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Chapter 694: 694

In front of such a question, Sima You Yue spoke calmly, “Since you are aware of this, did you know that I have never been Divine Devil Valley ever since I’ve arrived in the Primordial Lands?”

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“Really?” Feng Zhi didn’t believe it .

“You can go investigate . ” Sima You Yue suggested .

“Even so, you are the Young Valley Master of Divine Devil Valley . Why do you still need to form a force?”

Sima You Yue looked at Feng Zhi . She knew she couldn’t fool him, and she did not intend to fool him . People who joined later would be told her purpose of forming her force .

“You Yue bears a blood feud, and the formation of a force is naturally for revenge . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“You are the Young Valley Master . You have the backing of Divine Devil Valley . ” Shi Chen said .

“Private revenge . ” Sima You Yue replied with two words .

If they deserved her trust, they would understand her matters . Although she wanted to solicit them, she would not reveal her matters completely with those she wasn’t familiar with .

“So, what you are looking for is a killer, a sacrificial person?” Feng Zhi asked rhetorically .

“Yes and no . ” Sima You Yue smiled .

“What reason?”

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“If you’re strong and have confidence in dealing with my enemies, you naturally won’t be a sacrificial person . But if you can’t deal with them in the end, those who follow me in the future can only die . ”

“Will you tell others your purpose later?”

“Naturally . Everyone will be told before they join . ” Sima You Yue affirmed .

“How strong are the people you want revenge on, and how long will it take you to gather enough people?”

Sima You Yue and they discussed here, while everyone waited in the inn for them to come back . Only Fatty Qu pranced around .

“You Lin, will You Yue and Bei Gong them be alright?” Fatty Qu pranced around the room, worried .

“What are you anxious about . Even if You Yue can’t successfully recruit them, her life won’t be in danger . ” Sima You Lin answered .

“Nothing will go wrong?” Fatty Qu was still unassured .

“Of course, nothing will happen . ” Sima You Ran said, “Fifth bro is now the only hope they have for their Old Third to stay alive . They won’t harm her . ”

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“That’s right . ” The world in Fatty Qu’s heart dissipated . He noticed everyone was looking at him with laughter . He finally reacted . “Oh, you guys, are watching me in entertainment? I’m the only one that gets worried for so long!”

“You are stupid, it’s not our fault . ” Sima You Le said with a smile .

“But Yue Yue has been gone for a while . ” Little Seven was unhappy . “I’ll go find her . ”

“Little Seven, wait a bit more . If you go out by yourself and get in trouble, fifth bro will worry for you . ” Sima You Ran disagreed .

“She won’t take me along . ” Little Seven said unhappily .

“She did it for your own good . ” Sima You Ran quietly appeased . “I’m not sure if those people are good or bad . If they know about you, they may put you in danger . ”

“Who dares to hurt me, I will return them with a punch!” Little Seven shook her fist . “The next time, You Yue must bring me along . ”

Witnessing Little Seven’s attachment to Sima You Yue, several people could help but smiled .

In the small courtyard, Sima You Yue had clearly explained what she wanted to say .

“That’s all for now . I think you already know my plan . I won’t force you to express your position immediately . ” Sima You Yue said . “I know you still have hope for the auspicious beast . I won’t stop you . IF you really attain the auspicious beast, then congratulations, you can let him live eight to ten years without paying a price . ”

“Eight to ten years? You mean even if we get the auspicious beasts, Third Bro can only for eight or ten more years?” Feng Kai asked .

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“Yes . ” Sima YOu Yue nodded .

“DIdn’t you say you can save Third Bro with the blood of the auspicious beast?”

“The cold aura in his body is severed . How can it be cured by drinking the blood of the auspicious beast . If it is true, I’m afraid you would have to drink hundreds of auspicious beast . Where do you go to find hundreds of auspicious beasts?” Sima You Yue pulled at her sleeves .

Everyone became silent .

“You can think about it carefully in this period of time . After this loss, you can give me a reply . ” Sima You Yue said . “To show my sincerity, I specially made a pill for you after I went back yesterday . This pill can make you look like ordinary people in these three months, but it has no side effects on you . ”

She took out the pills and threw the bottle to Kong Ren .

Kong Ren poured out the pills . When he saw the snowy white pills . The joy in his eyes was irrepressible .

“That’s it . I want to refine this pill for Third Bro, but failed . ” He excitedly said . “Third Bro, after you take this pill, you’ll look like an ordinary person in the next three months . ”

“This is the pill you mentioned last time? You weren’t able to refine it, yet this kid actually refined it?” Although Dai Yi said it in this manner, anyone could see that she was also happy .

“Alright, Bei Gong and I have been out for so long . Our companions will definitely be worried . We’re going to leave now . ” Sima You Yue said . She stood up and bade farewell to everyone, and Bei Gong Tang followed .

“Fourth Bro, you and Sixth Bro should send them off . ” Feng Kai ordered .

After Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang left, You Si and them quickly closed the door .

“It’s still early, let’s go shopping before we head back . ” Sima You Yue suggested .

“Are you still in the mood to stroll?” Bei Gong Tang wanted to poke her twice when she saw her expression . “How likely do you think it’s going to succeed?”

“Eighty to ninety percent . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“Are you sure they will agree?” Bei Gong Tang asked .

“Do you think they are truly evil?” Sima You Yue asked back .

Bei Gong Tang shook her head . “Not only do I think they are not evil, they are also sentimental people . And the relationship between them is similar to us . ”

“In fact, just because they are unwilling to kill innocent people and live in hiding everywhere, we can see that they are not unrighteous . ” Sima You Yue said . “Strong strength and courage, neither indiscriminate killing of innocent or fear of death, we want this kind of people . If we recruit them, then we easily will have everything needed to form a force . ”

“You obviously know they won’t be able to find the auspicious beast . Why did you give them such a long period of time?”

“I didn’t say there aren’t any auspicious beasts . I just said there should be none . ” Sima You Yue said mysteriously . “If they really encounter an auspicious beast, they would know that this is not the best way . In order to completely cure him, they don’t have any other choice . ”

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