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Chapter 681: 681

Chapter 681: Giving them a choice

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Fatty Qu answered Sima You Yue’s question without thinking, “The slave ring contains the mark of the Power . Every slave ring is different, and the removal method is different too . That’s why the best way isn’t to look for me, but to look for the key . ”

Ol’ Wu was tossed outside the large palace along with the rest of the Brave Moon Sect . when he saw Sima You Yue look at him, he almost fainted from fright .

“The key?” She smiled in question .

Sima You Yue felt like her smile was rather charming, but Ol’ Wu felt as if it he had seen a devil .

“I don’t have the key . ” Ol’ Wu said . When he saw her expression fall, he was so afraid that she would burn off his other leg in anger that he quickly explained, “The slave ring’s key really isn’t with me . I’m merely the person in charge of putting it on them . I’m not in charge of taking it off . ”

“Then where is the key?”

“In the hands of tenth elder . ”

“Which one is tenth elder?”

“He isn’t here . ”

“Where is he?”

“He returned to the sect . ”

“Is he the strongest of you all?”

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“The tenth elder truly is the most powerful of us all . ”

“Why did he go back?”

“We have to fix a date to send all the crystals and precious stones that we dig out back to the sect . ”

“When will he be back?”

He was unwilling to speak, but Sima You Yue glanced at his right leg and he immediately turned obedient .

“They usually go for five days . ”

Five days . This meant that this was the third day?

“Will they usually contact this place?” Sima You Lin asked .

“They will . We have to send word to them everyday . When tenth elder is around, he’s in charge, but when he’s not, I’m the one who has to do it . ” Ol’ Wu did not dare mess around when he saw the look with which Sima You Yue was giving him .

“Then you have to send word to them for these three days . ” Sima You Lin said, “If something is off about the message you send, you can kiss your right leg goodbye . It will also be slower than it was the previous day . ”

“I- I won’t . ” Ol’ Wu quickly lowered his head to hide the look in his eyes .

These people wouldn’t know they usually reported things here . If he used this way to ask the sect for help, they would have a chance at survival if tenth elder came back with reinforcements!

He could feel Sima You Yue’s gaze and the little plan he had immediately died out . She would definitely not give him the opportunity to send out the message .

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As expected, Sima You Yue got a few managers together and separately asked them how they usually sent back word .

This way, even if he asked for help, he would be burnt away completely long before tenth elder managed to arrive with reinforcements .

As such, he had no choice but to send back word in the same way as he did before .

On the second day, the warship brought a group of slaves back, and when the slaves got off the ship, they naturally headed towards the inner city .

“Why haven’t those slaves come out yet?” Someone on the ship was puzzled .

“Something’s weird . ” The first guy said .

At this moment, they saw that Ol Wu was waving at them from the city wall, “Something has happened inside the city . Quickly, come and see!”

The two of them did not suspect him, and gave an order to the person on the ship, who walked into the city together .

After a moment had passed, the boss from earlier appeared on the city wall as well and shouted at the people on the ship, “The situation in the city is rather dire, you all should come in . ”

Seeing that their leader had given the order, nobody suspected him and all got off the ship . However, the moment they entered, they saw Sima You Yue and the others waiting inside the city .

When Sima You Yue got off the citywall, Sima You Lin and the others had already subdued everyone else . She had fused with Thousand Resonance, and it was only when the people were captured that they knew that the one who had given the order wasn’t their leader at all .

“Fatty, can you settle the ship?”

“No problem, leave it to me!” Fatty Qu patted his chest and went outside the city to take over the ship . ”

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“I’ll take a look as well . ” Little Seven was extremely interested in the flying warship and chased after Fatty .

Jing Huan saw the unconscious guards and asked, “Do you want to take them back with us?”

“No need, I’m too lazy to move them . ” Sima You Yue said, “They’ve been infected by my poison so they shouldn’t wake up in the next hour and a half . ”

“They didn’t bring anyone back today, so that will raise some alarm bells over there . ” Jing Huan pointed out .

By ‘over there’, he naturally meant the mine .

“There aren’t many people over there, and they can’t all come over . As long as they don’t all together, it will be easy to attack them . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then we will stand guard here . ” Sima You Qi said .

“Okay . ”

The slaves that just entered were standing at the city gate as they watched the tables turn with confusion . They had no idea what was going on .

The people who were standing at the side watching the drama unfold, explained the situation that happened from yesterday to today . It was only then that they understood that someone had come to save them .

It was in spite of the fact that these people had been tricked into coming here in the beginning .

Hope flashed in the eyes of some of them, while others didn’t believe that Sima You Yue and the others would truly be able to rescue everyone . They were merely digging a little hole in their mountain of a problem .

Furthermore, little things like this would happen from time to time . Yet, nobody had ever succeeded . Instead, the group that escaped would be beaten up severely .

Following this, Sima You Yue let Jina Huan head to the teleportation array in the Brave Moon sect to do some work . She intentionally wanted him to spread word of how he had been sent here by the teleportation array . It started to spread a little seed of doubt .

Inside here, there were many smart ones who had long since figured out how they ended up here . They knew that the Brave Moon Sect had swindled them . However, there were also those who didn’t realise it . It was only when they heard what Jing Huan said that they finally realised what had happened .

Those who believed that Sima You Yue and the others would be able to succeed and rescue them, immediately started to plan how they would definitely start a scene once they returned to their sects .

“Since you’ve already gotten them under control, you should release them . ” It was unknown who shouted this, but the others followed suit, begging Sima You Yue and the others to release them so they could leave right now .

Sima You Yue was not in a rush to speak and she waited until the class had quieted down before she spoke slowly, “If you want to leave right now, we will not stop you . However, you all have the slave rings around your neck right now . Even if you go out, you will be branded a slave . Furthermore, the slave rings have tracking devices . You will just end up right back at the West Coast Desert .

Such a big event has happened here, and the Brave Moon Sect is sure to send men to check things out . When the time comes, they will surely use your slave rings to locate you . Don’t say that we didn’t warn you . Alright . I’ve said my peace . There are no guards around the city gates now, those who want to leave now may do so . ”

When Sima You Yue finished speaking, a few people came out from inside the group and really ran towards the city gates . They didn’t believe that Sima You Yue and the rest would really be able to rescue them, which was why they chose to believe in themselves .

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