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Chapter 703: 703

“We went to the Heartbreak Valley . Even with our valley’s special pills, we cannot enter deep in that valley . ” Kong Xiang Yi said .

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“Heartbreak Valley is one of the three poisons barrier lands, so the poisonous gas inside is naturally extraordinary . ” Third Aunt Du said . “But the ringed silkworms bred in such places are of a higher grade . ”

“Really?” Sima You Yue’s eyes brightened . “If we can find a way to go in, maybe we can find ringed silkworms and get chained silkworm’s silk . By that time, all of us will wear spirit clothes and be in good shape . ”

“Hehe, You Yue, I want two sets!” Fatty Qu roared first .

“Good for nothing, you’re satisfied with just two sets . ” Sima You Yue poked him . “By that time, we will raise the spirit silkworms, and will get as much as we want . ”

“In fact, it’s possible . There are quite a few spirit cloth embroideresses . ” Third Aunt Du said, “If they can be recruited, it can also become a future industry . ”

“Third Aunt understands about this . You used to be in charge of the spirit cloth industry of the Ximen family . ” Sima You Yue said . “I don’t know if other embroideresses in the family had also escaped this calamity . Third Aunt, if they are still alive and want to come back . We will protect their safety . If they already have their own lives, we should not disturb them . ”

“Okay . ” Third Aunt Du replied . “When the family met with catastrophe, I dismissed them all . A lot of them escaped . Before they left, they told me the possible places they might be in the future . Later, we can go find them . ”

“The blood feud at the beginning has torn our original happy life apart . ” Sima You Yue said, “Whether those people are willing to return or not, don’t force them . Afterall, they are not obliged to face the difficulties behind us . ”

“Mm, they really don’t have the obligations . ” Third Aunt Du affirmed . “Little Wu, you have heard what we are going to do . There will be many dangers . If you want to leave, master will arrange your later life . ”

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Little Wu was startled . She grabbed her hand and earnestly begged, “Master, don’t abandon Wu’er . Wu’er will be good and won’t cause trouble . ”

“Was it because of them, master did not want her? Thinking of this, she burst into tears .

“Wu’er . It’s not that master did not want you, but the things master needs to do behind will be dangerous . Master does not want you to be in danger . Master hopes that you can be safe and sound . ” Third Aunt Du patted her hand in comfort .

Little Wu shook her head constantly and her tears could not stop falling . “Master, Wu’er has lived for twenty years . I have been with master since I was a few years old . Wherever master go, Wu’er will be . Wu’er is not afraid of danger . Master don’t make Wu’er leave . Okay?”

Third Aunt Du was hesitant, and she was reluctant to send Wu’er away . Afterall, she had been with her for so many years . However, she felt that the following things were too dangerous, and after much thought, she decided to send her away .

Little Wu saw that Third Aunt Du was still hesitant, so she turned to Sima You Yue . “You Yue, please help me ask master, don’t drive me away . As long as I can stay, you can let me do whatever . No matter what, I just want to be able to follow master . ”

Sima You Yue saw the fear in Little Wu’s eyes . She said to Third Aunt Du, “Third Aunt, since Little Wu doesn’t want to leave, then let her stay . We will protect her . ”


“Our earlier actions were carried out in secret . You will also arrange a safe place . As long as the news is not disclosed, nothing will happen . When we develop later, it will not be easy for them to hurt Little Wu . ” Sima You Yue smiled . “Third Aunt, when Third Uncle died and Ximen family fell apart, your life hadn’t been well . Although you brought her up, she also filled up your life .  If you send her away, you definitely can’t bear it . Third Aunt, you are very important to Little Wu, and Little Wu is very important to you, so let her stay . ”

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“Mmmm . ” Little Wu nodded in tears and looked at Third Aunt Du .

Third Aunt Du hesitated before answering, “Alright, you can follow me . You must always follow me, you must not act alone . ”

“Okay, I won’t . I promise . ” Little Wu smiled through tears .

Third Aunt Du took out her handkerchief and wiped her tears . “How old are you, child to be crying so much . Many people are watching, be careful of being laughed at . ”

Little Wu took the handkerchief and covered her face, a little embarrassed .

“Third Aunt, though Little Wu is your disciple, she will naturally be my younger sister . There are only that many girls in our group . We can’t wait to dote her . How can we laugh at her?” Fatty Qu said with a smile .

“Indeed, in here, only You Yue, Bei Gong, and Little Seven are girls . The others are boys . Now with Little Wu, everyone will naturally treat her as a younger sister . ” Sima You Le echoed .

“I also think it’s nice to have a younger sister . ” Ximen Feng said .

Elder sister and younger sister were the same .

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Everyone actually knew Little Wu’s thought process in the past two days . But they had met many people over the years . Although Little Wu couldn’t see openly for a while, her temperament was not bad, even pure, or she wouldn’t express all her emotions on her face, letting everyone see it .

Such a pure girl, as long as she sees openly, everyone would like her .

When Little Wu heard them say this, she felt what master said was true . They didn’t come to rob master away . Staying with them, they would also be protected by them .

Thinking of her petty thinking, she was a little embarrassed for a while . She shouldn’t have been jealous of them .

When she figured it out and she saw Third Aunt Du smiling at Sima You Yue and them, she did not feel uncomfortable .

Third Aunt Du understood her disciple . From glancing at her eyes, she knew she had seen openly . She finally was relieved .

Although she agreed to let Little Wu stay with her, if she couldn’t see through, she wouldn’t dare to let her stay . If she did not sincerely want to be with everyone, there might be misunderstandings in the future . It would be bad for her and everyone .

So far all good…

Five or six days later, they entered the Dark Forest . Little Roc took them to the zone of the spirit silkworms .

Third Aunt Du thought since she hadn’t recently come to collect silk for a while, there would be more . But as soon as she got to a place she was familiar with, she didn’t find any shadow of spirit silkworm .

“Master, the spirit silkworms disappeared . ” Little Wu followed Third Aunt Du here twice . Previously, there were spirit silkworms everywhere . Their spewed silk was placed in the middle of the lakem but now there was not a trace of spirit silkworm seen .

“Were they taken away by those who came before?” Sima You Ran asked .

“There are no signs of destruction here . Probably not . Let me try to contact them first . ”

Then, she took out a small whistle and blew it twice .

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