order, they can’t refuse . ”

“That’s true . ”

Sima You Yue suddenly stopped walking .

“What’s wrong, You Yue?” Bei Gong Tang was walking behind her, and asked when she saw that she had stopped walking .

The ones in front heard the commotion and all stopped in their tracks to turn around and look at them .

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“Shi Chen and the others are in danger . ” Sima You Yue said lightly, but she didn’t say that she wanted to rescue them .

“They’ve been recognised?” Sima You Qi guessed .

“Think so . ” Sima You Yue looked towards the right and continued walking forwards, “Let’s go . ”

“You Yue, aren’t we going to rescue them?” Fatty Qu asked puzzledly .

Based on Sima You Yue’s personality, when she saw her people in danger, she would quickly dash off to save them . They didn’t expect her to act as if nothing was wrong .

Sima You Yue was not worried for them, “The fact that they were able to survive despite being chased down for so many years, shows that they’re more than a little capable . Since that’s the case, this little problem shouldn’t be considered a problem at all . Since they’re able to settle it, why would we go down? Anyway, although there are many enemies, they’re not very strong . If they can’t handle something as simple as this, then they’re not worth recruiting . We don’t nurture wastrels . ”

“Fifth Bro is right . If they’re useless, then it would end up biting us in the butt if we recruited them into our army . ” Sima You Ran said, glancing over Little Wu meaningfully .

Little Wu lowered his head when he heard what she said, secretly thinking about how he had to obediently help his master . Otherwise, they may not let him follow Master around .

“There’s an empty spot up ahead . Let’s take a break . ” Sima You Yue walked on ahead while speaking .

A few kilometres away from where they were, Shi Chen and the other brothers were hunted down by a group of people . The ten of them ran till they were in quite a sorry state, but they were not flustered . When they reached an empty space, they no longer ran, turning around to face their enemies instead .


“What is this?”

“Why are these vines moving?”

“Bewitched! These vines have been bewitched! Quickly, cut them off!”

“I can’t move!”

“These vines are poisonous!”

Those who were chasing them started to cry out in the forest, engaging the vines in battle as they flit across the sky . Those who were grabbed onto by the vines would lose all consciousness and turn numb . ”

“Why have these vines turned so strange?”

“Ah- It’s that person! He’s a monster!”

Dai Yi stood outside the forest with his hands in a seal . Out of his mouth flowed an indecipherable stream of words .

Those ordinary vines turned longer and longer under his control, constricting every person in the forest . As it pierced under their skin, they would turn immobile in a few seconds .

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