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Chapter 40: "Eating what’s hers, Sleeping what’s hers"

When Sima You Yue returned to the cave this time round, Wu Lingyu was deep in meditation. However, once he sensed her presence, he came out of his meditative state and opened his eyes.

"You're back? Do you know where exactly we are now?" Wu Lingyu asked her.

"Don't you know where we are? Didn't you come here on your own?" She countered.

"I only know that we are in the Pu Luo mountain range. After arriving here, I encountered some things and now I'm not sure where we are exactly." He replied.

"We are in the innermost region of the Pu Luo Mountain Range." She replied. "I was sent here by a Teleportation Array but yet here you are, all intact surviving on your own in the most dangerous region. You're really lucky to be alive and did not end up in some Spirit Beast's stomach."

"We're actually so deep in." He mumbled. "Well, you've been here for such a long time already, why don't you tell me how did you survive out here? How is it that no Spirit Beasts have come to find trouble with you? They are very hostile to humans."

Sima You Yue was startled for a moment as she herself pondered on why she had never encountered any Spirit Beasts despite staying here for so long. Before, she had thought that there were no Spirit Beasts living out here, however Ya Guang had just told her that there were Spirit Beasts in the vicinity.

Was it because of Crimson Flame's presence that had deterred the other Spirit Beasts?

She knew that in this world, the hierarchy of Spirit Beasts were strictly revered. From Little Roar's reaction and the leap in her cultivation advancement when she contracted with Crimson Flame, she had gathered that his identity was not so simple. It must have been the pressure he emitted that had scared the other Spirit Beasts in the vicinity, hence this entire canyon was so peaceful.

Even the divine ranked Spirit Beasts are so fearful of it, it made her wonder what kind of monstrous entity did she have a contract with?

Wu Lingyu looked at Sima You Yue who was deep in contemplation and asked: "Do you know the reason?"

"How would I know?" She shrugged it off. "Don't forget that I'm a renowned trash. How would I know such a thing?"

"Didn't you say that rumours aren't credible?" he flashed her an enigmatic smile.

"Haven't you heard of the saying? To take something with a pinch of salt?" She glanced at him and brought out a pot as she got ready to prepare dinner. Since he was here, she wouldn't be able to cultivate now, might as well prepare something to eat.

"Didn't you just eat?" Wu Lingyu looked at her puzzled.

She looked at him and said defensively: "Wasn't that all shared with you and Little Roar? It's almost night soon, it's obviously time for dinner."

After saying, she looked around and put the pot back into the interspatial ring. She left the cave and took all her cooking utensils out and started preparing dinner.

Wu Lingyu thought about things for a bit and he got off the bed and headed out and watched her prepare dinner. There was a pot that was simmering and in it was some rice grains with water. She was on the other side, frying up some dishes.

"Are you like this at home too?" He asked.

He had only heard her reputation as a trash, but did not know that she was so skilled in cooking. She was effortlessly frying up the dishes, in a practised manner. Her cooking skills were even better than the restaurants out there.

"Yeah." She snuck a glance at him and was inwardly praising this world's medicines and elixirs. He had such a deep gnash across his stomach just the other day and now here he was speaking to her as if it was nothing. This world's medicine was simply too incredible! If it was in her past world, one with such a wound would have to stay in bed for months to be doing what he was doing now. It merely took him a few hours and he could get out of bed.

Wu Lingyu was leaning against the wall at the entrance and just watched her cook silently.

After Sima You Yue finished dishing up the food, she had prepared two portions and set them on the table. "Powerful cultivators like you have no need to eat, so if you don't want to eat, you can just leave it there."

"Although I don't feel hunger, after watching you working so hard and pouring so much effort into this meal, I would like to try some."

Under the silvery moonlight, the two of them ate out under the blanket of glittering stars, with the occasional roars from the Spirit Beasts echoing in the canyon as an accompaniment.

Because it was rather late, she had only cooked porridge and two simple dishes. Although it was only two simple dishes, the taste was simply out of this world and for someone who was rarely interested in food, he couldn't help himself but had a second bowl.

After she finished her meal, she put her bowl down and looked at him. "I'll leave the dish washing to you."

"You want me to wash the dishes?!" Wu Lingyu thought that he had heard wrong. Since young, he had never needed to do such menial tasks and now in this lower realm, someone that he could crush easily like an ant was actually asking him to wash the dishes?

"Of course, since I prepared the meal, it's only right that you wash the dishes." She answered in a straightforward manner, as if it was a matter of fact.

"Don't forget that I'm akin to your employer, I asked you to accompany me and I'm even giving you a reward." He scoffed as he 'gently reminded' her.

"You said that you would give me two advancement pills but what happens if you fall back on your promise? Why don’t you give me half of the reward first so that we can officiate this employment." She stretched her hands out and looked at him in earnest.

Under the glowing moon, Wu Lingyu looked at the small hand in front of him that was as smooth as jade. He suddenly had the urge to reach out and hold this hand. He wanted to know how it felt to hold onto this hand.

But it was only a passing thought that flashed by. He wasn’t a person that was attracted by woman and held no interest in them and their antics. He swiftly retrieved a small jade bottle from his own space and placed it in her hands before he walked back into the cave.

Sima You Yue pulled the stopper off and took a whiff, as a gentle and mellow fragrance drifted out.

"Little Spirit." She called out.

"What is it?"

"Since your former master was an alchemist master, then you should be familiar with the various medicinal pills. You should be able to determine what medicinal pill this is, right? Can you help me identify and see if this is really an advancement pill?"

Little Spirit took the jade bottle from her hands and took a look. "Yes it is. Moreover, it’s the highest grade advancement pill at that."

"All's good then." When she heard Little Spirit's answer, she smiled and happily went to wash the dishes, almost seemingly humming a tune while washing.

After she had finished tidying everything up, she habitually went for a short walk after a meal and strolled about the canyon to aid her in the digestion of food. After her stroll, she returned to the cave.

Wu Lingyu was lying in bed resting when he suddenly sensed a shadow cast upon him. He opened his eyes and snapped: "What are you doing?"

"Move further in." Sima You Yue gestured.


"I want to sleep and you are right in the middle of the bed, occupying the whole bed. Move over." Saying which, she sat down by the edge and started removing her shoes.

"No." Wu Lingyu refused to budge.

"Why? She sat up and looked at him, puzzled.

"I don’t like to sleep with someone else as well, but this is my bed and it’s the only one I have. May I ask if you have one?"

"No." He replied.

Usually all these basic necessities were all arranged for him, there was no need for him to bother about such trivial matters. That was why he never had any of such things like a bed in his own interspatial ring.

"That won't do." She frowned. "Now there's only one bed, if we're not going to sleep together, where am I going to sleep? Or why don't you give me back my bed."

She continued to remove her other shoe and when she saw that he did not move, she pushed him in.

"Wu Lingyu, this is MY bed!" She yelled at him.

"It's mine now." He replied in a faint voice. When he saw that she touched him, he subconsciously reached out and patted her hand away.

Sima You Yue's hand stiffened in a conditioned reflex and she thrusted her hand out like a knife towards Wu Lingyu. From a simple push, everything escalated into a fight.

Her moves were fast, accurate and ruthless but Wu Lingyu did not fare any worse and he kept up with her moves although he was lying down. Eventually, they fought to a standstill.

When she saw that she could not win him, she stopped and immediately flipped on top of him with her two hands supporting her. She was face to face with him and saw that his entire face was black. She then roared at him: "Do you have any obsessive compulsive disorder or are you just crazy? It's just two men sleeping on the same bed! Is there a need for such a big reaction?!"

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