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Chapter 705: 705

“Because of the Queen’s child?”

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If the difficult birth wasn’t the cause, then what was it? When they saw her acting this way, it seemed that this wasn’t what she meant .

“One of you step forward and inbue a bit of spirit power into the Queen’s abdomen . ” Sima You Yue said .

“I’ll do it . ” A female volunteered herself .

She inbued some spirit energy into Su Li’s body, but did not break off its connection . She found that her spirit energy was completely absorbed by the child and was so shocked that she couldn’t speak .

“How is it?” Old Sun asked .

“My Spirit Energy has been completely absorbed by the child . ” The lady said, dazedly .

“How could this be!” Everyone’s expression changed, but understood what this meant .

“Your Queen’s child should be a deviant . Although the time has not come yet, its life force is great . If it was under normal circumstances that it gained its spirit energy, it would be normal once it was birthed . However, because your Queen was injured by humans, it injured the child and hastened its birth . If it was an average child, it would have been fine, but this is a deviant child . Not only did the wounds not hurt it, it heightened its desire for survival and is causing it to subconsciously absorb the spirit energy from its surroundings . Most of your Queen’s energy should have already been absorbed by it . ”

“What do we do?” The spirit silkworms cried out .

“The pill that I gave her earlier can replenish some of her spirit energy, but not that much . It’s not enough for the child in her belly . Once the child has absorbed it all, your Queen’s life would have reached its end . ” Sima You Yue siad .

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“Don’t tell me that you have no way of getting it out?”

“I do have a way . Caesarian . But if i do that, your Queen’s life would be forfeit as well . ” Sima You Yue said, “Her current condition is that she wants to give birth to it, but she can’t . She wasn’t supposed to give birth to it, but it happened because of the shock . She’s powerless to stop it . No matter what we do, it’s most likely that it will claim both their lives . ”

“What do we do then?” Everyone was flustered .

“Although a contract will cause you to lose your freedom, it will ensure the safety of her and her child . This will help your Queen to tide through half a day’s time . If there isn’t the power of the contract to support your Queen, this half of a day will be their final moments . ” Sima You Yue said, “It’s completely up to you how you want to decide . If you are willing, then take your Queen to the shore . If you do not want to, then that is your prerogative . Little Seven, let’s head up . ”

Sima You Yue took Little Seven and swam up to shore . When they saw them leave, Third Aunt Du immediately asked her how Su Li was doing .

Sima You Yue gave them the once over, and everyone finally knew how serious the Queen’s current condition was .

“Aside from forming a contract, is there really no other way?” Third Aunt Du asked incredulously .

Sima You Yue shook her head, “This is the last resort . Apart from that, no matter what I do, it will take both lives . ”

“But Su Li would never agree . ” Third Aunt Du understood the Spirit Silkworms and understood Su Li . They would never be willing to take a human as their master .

“That’s not definite . ” Sima You Yue felt that Su Li might agree .

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“You don’t understand Su Li . She is a proud lady . She would never willingly serve a human as a master . ” Third Aunt Du said with confidence .

“You’ve forgotten that she has another identity right now . ” Sima You Yue said .

“What identity?” Little Seven asked, raising her head .

Apart from being the Queen of the Spirit Silkworm clan, she is also a mother of a child who has yet to come into this world . ” Sima You Yue said, “For women, they would be able to do anything for their children . What more to save its life . ”

“Does that mean she has to choose between her freedom and the life of her child? This is truly a difficult choice . ” Little Wu said .

“A person will be faced with many choices in their life . We cannot run from them just because they’re hard . Also, most of the time, we can’t run from them . ” Sima You Yue sighed .

Little Wu looked at Sima You Yue, she still couldn’t understand what she was saying

“If it’s possible, I would wish for her to choose to live . ” Third Aunty Du sighed, wishing dearly that her friend could survive this trial .

The spirit silkworms on the shore were in a dilemma . They did not want their Queen to die, but they did want her to become a human’s contracted beast . And there was the child in her belly – they rarely had deviant children . It would be such a pity if the child did not survive .

“Let’s wait . ” Sima You Yue looked for a big tree and sat under it when she finished speaking . Little Seven sat down and leaned on her, stretching forth a hand to play with her hair .

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“Yue Yue . ”


“Even if she was willing to form a contract with a human, would there be enough time?” Little Seven asked .


“She’s a sacred beast, although Zi Qi can contract sacred beasts, but he can only finish it after a long time . Will the Queen be able to hold on for that long?” Little Seven pulled her hair .

“Since I told them that she would have half a day’s worth of time, then it’s said with confidence . Unless she gives up, she will be able to hold on . ” Sima You Yue held on to a leaf and spun it in her hand .

“Is there something that I don’t know?”

“There’s a lot that you don’t know! You’ll understand in due time . ”

Everyone on the shore waited anxiously for the spirit silkworm Queen’s decision, while underground, the Queen who was lay unconsciously on the ground actually gained consciousness .

“Queen, you’re awake!” Her servant girls surrounded her happily .

“How am I still alive?” The Queen was in her original appearance, and was totally unable to move . She was ecstatic when she could feel some spirit energy that should already have been used up, and it was pouring out from her dantian . “Child, my child, he’s still alive…”

“Queen, how do you feel right now?”

“Not bad . ” Su Li said, “I remembered that I lost all my spirit energy when I fainted, how do I still have so much energy pouring out of me? If I give birth to my child now, will it survive?”

“This…” Old Sun hesitated, but he still told her everything that Sima You Yue did for her, he even told her about You Yue’s solution .

“No wonder . I was wondering how I had so much spirit energy . ” Su Li looked down and at her huge belly . She could feel that her spirit energy was flowing ceaselessly into her belly . It also seemed as if she could feel her child greeting her from her belly .

“Queen, that human said that the pill would be able to help you hold on for at least half a day . After half a day, all the spirit energy in your body would be absorbed by the child, and you will lose your life . Furthermore, because you will no longer be able to provide nourishment for the child, the child will not be able to survive either . ” Old Sun said .

“So you’re saying, that forming a contract is the only way?” Su Li lay on the stone table and looked at the faintly glittering water for a long time . After that, she said to the servant girl beside her, “Take me up…”

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