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Chapter 688: 688

A man clad in blue walked into the courtyard and when he saw the scarlet bee on the ground, his pupils shrunk .

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“We’ve already been so secretive, how did someone notice us?” You Si, the guy who just entered the courtyard, said .

“The things we had to do this time were more high profile than before . If not because we happened to see it, we wouldn’t have noticed it either . ” Shi Chen said after coughing twice .

“Third Bro, you’re not well . You should go back to the house and rest . ” Ni An Yi wanted to step forward to support Shi Chen, but Shi Chen waved his hands .

“Wu Fang, in any case, this body can’t hold on much longer . ” Shi Chen knelt down and picked up and scarlet bee, toying around with in with his fingers, “Fourth Bro, do you know what this is?

“An ordinary bee . ” Ni An Yi said .

“Sixth Bro, this isn’t just your ordinary bee . ” You Si rapped him on the head before answering Shi Chen’s question, “This bee is able to avoid a person’s detection . It definitely isn’t an ordinary bee . ”

“Sixth Bro, you should learn properly from your fourth brother . Don’t just take things at face value . ” Shi Chen said .

“Isn’t it just your everyday bee? What is it, then?” Ni An Yi asked .

“This should be the scarlet bee that’s already disappeared from the continent . ” Shi Chen said lightly .

“Scarlet bee?” Ni An Yi suddenly cried out, not daring to believe that what Shi Chen held in his hand was a scarlet bee . After that, he knelt down to pick one up as well, “This is a scarlet bee? Scarlet bees are so precious . Why would someone use them to tail us?”

“This proves that the ones who have their eye on us aren’t your average people . ” You Si said what Shi Chen was thinking .

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“The people outside are really cruel . We merely killed a few people who deserved it, but they actually listed us as the ten most evil people! Cruel! That’s why those alchemists and doctors don’t want to save Third Bro . ” Ni An Yi spat hatefully .

Shi Chen slowly walked into the courtyard and sat down on a chair, “This is just someone working against us from behind the scenes . People have never met us, so they keep spreading slander about us and we can’t defend ourselves . ”

“Those idiots!”

“Forget it . Didn’t we really do some evil things?” Shi Chen was the most objective in the end .

“But Third Bro’s body…” You Si looked at him worriedly .

“I’ll survive for however long I can . ” Shi chen said lightly, “How’s Little Ten?”

“Tenth Bro has gone to the Dark Forest . He said that he wants to find some ingredients to heal you . ” You Si said .

“Tenth bro went on his own?” Shi Chen asked .

“Fifth Bro, Seventh Bro, Eighth Bro and Ninth Bro went with him . ” Ni An Yi Wen said, “Tenth Bro isn’t that powerful . How would we let him go alone . ”

“Third Bro, you can relax . This time, we just have to capture that beast . If you take its blood, your chronic illness will definitely be able to heal . ” You Si comforted him .

“Didn’t I tell you all not to wade in muddy waters?” Shi chen didn’t agree with this .

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“Third Bro, don’t say that . As long as you’re able to get better, even if we have to go through waters and hellfire, we wouldn’t bat an eyelid . ” Ni An Yi said, “Anyway, this was Eldest and Second Bro’s idea . ”

“Eldest and Second Bro… sigh . ” Shi Chen slowly let out a breath, “They know clearly how dangerous it is, and that the beast may not necessarily be around . Even if you look for it, you may not find it, why put yourselves in such danger?”

“As long as there’s a bit of hope, we will put in a hundred percent of our efforts . ” You Si said .

“Actually, there are many strange people on the continent . There might be a few who will be able to rescue you . It’s a pity that our names are so blackened that everyone’s afraid of us . You’re also not always powerful like we are, that’s why you’ve gotten so bad . ” Ni An Yi complained, his tone carrying traces of resentment towards Shi Chen .

It’s not that they found him a burden, but that they watched as his body got weaker and weaker, which made them increasingly anxious .

“Sixth Bro!” You Si glared at Ni An Yi .

Ni An Yi shut his mouth and didn’t speak anymore .

“Relax, before I die, I will definitely help to clear our name . Cough cough, cough cough…” As Shi Chen spoke, he broke into fits of coughs .

“Third Bro, what nonsense are you spouting!” You Si walked forward to pat him on the back, saying unhappily .

“Third Bro, you should know that’s not what I meant . ” Ni An Yi saw how badly Shi Chen was coughing and immediately panicked, filling with self-reproach .

“Cough cough… cough cough…” Shi Chen took out a pill and ate it, allowing his coughs to subside once more . When he saw the worry on Ni An Yi’s face, he said, “Sixth Bro, don’t blame yourself . I never meant to blame you . ”

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“Third Bro…’ Ni An Yi still blamed himself heavily . He was afraid that Third Bro would end up coughing blood . It wa sos scary .

“I know . You didn’t mean it . I wasn’t saying things in anger either . ” Shi Chen felt a little better and didn’t have to pause while speaking, “It’s just that it was because of me back then, otherwise, we wouldn’t have fallen to this state . ”

“That year, for the enemy that defeated you, we definitely had to cut it off at the root! But who knew that the person would turn the tables around and spread such slander that you turned into such an vile villain?!” Ni An Yi was filled with indignation .

“Alright, let’s not rack up the past . Our priority now is to treat Third Bro . ” You Si said .

“When will Eldest and Second brother be back?” Shi Chen didn’t want them to discuss this, so he changed the topic .

“They’ll be back in two days . ” You Si replied .

“When Eldest and Second Brother return, we’ll have to let them know that this person exists . He may already have set his sights on them . ” Shi Chen said as he lowered his head to look at the scarlet bee .

“Will we face any problems with these people around?” Ni An Yi looked around as he asked .

“No… idea . ” It was the first time that Shi Chen had no clue . “Alright, you should get going . I want to bask in the sun for a little while here . ”

“Alright, Third Bro . ”

“Okay, Third Bro . ”

As the group left, nobody noticed a scarlet bee hiding amongst the rafters in the ceiling .

Sima You Yue was in the inn, extremely surprised as she listened to the news that the scarlet bee was transmitting .

“What’s wrong, You Yue?”

“Sigh . ” Sima You Yue said . She told them everything she heard just now .

“This… it’s so outrageous!” Everyone was speechless when they heard it . Only Fatty Qu opened and closed his mouth twice before crying out .

“We initially thought that they were truly extremely evil people, but who would have thought that … . this was the truth . ” Wei Zi Qi said .

“If they were really evil people, killing them could be seen as a service to the public . However, now that we know it’s false, we can’t carry on . ” Sima You Lin said .

“But those evil people… how could they distort the truth of those things like that?!” Fatty Qu cried out once again .

“Pfft-” Bei Gong Tang couldn’t help but rap him on the head, “How could you call those evil people evil ‘things’? They’re not evil people, and the news is fake and everything that happened is fake . The rumors that we heard about them killing those people also doesn’t exist . ”

“That’s true, hehe . ” Fatty Qu laughed foolishly .

“Fifth Bro, what are you thinking about?” Sima You Ran noticed Sima You Yue contemplating quietly and asked .

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