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Chapter 683: 683

Chapter 683: Uprooted

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Big brother, don’t be angry . This is different from last time . ” Sima You Yue said .

“How is it different? You placed your divine sense in someone else’s body . ” Sima You Qi was furious .

They didn’t know the specifics of Sima You Yue’s injury while inside the sect . But after Sima You Qi went to visit her, Sima Lie and the group finally told him . How could he not be angry when he knew she did such things again?

“Big brother, this time, it was only inserting my divine sense into his mind to search for memory . It’s not dangerous . ” Sima You Yue explained . “Even more, he is a dying man so his divine sense is about to dissipate . It’s not dangerous for me . ”

Sima You Qi was still unhappy .

“Really, can’t you see that I am alright?” Sima You Yue grinned at him while pulling at his hand .

“Don’t do such a dangerous thing next time . ” Sima You Qi looked at her and finally forgave her .

At this moment, Sima You Le and Jing Huan entered .

Jing Huan was excited . The slave ring on his neck had been removed . He had become more relaxed .

He walked forward in front of everyone and saluted, “Thank you for your help . ”

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“You’re welcome . ” Sima You Yue said . “We’ve destroyed the teleportation array here . If there is no news from here today, someone will definitely be sent over here . Those who are stronger can break through the void . It doesn’t matter if a few were sent over . But if there’s more, Honor Roc won’t be able to handle them . So it’s best if we rescue everyone today or tomorrow . ”

“Where is Ol’ Wu now?” Sima You Lin asked .

“People of the Brave Moon Sect had been tortured to death by the angry absentees . ” Bei Gong Tang answered .

It meant Ol’ Wu was gone .

“Zi Qi, you have been watching for news from Ol’ Wu these past days . Imitate the process and send a message today . Tell them, the teleportation array is broken . Don’t worry if it’s not exactly the same method . If the righteous sect were to come, it’ll only be tomorrow . ” Sima You Yue said . “This time will be enough for us to evacuate . ”

“Okay . ” Wei Zi Qi replied .

“You Lin, let’s go arrange the teleportation array . ” Sima You Yue told Sima You Lin .

“Okay . ”

She then look at Fatty Qu again . Fatty Qu immediately understood what she meant and smile . “You do your thing . We’ll search the whole place . ”

He really understood her! Sima You Yue gave him a look of approbation, and then everyone dispersed and went to do their thing .

Sima You Yue and Sima You Lin went inside the city and found a spacious place . They began to arrange the teleportation array .

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The two of them studies the array inside the headquarters for two days . They changed the spatial coordinates, so that they could leave here and not teleport to Brave Moon City .

It took them a long time to get the teleportation array up . Those absentees had already lined up . They were full of expectation, wanting to quickly leave, but they didn’t dare to mess around . They would be ruined if these people didn’t let them use the teleportation array .

After Sima You Yue finished setting the array, she let them come over one by one . Sima You Yue took off their slave rings and put them on the teleportation array . Then Sima You Yue activated the array teleporting them away .

Ten people were sent off each time . It took hundreds of time to sent thousands of people away .

Some of them expressed thanks to Sima You Yue and them . Some of them even gave their names, expressing that they were willing to do whatever they wanted in the future . Sima You Yue was not courteous, replying that they will definitely ask for their help in the future .

It was late in the night when they sent everyone away . Jing Huan was in the last group to leave . He looked at Sima You Yue . “Aren’t you going?”

“Since we’re helping you, we’re helping all . Those in the mine can’t be disregarded . ” Sima You Yue said .

Jing Huan understood what they wanted to do and didn’t say anymore .

“You don’t have anything on you . Take this with you . After you leave, there should be a way to find your family . ” Sima You Yue gave him a bag .

Jing Huan guessed that there were some crystals in it . Presently, he was penniless . He might not be able to find his family when he left, so he accepted it .

After he came out from the teleportation array, he looked at the contents of the bag . Besides for some crystals, his interspatial ring was inside too .

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Although Sima You Yue wanted to take his interspatial ring, she still returned it to him for his brother’s sake . However, she believed that he would not pass on the matter of attaining an interspatial ring, because others would only regard him as an accomplice .

“Alright, Fatty . It’s your turn now!” Sima You Yue had sent everyone away .

“Hehe, watch and see!” Fatty Qu rubbed his hands excitedly .

They were the only people in the whole city . They arrived at the outskirts of the city . Sima You Yue took out the warship, and Fatty Qu ran inside the cockpit .

Sima You Yue and the rest also boarded it . Soon the warship took them away from this place, directly heading straight to the brave moon sect’s mines .

There were not many guards left in the mines . Sima You Yue and the group passed over and soon controlled the mines .

The absentees didn’t know what had happened . But they cheered when they learned they were free to leave here .

Sima You Yue and Sima You Lin once again arranged the same array . Because it was the second time, it was soon set .

The absentees took off the slave ring and all of them recovered their strength . They gathered up all the guards before leaving through the teleportation array .

Sima You Yue had no sympathy for those supervisors . These people usually do bad things when they supervise here . Jing Huan had told them about it .

There were fewer people here . The sky had just brighten after everyone was sent away .

Sima You Yue glanced at the empty mines . Some ores were scattered on the ground .

Everyone smiled . Afterwards, they stored almost half of the mine into the spirit pagoda . Afterwards, they quickly fled the scene .

When the high level officials of Brave Moon Sect detected abnormality, they saw huge pit with several hundreds of meter blown out, which held a mineral vein . Now there were some residue left!

The high level officials of brave moon sect were furious . That was their best mineral vein . How could it suddenly disappeared? Who would believe this?!

Moreover, all those absentees have fled . They know what they have done over the years . Now they have fled . Brave moon sect might not escape the fate of retaliation .

Some informed people fled, leaving only oblivious ordinary disciples behind . Those who do not know the background of the absentees stay in the sect with heartaches over the mines were waiting for the fury of other sects .

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