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Published at 31st of January 2020 01:35:05 AM
Chapter 677: 677

Chapter 677: Sold Out

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Sima You Yue took a look and they were on a huge grass patch . They had no idea where the dark forest was, and where the city was .

“Why don’t we just casually pick a direction to test it out?” Sima You Le asked .

“That won’t do . This grassland seems endless, and we don’t know how big it is . We don’t know what kind of dangers it has either . If we randomly walk, we might find outside in a dangerous situation . ” Wei Zi Qi said .

“Then we have no choice but to find someone to ask . ” Fatty Wu looked around, “It doesn’t seem like anyone’s around . It seems we have to look for some spirit beasts instead . ”

“Seems like our only option . ” Sima You Yue agreed .


A Giant Eagle flew over and wanted to grab Sima You Yue and the gang back for dinner when it saw them . It didn’t expect that it would be defeated before it made a move .

“You don’t have to be afraid . We just want to ask for directions . ” Because of her relationship with Little Roc, she planned to release this one who had just plotted against them .

“What do you want to ask?” Giant Eagle asked .

“Where is this place?”

“West Coast Desert . ” Giant Eagle replied .

“Where is it in the central province?”

“Southeast . ”

“Where is the Dark Forest and how far is it from here?”

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“No idea, never been there . ”

“Then where is the closest city?”

Giant Eagle’s eyes looked around and he waved a huge wing and pointed to a direction, “Head towards that direction . You’ll see a city in two days . ”

Sima You Yue released the Giant Eagle once they had finished asking all their questions . It flew into the sky and it was only then that its eyes shone with malice as it flapped its wings and left .

“Although it didn’t know much, we can head to the city and find out more about the situation . We can also see whether or not there are any teleportation arrays along the way . ” Sima You Lin said .

“Okay . ”

Because they were in a rush for time, Sima You Yue called Halcyon out . He was the strongest and the fastest .

However, even with this, they didn’t see a shadow of the city even after flying for two days .

“Damn, that bald bird tricked us!” Fatty Qu cursed .

“What do we plan to do now, then?”

“Continue forward, I guess . ” Sima You Qi said, “We’ve already come too far . We can’t find that bald bird even if we turn back now . ”

“Who knows whether or not the city he spoke about was real? What if this is a trick as well?” Sima You Le didn’t agree .

Everyone felt the same . This direction was clearly a trick, so who knew whether or not the city really existed .

“That damn bald bird . I’d better not see it again . Otherwise, I’ll turn him into roast chicken!” Fatty Qu spat angrily .

“I want the wings . ” Little Seven said .

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“Hey, there’s someone down below . ” Sima You Ming said .

Everyone looked down and there really was a black dot moving around downstairs . It did seem like there was someone .

Sima You Yue patted Halcyon’s back, and he flew over . When they came closer, they saw that it was a very lovely lady .

There was actually an attractive lady here, it seemed like something was off about this!

However, they had no choice but to enquire from her anyway .

“Hello . ” Bei Gong Tang was the only female there, so she was sent over to chat with the lady .

That lady was still extremely guarded when she saw them . She looked suspiciously at the ones behind Bei Gong Tang and asked, “What do you want?”

“Don’t be afraid . We won’t do anything to you . We just want to ask if there’s a city around here?” Bei Gong Tang asked .

“Why should I tell you whether or not there is one?” That lady was no longer that afraid and turned cold instead .

Bei Gong Tang thought about it before taking out two middle ranked crystals, saying, “If you tell us, we’ll give this to you . ”

That lady took the crystals and pointed towards a certain direction, saying, “You’ll reach if you walk for two days . ”

Two days again?

This wasn’t another trick, was it?

“Come with us . ” Bei Gong Tang said .

“Sure, twenty middle ranked crystals . ” That lady was not shy in her asking price at all .

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Bei Gong Tang turned around and glanced at them . When she saw that they had no objections, they took out ten middle ranked crystals, “We’ll give you the other half once we get there . ”

“Okay . ” The lady took the middle ranked crystals and called out her own flying beast immediately . She led Sima You Yue and the others towards the direction she pointed in .

This time, they were more cautious and let the other party lead them there . They actually did see a city after two days of walking .

“We’re here . This is the city . ” The lady stopped when they were at the city gate . Then, she stretched forth a hand to request for the remaining middle ranked crystals .

Bei Gong Tang also gave her the middle ranked crystals quickly . Then, she saw the girl whistle towards an old guard at the city gate .

“Ol’ Wu! Accept the goods!”

“Yo, time isn’t too bad . She brought so many people!” The senior guarding the entrance had long appraised Sima You Yue and her gang before saying satisfactorily, “Not bad, the meat this time is rather fatty!”

“That’s right, every single one of them seems like it . ” The lady said .

Ol’ Wu took out a bag of middle ranked stones and said, “Based on our old rates, each person is worth ten middle ranked stones, and a kid is worth half . Here!”

The lady took the bag and giggled as she kept it away, saying, “Then I’ll be heading off, first!”

“Hey, what’s the meaning of this?” Fatty Qu and the others grabbed the girl .

The lady rubbed her chin, saying, “What meaning? It’s so obvious, can’t you see? Ha ha ha – I hope that you’ll enjoy your time here!” The lady laughed .

Sima You Qi and the others looked extremely upset . They were not idiots . How could they not tell that the lady had double crossed them!

The lady left with great bouts of laughter . It’s not like Sima You Yue and the others didn’t want to let her walk off just like that, but once they moved, a whole group of people immediately appeared and surrounded them .

“You’re our slaves now . Obediently follow us back to work!” Old Wu knocked the long smoke pole in his hand and said lightly .

“Is it? We just don’t understand how you’re going to make us do that!” Sima You Qi huffed .

“This is the West Coast Desert . The place you’re standing on is a part of our land . Once you’re here, you have to listen to us obediently, otherwise, you’ll die without even knowing how!” Old Wu warned them .

“Ol’ Wu, we’ll be heading off first . ” The lady cupped her fist at Ol Wu before turning around to leave .

“Planning to leave after selling us out?” Sima You Yue smiled before revealing Little Seven’s real nature . Little Seven disappeared from everyone’s sight with a single step .

“Ah-” The lady cried out and everyone turned around to see that she was already lying on the ground . Little Seven stepped on her body, looking at her carcass icily .

The people under Ol’ Wu saw Little Seven’s apathetic appearance and were so afraid by her actions that they broke out in cold sweat .

Wasn’t she just a kid? How was she so powerful?!

Ol Wu finally reacted as he waved towards his group, “Catch them all and send them to the mines! Kill all who resist!”

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