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Chapter 57: “The Plan Begins”

After Sima You Yue went missing, everyone had no opportunity to eat her cooking anymore. So, now that she had made a large table of dishes, apart from leaving some aside for Ouyang Fei, every plate had been picked clean by these few people.

After they finished eating, Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi took the initiative to stay behind to clean the plates and bowls. When they had just finished cleaning the bowls, Sima You Yue received some news from Little Roar, telling her the He Qiu Zhi had left her place.

At this time, it was already very late, around 12 midnight. It was unknown what she wanted to do by leaving at this time.

"I'm going out." Sima You Yue said to Fatty Qu and the gang.

"Did He Qiu Zhi leave her house?" Fatty Qu asked.

Sima You Yue nodded.

"Then we'll go as well." Wei Zi Qi pulled off the apron that Sima You Yue had prepared for him.

It was their first time wearing something like this so these two men were unaccustomed to it. However, they did not wish to dirty their clothes. Thinking about it, they were at home anyway so it didn't matter.

Sima You Yue also did not say anything as she brought these two people out, according to what Little Roar reported to her. The three of them fumbled about towards the small lakeside at the Academy.

"You Yue, how did you know that she would be here?" Fatty Qu asked when he saw Sima You Yue had directly run over to this place.

Sima You Yue had yet to answer when Little Roar flew over.

Looking at Little Roar, the two of them immediately understood. It turns out that You Yue had sent Little Roar to monitor He Qiu Zhi long ago.

"Yue Yue, now this evil woman has appeared, but there's no one else!" Little Roar reported the situation.

After hearing what Little Roar said, the other two widened their eyes in shock.

They had always assumed that Little Roar was just a pet that Sima You Yue had been keeping, but thinking about how it could actually speak, it means that it was a Spirit Beast that was at least of the Saint Rank!

Sima You Yue hugged Little Roar and said towards Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi, "Let's look for a place to hide first. The person backing He Qiu Zhi might appear any second."


The three of them saw that there was a rock garden not too far away from the Pavilion and so slowly inched their way towards that rock garden. Together with He Qiu Zhi, who was inside the Pavilion, they waited for that person.

He Qiu Zhi was looking outside the pavilion the whole time, pacing back and forth anxiously. After a moment, a silhouette slowly appeared.

"Miss Nalan, you've finally come!" He Qiu Zhi quickly came over the moment she saw the person who had come.

Nalan Lan glanced over at the panicky He Qiu Zhi, walked over to the Pavilion and sat down directly before asking, "Say it, why did you call me out so late at night?"

Sima You Yue didn't think that the person backing He Qiu Zhi was actually Nalan Lan; the one who had watched the original owner of this body get beaten to death together with Murong An.

It was evident that the appearance of Nalan Lan had given both Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi and shock. They never thought that the one who wanted to harm Sima You Yue was actually the completely unrelated Nalan Lan.

"Miss Nalan, I had no other choice but to call you out." He Qiu Zhi knelt down, looking at Nalan Lan as she said, "Miss Nalan, save me!"

He Qiu Zhi's words caught the attention of the three people hiding behind the rock garden so Sima You Yue took out the Sound Stone, pouring Spirit Power into it.

Once the purple veins on the Sound Stone felt the Spirit Power, it was as if it were alive. The veins started to move, scaring Sima You Yue so much that she almost flung the stone aside.

Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi only now realised that Sima You Yue was using an interspatial ring. Looking at her using her Spiritual Power to activate the Sound Stone, both of them stared at her with shock that was greater than when they had seen Nalan Lan.

"What…" Fatty Qu wanted to say something but his mouth was covered by the person beside him.
Wei Zi Qi shook his head at Fatty Qu, indicating to him not to speak. Although his own heart was filled with question, he know that if he were to speak right now, he would disrupt Sima You Yue's plan.

Fatty Qu blinked his eyes, indicating that he understood. Only then did Wei Zi Qi put down his hand.

Sima You Yue looked gratefully at Wei Zi Qi before turning to continue looking at the two people in the Pavilion from the stone garden.

"Save you?" Nalan Lan looked contemptuously at He Qiu Zhi who was kneeling on the ground. This kind of person had no real worth in her eyes, but she had helped her to get rid of Sima You Yuer so she had forced herself to allow He Qiu Zhi to follow after her. "Say it, who have you provoked this time?"

"It's Sima You Yue, he has returned." He Qiu Zhi said.

"Sima You Yue?" Hearing the name Sima You Yue, Nalan Lan was shocked and said, "You said that he has returned?"

"Yes, I saw him today at the Academy building. He was alive and well!" He Qiu Zhi shuddered when she thought of the way that Sima You Yue had looked at her.

"How come?! Are you certain that it's him?" Looking at how He Qiu Zhi did not look like she was lying, she was extremely surprised.

"It's really him!" He Qiu Zhi affirmed, "Miss Nalan, you said that after entering the Fourth Teleportation Array, he would definitely die. It was only because I believed you that I was willing to push him in. But now that he has returned and he even wants to find me for revenge. His gaze when he looked at me made my hairs stand on ends, he even said that he wants to come for my life! Miss Nalan, you have to save me, you were the one who made me do it!"

As she said this, she stretched forth a hand to pull onto Nalan Lan's clothes, seeking a sense of security.

Nalan Lan brushed He Qiu Zhi's hand aside saying, "What are you so uptight about! Even if that waste has returned, what can he do to me?"

"He must have seen that it was me who pushed him into the Fourth Teleportation array! He will definitely find me for revenge!" He Qiu Zhi cried.

"The Academy prevents students from mutually killing each other. If one had been found with intentions to harm another, once it was found out by the Academy, the person would immediately be expelled from Academy." Nalan Lan was calm, "As long as Sima You Yue has no evidence, he will have no way of doing anything to us. As long as you don't accept when he comes to you looking to battle, you will not be in any danger. Anyway, does that waste even dare to come to the Academy courtyard looking for trouble with you? Could it be that you can't even win over a waste?"

"But I'm afraid that he'll play dirty." He Qiu Zhi said worriedly.

"Didn't I just tell you that he won't dare to do anything to you in Academy? Not unless he plans to be expelled by the Academy." Nalan Lan objected.

"But what about outside the Academy premises?" He Qiu Zhi asked.

"Outside? Then you just have to not leave the Academy premises and all will be well." Nalan Lan said, "During this period of time, you just have to remain in Academy. Don't you all have to go and complete some missions for Academy, the question still remains of whether or not he will be able to return alive. In the future, don't come to look for me for these kind of things. You're really a cowardly waste. I don't like the people who are following me to be of this kind of character, do you understand?"

After saying this, she did not wait for He Qiu Zhi to reply before turning around to leave the Pavilion.

He Qiu Zhi watched as Nalan Lan departed before walking far away to spit in contempt, "What are you so prideful for? You just have a good clan backing you. If you didn't have the Nalan Clan, wouldn't you just be the same as the rest of us? If you don't protect me, I'll just drag you through the mud with me, everyone of us can die together. Pui!"

He Qiu Zhi left before Sima You Yue finally stopped pumping Spirit Power into the Sound Stone. She turned around to face the two of them and said, "With this thing, we'll see how they can object. I know you guys have questions on your hearts, let's talk about them when we get home."

In order to prevent any accidents, the three of them avoided everyone else before sneaking back to their house.

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