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Chapter 680

Chapter 680: Slowly burn

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“Powerful identities? How powerful?” Sima You Yue asked .

“One of them is the Young Sect Master of a sect, and another is the disciple of an elder of a sect . ” Jing Huan siad, “I don’t know what the sect is called and they never told me . I’m guessing it’s to avoid embarrassing the sect . ”

“Since there are young sect masters of sects, there should be people of other identities . I’m guessing that they just haven’t said so because they want to avoid disgracing their sect or clans . However, if they really regained their freedom, they would definitely take their revenge . ” Sima You Lin said .

“Then we can tell them about what the Brave Moon Clan has done . This way, those who haven’t already realised it will know how they ended up suffering this way . ” Sima You Ming said .

“It’s a good idea, but we first have to deal with the situation here . ” Sima You Lin said .

“What’s going on here?” Fatty Qu asked .

“Idiot!” Wei Zi Qi smacked him on the head, “We’re standing at the entrance of their headquarters . Tell me, what’s going on? Of course we have to get rid of the Brave Moon clansmen!”

“I was wondering what else it could be . Can you consider this a ‘situation’, even?” Fatty Qu rubbed his forehead . In his eyes, this wasn’t even a big deal at all .

“Alright, even if it’s not a ‘situation’, we still have to deal with it . ” Sima You Yue said, “Jing Huan, do you know how many people are in there?”

Jing Huan shook his head, “Everyday, if we weren’t digging in the mine, then we were in our homes . We couldn’t walk around freely . Someone even watched over us we worked . ”

“Then how did you get in contact with those people?”

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“When we were digging underground, the environment downstairs wasn’t that great, so there were times they would skive . ” Jing Huan explained .

Without going into detail, everyone could guess what kind of life Jing Huan and the others were living .

“Can you take this off?” Sima You Yue pointed at the slave ring around his neck .

“You’ll only know if you ask him . ” Jing Huan asked .

They had been here for such a long time, but nobody had ever taken it off .

“Most slave rings like these require keys . ”Fatty Qu said .

“He’ll definitely know how many people there are as well . ” Ouyang Fei said .

Ol’ Wu was initially beaten up so badly that his mind was blank and giddy . He was completely weak and watched extremely closely . He was so scared that he had lost half his life .

“Tell us . How many people are in there?” Sima You Wi took out a knife and placed it along his neck .

“I wouldn’t tell you even if you killed me . ” Ol Wu felt that he was rather brave .

“Kill you?” Sima You Qi glanced at him, “That’s letting you off too lightly . Relax, if you don’t’ tell us, we’ll definitely make you wish that you were dead . ”

Ol’ Wu was so frightened by that gaze that he started to sweat . If he had any mettle in him, he would have bitten his tongue now to commit suicide . However, he could not bear to lose his little life . He truly didn’t believe that they would be able to defeat everyone inside . The strength of the Brave Moon Sect was not something the likes of them could handle!

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However, he thought of what they said just now . If they really released all the slaves, the Brave Moon Sect would truly encounter their greatest hurdle ever!

“Yue Yue, why don’t you use your fire and burn one of his legs so he won’t be able to walk in the future?” Little Seven suggested, “Sigh, or you could just burn one arm . Eh, no, a leg would be better . If you burn his leg, there would be more of him to burn . Legs are longer and have more meat on them . In any case, he doesn’t plan to tell us about the situation inside . ”

“Alright, whatever Little Seven says, goes . ” Sima You Yue rubbed Little Seven’s head dotingly .

This brat actually had such a devious side to her .

Ol Wu was immediately flustered . He recalled Sima You Yue’s terrifying flame . If she truly burnt off one of his legs, he rather she directly kill him instead!

Sima You Yue produced a fireball and the surrounding temperature immediately rose by a few degrees . She looked at both of his legs and asked Little Seven, “Little Seven, you tell me . Which leg would be better to burn?”

“The right leg, then . ” Little Seven casually pointed to one of his legs .

“Little Seven, you’re pointing at… the left leg . ” Fatty Qu subconsciously pointed out .

“The left leg? Then just burn his left leg . ” Líttle Qi didn’t mind her error and said casually .

Sima You Yue looked at Ol Wu, saying, “I’m going to ask you one last time . Are you going to tell us what’s happening inside?”

“No!” Ol’ Wu grit his teeth .

He didn’t believe that they would, under such unknown circumstances of their enemy, harm an important character like him .

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However, in the next second, a searing pain came from his left leg . He wanted to cry out, but Sima You Yue fed him a pill . Immediately he was unable to cry out and only release breathing sounds .


The flame burned slowly under Sima You Yue’s control . Ol’ Wu watched in horror as his left leg slowly burnt to ash, unable to even cry out .

“Ahhhhhhhhh-” He looked at Sima You Yue with suffering, his body trembling uncontrollably .

He was willing to talk, he was! He had to make her stop! Stop!

However, Sima You Yue didn’t stop just because he looked at her pleadingly . She let the flame continued to burn his leg off slowly before she retracted her hand and kept the flame .

“Are you willing to speak now?” Sima You Yue said as she played with the fireball .

“I…” Ol’ Wu was still a little hesitant .

“If you’re not willing, I won’t force you . ” Sima You Yue said, “After all, you’re not the only one in the Brave Moon sect . We’ll ask them once we finish burning you to ashes bit by bit . ”

After speaking, she cast her gaze over to them .

When they saw Ol’ Wu’s disabled figure, the others subconsciously shrunk their legs back .

“No! No! I’ll talk, I’ll talk…”

After two hours passed, Sima You Yue and the others was sitting in the large hall with the rest of the Brave Moon Sect already subdued .

Sima You Yue looked at the people in the courtyard and was suspicious . This was clearly an important mine . How was it that not a single highly ranked expert was around?

“I asked around earlier . They said that the experts had all been called back two days prior . ” Sima You Qi explained to everyone .

This meant that things were really timely this time, and they were lucky . It just happened that no experts were around .

She just knew it, how could a large mine like this lack the presence of experts .

“Do you know when those experts will be back?” She asked .

Although she did have a few of her old beast experts, the opponent was the largest sect in the area, nothing was concrete . Furthermore, with how important this mine was to the sect, it would be extremely troublesome if they knew what happened .

“Nobody knows when they will return . ”

“In order to avoid trouble, we should quickly finish things up here . ” Sima You Yue said . She glanced at Fatty Qu, who was eating a spirit fruit, “Do you know how the slave rings work?”

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