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Chapter 682: 682

Chapter 682: Searching for the key

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After a moment passed, another group of people left as well . They either left alone or with others . Whichever it was, they left without turning back .

After an hour passed, thirty percent of people had left . Once the remaining people were not going to leave, Sima You Yue finally told the rest of them that they were waiting here because they wanted to get the key for the slave ring . Furthermore, they had an array master with them, so those who took the slave ring off would be able to leave using the teleportation array .

Those who remained started to celebrate . It was a good decision to remain behind as compared to wandering around aimlessly in the West Coast desert . It was even better that they had a teleportation array .

Sima You Yue didn’t think about those who had already left . They were all strangers who had come together by chance, and her release of them had been something did along the way . Furthermore, she had

She had already told them what was going to happen, but they were still insistent on leaving . Whether or not they would really be able to leave would depend on their own capabilities!

However, she was thinking that the fact they weren’t able to leave in the beginning might mean that they wouldn’t be able to today . However, whether or not they were able to was not her problem .

Because the ship did not bring any new slaves over, they had sent a few people over to investigate . These people had all been settled by Sima You Qi and the others .

They sent another group of men, but the outcome was the same .

The in-charge over at that side was increasingly worried about the situation in the city, but he had to remain here to keep watch over the slaves digging the mine . He was completely unable to leave . As such, he sent another group of people over to check out the situation .

The result was still the same . Not a single one returned .

He knew without thinking further that something had truly happened . He was forced into a corner and left a few people behind to guard the slaves, heading over while leading a team personally .

Although this in-charge was rather powerful, when faced with those old guys, he was taken down in two hits .

As things passed by in this manner, two days flew by .

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“Today is the day that tenth elder returns . You guys stand guard at the teleportation array . The moment he enters, you have to subdue him immediately . At the same time, you have to destroy the array . ” Sima You Yue said to Honor Roc and the others .

“Yes, Young Master . ” Honor Roc replied .

They had long since seen Tenth Elder’s portrait, so they knew which one he was .

Around noontime, the teleportation array flashed once again and the people on site waited with bated breaths .

The one who appeared this time wasn’t Tenth Elder, but the manager who was with him . That manager was immediately captured by someone and taken to the side .

“Where’s Tenth Elder?” Sima You Qi asked

“The Tenth Elder said that he had something else to do so he got me to come back first . He’ll come back tomorrow . ” The manager responded tactfully .

Sima You Qi and the others exchanged glances, saying, “Wait here . ”

On the morning of the second day, the teleportation array lit up again and it attracted the attention of everyone onsite .

“He’s here . ”

When the Tenth Elder’s silhouette appeared in the teleportation array, another elder from the Brave Moon Sect was with him .

“Who are you people?!” When they saw the unfamiliar people in the courtyard, the Tenth Elder barked out .

“Go . ” Sima You Yue ordered coldly as Honor Roc and the others captured the two of them before destroying the teleportation array .

This all happened in the blink of an eye, and tenth elder was captured even before he managed to land an attack .

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Tenth Elder and the others could be considered as old creatures who have lived for thousands of years, but they had no idea what was going on here when they saw the mass of poeple in front of them .

“Who are you? Why have you come to meddle in our Brave Moon Clan?”

“It’s not like we wanted to come and meddle around . It’s just that you shouldn’t have bought us over here . ” Sima You Yue said, “We don’t want to waste words with you . Where’s the key for the slave rings . ”

“I don’t have it . ” Tenth Elder refused to admit it .

If the slaves regained their freedom, then all that they’ve done all these years would leak out and heir Brave Moon Clan would receive the ire of every clan!

“You think I believe you don’t have it just because you say so? Your key is definitely in your interspatial ring, so if I kill you, the ring will lose its owner . Do you think we won’t be able to find it?” Wei Zi Qi said .

“You have a point . ” Sima You Yue nodded .

“Wait!” Tenth Elder said, “I’ll give it to you . ”

With a single thought”, a black key appeared in his hand .

“Stop him!” Fatty Qu immediately cried out when he saw the black key .

Sima You Yue and the others didn’t know why, but they immediately attacked Tenth Elder .


Tenth Elder’s left hand held on to the arm of his right hand . Only half of his arm remained, while the other half lay on the ground . Fatty Qu immediately dashed over and picked the key up .

A bit of spirit energy was inserted into the key, and it was suddenly shining red . It was unknown what Fatty Qu did to meddle with it before it returned to its original state .

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When Fatty Qu finally heaved a sigh, everyone finally asked him .

“Fatty, what’s wrong?”

“This isn’t a key at all . It’s the thing they use to control the slave ring . If this explodes, all those wearing the slave rings will explode as well . ” Fatty Qu said .

If the slave ring exploded, it went without saying that everyone would definitely be dead .

The Tenth Elder looked at Fatty Qu with curiosity . He didn’t expect him to be familiar with it even though he was still so young . At the same time, he was also upset that his plan had been revealed .

“What a great move . ” Jing Huan walked up and kicked him in his stomach, sending him flying far away .

“Where is the key?” Sima You Lin asked again .

Tenth Elder knelt on the ground, refusing to look at them .

“Since you don’t plan to speak, we won’t force you . ” Sima You Yue said, “Just send him into the ghost realm!”

Tenth Elder was not like Ol’ Wu . Someone like him looked gutsy, so methods like the ones used against Ol’ Wu were useless .

“But we don’t know whether or not the key really is in his interspatial ring . ”

If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t know where the ring would be if they killed him .

“No problem, I have a way . ” Sima You Yue said .

She glanced at Honor Roc, who accepted the order and punched him in the heart, taking his life immediately .

Tenth Elder didn’t think that his life would be gone like the fleeting wind . He looked at the sky as his gaze turned hazy .

Sima You Yue came beside Tenth Elder, and placed both hands on his temple . Then, she pulled out her consciousness and entered his brain .

When Fatty Qu and the others saw her doing this, they were stunned . She got hurt the last time precisely because she did this!

However, none dared to speak a word, afraid that they would har her if they spoke .

After a moment passed, Sima You Yue tossed Tenth Elder’s body on the ground and took out some spirit water and washed her hands before wiping them off with a towel . Then, she turned around to face them, “The key is in a secret case under the bed in his house . ”

Sima You Le and Jing Wen went to Tenth Elder’s house .

“You Yue, you got injured the last time because you did this, why did you still…” Sima You Qi berated her coldly .

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