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In the following discussions, Sima You Yue did not say much but listened quietly, not giving her opinions on anything regarding the early plans, but only coming in during the final battle. They discussed for over a day, and only reached a conclusion and a finalised plan in the late night.

When they had ended, she passed the Divinity Pills to the two family Heads, and then returned to the yard on her own, planning to tell her plan to the Sima Family, and telling them about her plans to bring Sima Qian over.

When they were told of Sima You Yue's plans, the entire Sima Family approved of it. After they had been exposed to the outside world, their eyes had been opened, and also felt that the Yi Lin Continent was not suitable for living. If they could bring the Sima family out, that would be the best thing to happen.

The earlier parts of the plans do not require Sima You Yue and the rest to do anything, and so they went to a valley nearby to train. Before they left, they passed Yun Jin Wei a mother stone so that it would be easier for him to locate them while telling him not to look for them if nothing was the matter.Yun Jin Wei had lived for more than a hundred years and understood what Sima You Yue meant, and understood to only use the stone if there was an emergency.

So Sima You Yue brought the Sima family members into the mountain, set Halcyon to guard over the area, and then entered the spirit pavilion. Now that a day in the world would be ten days in the spirit pavilion, then since there was no need to, they wouldn't have to go along with the normal timing of the world.

As each day passed, half a year had started to pass outside, yet in the pavilion they had already lived for five years' worth of time. In these five years, each person had improved tremendously, and all this improvement would definitely leave one speechless.

Where the Yun family was was not far from where they were, and so they were at times able to get a feel of what was going on Sima You Yue's side. On some days they were able to feel the light of ascension rush up to the clouds a few times in a single day. The next time the Yun family saw the light of ascension, it no longer surprised them. Even if those weirdos were able to promote one by one in each day, they can't have grown that much, right?

That day, Sima You Yue was practicing her arrays in the mountain valley, and felt movement in the mother stone. As she took it out, she heard Yun Jin Wei's voice.

"Young Valley Master, someone has come looking for you." Yun Jin Wei's voice said.

"Me?" Sima You Yue was shocked. "Who would be looking for me?"

"People from the Divine Devil Valley."

Before Yun Yi had finished, Old Man Devil's voice could be heard. "You little brat, come out now!"

"Master? Why are you here?" Sima You Yue never thought that she would hear Old Man Devil's voice, and was extremely shocked.

"Come out first, then we'll talk." Old Man Devil said and broke the stone. Turning to the man beside him he said. "Didn't you say you wanted to? Go ahead."

"Don't regret it." The man's voice was deep, but when he lifted his head, his face was extremely young. The expression with which he looked at Old Man Devil was blank, his entire being emitting a cold aura.

"Huh. What do I have to regret?" Old Man Devil said.

"I will suppress my powers." The man said, and flew out.

Yun Yi looked as he went, and said with worry, "Second Valley Master, Young Valley Master has only just become a Spirit Paragon, if you are to test his powers right now, won't it be dangerous?"

"No worry. That brat has some good fortune." Old Man Devil sat on the chair and kicked back his leg in a relaxed manner.

"You're not going to watch over it?" Yun Yi was still worried.

"If you're worried you can go, the sooner they're done fighting the sooner you can all return." Old Man Devil said.

Yun Yi deliberated on that for a while, and bowed goodbye to Old Man Devil. "Your disciple takes his leave." He then chased down to the valley where Sima You Yue would be.

"You look down on my apprentice." Old Man Devil scoffed, showing his confidence in Sima You Yue. Sima You Yue had just come not far out from the valley before she spotted someone in the air, his hands behind his back and his long hair flowing in the wind, staring straight at them.

"You Yue, I think that person is here looking for a fight." Bei Gong Tang said.

"I can tell." Sima You Yue and the rest stopped, and faced the man squarely.

"Are you Sima You Yue?" The man said, staring at her with an icy glare, sizing her up.

"Who are you, and why are you obstructing my path?" Sima You Yue looked at the man, racking her brains, but not figuring out who the man is.

"Fight with me. Only if you defeat me can you move on." The man said, and immediately launched an attack on Sima You Yue.

"Go back!" Sima You Yue shouted to the rest, and rushed towards the man.


The two started to battle in the air, letting out sounds of explosions. The rest escaped far off.

"A sixth grade Spirit Paragon?" The man cocked his brow, looking at Sima You Yue incredulously, launching his next attack with his hands put together: "Mysterious Ice---" Around his joint hands, blocks of ice started to form, and according to his commands, the ice blocks started to attack, flying towards Sima You Yue. Sima You Yue never thought that he would use such skills this early on, and brandished a wall of fire to counter the ice blocks, and taking a stance on guard.

Ordinary fire walls were not very good options of defence, but Sima You Yue's fire wall was able to move forward and launch an attack. As her fire wall started to gain traction, the ice blocks that were flying towards her started to melt as well.

But before she could take a breather, a stronger and sharper ice shard flew towards her, and she could feel the cold wave that the shard emitted as it was coming towards her. But her powers were also ready for an attack, and she brandished a long flaming sword, spitting the ice shard quickly.

"Flaming Attack---" As she dodged the ice shard, she lifted her sword and sent it crashing down on the man

'Ice Shield!" A gigantic shield of ice flashed out, and blocked out her flaming sword. Sima You Yue felt the icy powers coming out from the Ice Shield and was confused. This ice shield was indeed of unprecedented strength. How could a shield of ice be able to block a flaming sword?

As the shield started to lose its sturdiness against the flaming sword, the man disappeared from his original spot, leaving behind the ice shield. This surprised Sima You Yue. Where could he have gone!?

She closed her eyes and felt her surroundings, and felt a wave of movement from behind her, and felt that danger was coming upon her.

"Right here!" Her heart spoke, and her body trembled, sending a wave of energy out into the air.


Another bout of energy could be felt as well, and the other party was hit by the wave. Although it was not particularly strong, it caused the man to appear once more. But the man did not attack again, only looking at Sima You Yue and said, "Indeed, there's something."

At this time, Yun Yi flew over. Seeing that neither party was hurt, he heaved a sigh of relief, asking, "Are you guys done fighting?"

"You know him?" Sima You Yue looked at Yun Yi, saying, "If you know him, I will not kill him, but will only give him a good beating! Those who coming to me looking for trouble with me, I will not let them go easily!" With that, she prepared to launch another attack.

As Yun Yi heard Sima You Yue's rough words, he was wordless, but still managed to say, "Young Valley Master had only wanted to test your powers, he wasn't really looking for trouble."

Sima You Yue stopped in her tracks, looking at the man, and then at Yun Yi again.

"Young Valley Master?"

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