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Chapter 700: 700

Kong Xiang Yi did not continue to ask who they are . After knowing her for so long, she had some understanding of You Yue . As long as she did not want to say, it was useless to ask .

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The two bypassed this and continued to chat about the dark forest . The more she learned about it, the more she wanted to go in earlier .

“You Yue, when are you going to go in?”

“Just in two days . ” Sima You Yue said . “We were waiting for you to come and then wait for Feng’er to talk with Third Aunt . ”

Then, she glanced at Kong Xiang Yi and asked, “This time, you don’t need to go with us . ”

“Why?” Kong Xiang Yu was startled . Did You Yue not like her?

“What we have to do is dangerous and cannot be made public . I believe Dear Feng doesn’t want to lie to you . So, it’s best if you don’t know . ” Sima You Yue said .

“I won’t say it . ” Kong Xiang Yi said . “Whatever Ximen Feng does, I will be with him . He shouldn’t think of pushing me away . ”

“However, your father is the valley master of Kong Valley . ” Sima You Yue rebutted . “Although what we do won’t involve the interests of the Kong Valley, but what if your father suspects you? Wouldn’t you tell him?”

Kong Xian Yi understood what Sima You Yue meant . She put in her right hand over her heart and vowed, “I, Kong Xiang Yi, swears that I will never say what you did without your consent . If I went back on my words, I shall be damned in hell!”

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After a vow, a silver light fell, flashed into her chest and disappeared .

Sima You Yue was moved . She originally wanted to let Kong Xiang Yi promise . After all, she was her future younger sister-in-law, so she didn’t want to force her too much, but this girl…

“Now you can rest assured . ” Kong Xiang Yi didn’t feel uneasy after vowing, because she really did not intend to reveal Ximen Feng’s matter to others . In this case, was there any difference between vowing and not?

“If Dear Feng knows about this, he would probably scold me . ” Sima You Yue sighed .

“He dares! You are his elder sister . ” Kong Xiang Yi knew Sima You Yue’s position in Ximen Feng’s heart and he would not blame her . “Can you tell me what are you planning?”

“Yes . ”

She talked about how she and Ximen Feng discussed of forming a force . She revealed that she dug out the entire ore vein of Brave Moon Sect to use as the starting capital to form her force . She also told her she was preparing to recruit the ten great evils .

The more Kong Xiang Yi listened, the more surprised she was . Her eyes widened and she finally laughed .

“We heard about the Brave Moon Sect incident long ago . At that time, we wondered why they did not foresight and did not know which large force they caught . I didn’t expect those people to be you!” Kong Xiang Yu laughed hard . “You don’t know how many forces were involved in the incident in the beginning, as long as they have some kinship with those who were enslaved . Then a group of people went to find the ore vein and found a huge pit . It turned out that ore vein was removed by you . ”

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“Anyways, if I don’t the ore vein, others will . ” Sima You Yue shrugged .

“By the way, how reliable are the ten great evils? Their reputation is not good, even worse than mine . ” Kong Xiang Yi said .

“Pfff—-” Sima You Yue couldn’t help laughing . When she thought of Kong Xiang Yi’s reputation in the continent before, it was really bad . But after knowing her, she liked her temperament . “This rumor is not credible, right?”

“That’s true, you just don’t believe in rumors . ” Kong Xiang Yi grinned . “Otherwise, you wouldn’t have liked me . ”

Sima You Yue raised an eyebrow . Was this guy acting narcissistic?

However, Kong Xiang Yi didn’t think so . She supported her chin with both hands . “Kong Valley has been passed down for thousands of years . I have been this strong since I was born . I have never formed my own force before! This experience will definitely be fun . ”

“But there will be danger . ” Sima You Yue warned .

“What danger is there to be afraid of!” Kong Xiang didn’t care . “As long as I’m with Ximen Feng, I’m not afraid of any danger . ”

Sima You Yue shook her head . “You can’t participate in this matter . I am just letting you know . ”

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“Why? Didn’t I say I won’t tell . ” Kong Xiang Yi was a little upset . She already vowed, why would she not believe her!

“It’s not that I don’t believe you . ” Sima You Yue explained . “It’s just that you belonged to Kong Valley, and there are many people on the continent who knows you . If you’re openly involved in the matter, isn’t that telling the world that this was done by you guys in Kong Valley? Not only you can’t participate, Dear Feng as well can’t . You also don’t want to make trouble for Kong Valley?”

Kong Xiang Yi was suddenly dispirited . “It’s not easy to come across something that I’m interested in, why can’t I participate?”

“Why can’t you participate?” Sima You Yue smiled at her . “I just said that you can’t openly do things, but you can still participate in secret and witness its unravelling . Besides, when the time comes to tell the world, I intend to let Dear Feng become the pavilion master . After you two married, you can be the pavilion master’s wife . How can you say you weren’t involved?”

Upon hearing Sima You Yue’s words, Kong Xiang Yi suddenly blushed and gave her a coquettish glance .

“We’re all women . Don’t be shy about saying this . ” Sima You Yue didn’t tease her this time . “In Dear Feng’s worst times, you stay by his side . In the days to come, we will face many storms . You chase to accompany him, be with him, I really appreciate you, really . ”

“Who made me like him!” Kong Xiang Yi was confused with Sima You Yue’s solemn look . “Aiya, let’s stop talking about this . Let’s talk about the forming of this force . ”

At this moment, the door was opened . Ximen Feng and Third Aunt Du exited . When they saw the two in the pavilion, they came over . “What are you talking about?”

“Speaking of Dear Feng and Kong Xiang Yi . ” Sima You Yue stood up and led Third Aunt Du to a seat .

“Dear Feng also told me this now, Miss Xiang Yi, thank you . ” Third Aunt Du said gratefully .

“Third Aunt, don’t flatter me . ” Kong Xiang Yi blushed again .

“Hehheh, okay, I won’t say . ” Third Aunt Du didn not force it . She turned to look at Sima You Yue . “I heard Xiang Yi said about the formation of a force . How are you planning to form the force?”

Sima You Yue glanced at Ximen Feng and nodded . “Yes, we plan to form a force to avenge our dead relatives!

Seeing Sima You Yue’s seriousness, Third Aunt Du knew she wasn’t joking . She was shocked by this news .

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