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Chapter 38: "Intriguing"

While Wu Lingyu was lying down in bed trying to sort out the clues he had, a tantalizing smell of barbeque wafted in.

Shortly, Sima You Yue walked in with a roasted chicken and saw that Wu Lingyu had indeed brought out more light pearls and the entire cave was illuminated as bright as day.

She then took out a table from her interspatial ring as well as a plate and placed the roasted chicken on the plate as she proceeded on carve the chicken into several pieces and asked: "Would you like to have some?"

She had given it some thought and had decided that since she won't be able to hide the fact that she could cultivate, she might as well openly use her interspatial ring for convenience. All she needed to do was to hide the fact that she had her own space which could keep live animals inside, she just needed to keep her Spirit Pearl's existence a secret.

"You can use an interspatial ring." Wu Lingyu said it very matter of factly, without any surprise.

"Well, as long as one's a Spirit Master, it can be used." She replied.

"Rumours has it that you can't cultivate, let alone sense the Spiritual Qi." He pointed out.

"As you've said, rumours." She brushed it off as she steered the conversation away: "Then what's-your-name, would you like to eat? If you aren't I'm eating it all."

"Wu Lingyu."

"Well then, Wu Lingyu, do you want to eat?" She asked again.

Usually he didn’t eat such simple food but when he saw her bright eyes looking at him, he nodded his head and agreed.

Sima You Yue pushed the table to the bed so that he could sit up and eat. She then put some on a clean plate for him and she carefully savoured the rest of the meat, slowly picking at it. The way she ate it was also an art as she ate it elegantly.

Wu Lingyu picked up a chicken wing and bit into it without much thought. However, the burst of flavours that came right after was a huge surprise to him as he subconsciously took a bigger bite next.

"Never would I have thought that you are able to cook something so delicious!" Not having eaten anything so delicious in a long while, moreover in such a desolate place, he praised her generously.

"There’s more things that you’ve not thought before."

When she saw Little Roar enter, she took out the roast chicken she had prepared for him earlier from her interspatial ring.

"Yue Yue, you’re so mean! Why didn’t you call me when you have such good stuff here?" Little Roar couldn’t speak now so he transmitted the message to her directly to her mind.

"Even if I didn’t call you, aren’t you here now?" She affectionately poked him on his head. "I heard you happily chatting with another Spirit Beast just now, hmm, how did I not find out about this perverted personality of yours before?"

"I’m not!" Little Roar weakly protested, however the vindication behind it also made it unable to believe it himself.

"Your contract beast?" Wu Lingyu asked as he looked at Little Roar in curiosity.

She glanced at him and replied: "Yes, a useless and perverted one at that."

"Hey! Who's useless!" Little Roar retorted.

"It's pretty cute." Wu Lingyu said.

"Thanks for your praise." By the time Sima You Yue finished gnawing on her last piece of chicken, she stood up and said: "It's safe in here. The Spirit Beasts won't encroach this area, so rest assured and recuperate well."

Following that, she left the cave.

Little Roar was holding the roast chicken and he looked at the cave entrance and turned his little head to look and Wu Lingyu. He seemed to be in a dilemna and he finally tore his gaze away from Wu Lingyu and went out of the cave with the chicken.

Although he was someone who appreciated beauty, the most important to him was still his Master.

When Wu Lingyu saw the reluctance Little Roar had, he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

After sensing Sima You Yue and Little Roar had gone far away, Fire Qilin appeared in his human form, donning on a set of fiery red robes and he swaggered over to his Master's side.

He came to the table and sat down as he helped himself to a chicken thigh, chomping the chicken gleefully: "Mmm…. Master, this girl has pretty good cooking skills." He was relishing the moment and licking his fingers as he ate.

"Why did you eat my chicken thigh?" Wu Lingyu was sternly staring at the Fire Qilin.

"Well, anyway you don't eat such food." Fire Qilin continued enjoying the chicken thigh in his hands and in a few moments, he had completely gnawed it clean. He reached out for another piece of chicken but Wu Lingyu smacked his hands away and threw the chicken head to him instead.

"Can you identify what Spirit Beast was that beside her?" Wu Lingyu asked.

When Fire Qilin saw that his attention was not on the chicken, he quickly grabbed another piece of chicken and started eating it. "You mean that guy? He's the ancient sacred beast, Hou."

"How can an ancient sacred beast appear in such a desolate place in the lower realm?" Wu Lingyu was surprised with Little Roar's identity and asked.

"No idea." Fire Qilin said while chewing. "And it seems that he's been severely injured because of this, it has significantly reduced his powers. If he were to enter the upper realms with such mediocre strength, he's bound to be torn into pieces by other Spirit Beasts in no time, moreover his Master is so weak."

Thinking back, when he saw Little Roar, even he himself was shocked as the Ancient Sacred Beast Hou was very rare, even in the upper realms. To actually see one here in such a desolate place in the lower realm was even more like a miracle.

"In the eyes of others, she is nothing but a waste. But not only can she cultivate, she also has a contract with the Ancient Sacred Beast Hou. She's really making me more curious." Wu Lingyu's lips curled up into a charmingly devilish smile.

When Fire Qilin saw Wu Lingyu smile, he held a moment of silence in his heart for Sima You Yue.

Each time his Master had on such a smile, it meant that the inner demon in his Master was at work. Not once had those that were the target of this smile had ever met a good ending.

"Where's my roast chicken!" By the time Wu Lingyu had recovered from his thoughts, he found that other than the half eaten chicken wing in his hands, all that he saw was a pile of chicken bones in front of him.

The Fire Qilin who was still eating the chicken put on a very serious expression and said: "Master, with regards to that matter, let me go and check it. Since we share a soul contract, if I'm near it, I will be able to sense it too. This time, let number two protect you."

Wu Lingyu threw the finished chicken wing onto the table and coldly said: "I don't need you to worry about such things."

"Then I'm off." Fire Qilin left the cave and flew into the mountains.

Sima You Yue looked at the mountains and saw that the Spirit Beast that Little Roar was happily chatting with with earlier and had called over was actually a saint ranked Iron Claw Tiger.

She then learned more about the Pu Luo Mountain Range from this Iron Claw Tiger, such as the various powers of the Spirit Beasts residing in this mountain range, as well as the various territories. After she had learned everything she wanted to know, she told it that it was free to go.

However, the Iron Claw Tiger looked at her hesitatingly.

"What's the matter?" Sima You Yue asked.

"Well…umm… I've kinda taken a liking Little Roar and since I'm all alone here, why don't you take me in?" Iron Claw Tiger said in an embarrassed manner.

"Cough cough-" Sima You Yue was almost choked to death by her own saliva. She looked at the Iron Claw Tiger incredulously and gulped. "I thought you Spirit Beasts despise humans? And you, a Saint Ranked Spirit Beast actually want to take the initiative to have me, a mere Spirit Master who just started cultivating as your Master?"

Iron Claw Tiger looked at Little Roar and said: "I was actually chased out by my family clan, and I've been wandering about these mountains all on my own for so long. Since Boss has already followed you, I believe that you will grow to be incredibly strong in the future! I believe in Boss!"

Sima You Yue glanced at the smug Little Roar by the side who currently had his nose in the air, as she wondered how did he actually cheat a Spirit Beast of such calibre over.

She looked at him helplessly and explained: "Look, I would love to have you as my contract  Spirit Beast but I'm not a Beast Tamer and I do not have the beast taming skills to suppress your Spirit Energy. I can't establish any contract with you as I won't be able to handle the backlash."

Little Roar face palmed as he lamented : "Arghh!!! How could I forget such an important thing!" Just as he was so proud of himself, he actually missed out such a detail.

"Does that mean that I can no longer follow Boss around?" Iron Claw Tiger asked dejectedly.

Little Roar flew over to Iron Claw Tiger, landed on his back and said, "Don't worry. Your awesome Boss here still has a way."

Misty: Guess what I had for lunch? haha. Yup, Roast Chicken. Mmmmmmmm…

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