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Chapter 278: Shamelessly going back on your word

"Miss Jade, it's good than you're back. Your fellow disciple brought people saying that we're forcing you to stay here. Quickly go back with them, we can't bear this kind of burden. Otherwise, the Alchemist Guild will send people to exterminate us." Sima You Yue said.

Miss Jade's face grew dark as she glared at Li Mu, chiding him, "it was me who said I wanted to stay here. What are you doing right now? Are you telling others that our Alchemist Guild bullies others?"

"Sister, I was merely worried about you!" Li Mu objected.

"Miss Jade has been with You Qing and the others for a whole day, did you all not know this?" Sima You Yue said, "If Miss Jade was really kidnapped by us, would she still be able to go out and walk around? Even if you wanted to find an excuse, you shouldn't make use of us!'

The Nalan Clan and the people from the Alchemist Guild were angry. This guy always revealed their true motives, causing them to feel really embarrassed!

"What are you all getting angry for!" Sima You Yue said, "Could it be that I spoke wrongly?"

"Don't talk rubbish!" A Nalan Clansman shouted.

"Everyone knows whether or not it is rubbish. Since you've already done something like this, why are you afraid that I'll reveal this story?" Sima You Yue laughed coldly, as she swept her eyes over them and said, "Didn't you say that I had to defeat the three of you? I've already finished one of you, so there are two of you left. Who's next?"

When everyone saw her cold eyes, they knew that anyone who went would be met with a merciless beating.

After half a minute had passed without anyone stepping forward, Sima You Yue crossed her friends in front of herself and said, "Since nobody wants to step forward, I'll just choose on my own. You, come over. Let's fight."

The person who was chosen quickly took a step backwards, saying, "I'm very weak, I'm not going to fight you!"

Sima You Yue didn't make it hard for him and pointed at someone else, saying, "Then you come."

"I'm even weaker." That person stepped backwards.

"Then you? You? How about you?" Sima You Yue pointed at a few others, and all who were pointed at stepped backwards swiftly.

After the subsequent ones she pointed at didn't come forward, Sima You Yue got even angrier, shouting, "Do you all even want to fight or not? If you want to fight, then come. If not, then get lost!"

Li Mu's face was ashen. At this point, the Alchemist Guild would lose a lot of face.

"You dare to ask us to get lost? Nobody has ever dared to say this kind of thing to our Alchemist Guild before!" Someone was beyond himself with anger and shouted.

"Then, do you want to fight me?" Sima You Yue looked at him.

After being on the receiving end of Sima You Yue's glare, it was immediately game over for him.

"Hmph, we are Alchemists. So what if a spirit master's battle strength like you is stronger than ours?" Someone said.

"That's right. If you have the capability, then battle us in alchemy!" Everyone called out in support after the person said this.

Why would they use their own shortcomings to fight with the strong point of the spirit masters! They couldn't beat her, but they didn't believe that she knew how to refine pills!

"You all want to compete with me in pill refinement?" Sima You Yue asked, "What if I don't know how to refine pills?"

"If you don't know how to refine pills, then you naturally have to apologise to us!" The one who first talked about pill refinement said.

"Enough. Li Mu, take your people and leave!" Jade chastised because she was filled with both disappointment and anger when she saw the members of the Alchemist Guild behaving like this.

"Miss, there is no point telling at Brother Disciple Mu about this. This is about the reputation of the Guild. If the other party apologises to us and hand it over to us to settle, then we can forget it. If not, don't blame the guild for exacting punishment on the Sima Clan!" Someone from the alchemist guild said.

"You dare to disobey me!"

"Miss, although this situation began because of you, it is now something that is between the Sima Clan and the Alchemist Guild. Even if you wanted to stop it, there's no way!" Red Cloud said.

"Tsk tsk." Sima You Yue saw that they were acting as if they had already obtained victory and mocked, "You said just now that you would leave after defeating three of you, but you refuse to fight after losing just once. Now you want to compete against us in alchemy, as if everyone is an alchemist? I've seen shameless people before, but I've never seen people as shameless as you! You can't expect everyone to be of standard! If one has money, there will definitely be robbers."

The members of the alchemist guild were exceptionally angry. However, the situation had already reached this level and they would not just leave quietly.

"We were in the wrong for changing things halfway, so we'll give you one chance now. It doesn't necessarily have to be you. As long as an alchemist from the Sima Clan comes to battle us, it's enough." Li Mu said.

"That won't do." Sima You Yue said, "What if you take a hundred year old alchemist who has been refining pills for ninety years to compete with someone who has just started learning alchemy? Won't it be a pointless battle?" Sima You Yue said, "Don't you see that we're all so young?"

"The one we'll send is from the younger generation as well." Li Mu said.

"I heard that your talent for alchemy is pretty good. How old are you ? What's your rank?"

"Twenty six, fourth ranked alchemist." Li Mu boasted.

Sima You Yue thought about how Shi Mo Li was praised as a genius for almost becoming a first ranked alchemist at aged twenty, but her later days for increasing rank were tough. This twenty four year old fourth ranked alchemist must be pretty talented.

"Mm, talent really isn't bad." She nodded.

"I won't intervene. Number Three, come over and compete with them." Li Mu said arrogantly.

"Is he very powerful?" Sima You yue asked.

"Twenty five years old, third ranked alchemist." Li Mu said.

"Li Mu, Number Three is the most talented in here apart from you. If you let him compete, what's the difference between competing with you!" Jade said.

"Sister, are you from the alchemist guild or are you a Sima Clansmen! Why do you always speak up on their behalf!" Red Cloud cried out with dissatisfaction.

"That's right, Miss, you're the Miss of the guild!" Everyone agreed.

"I'm merely speaking the truth!" Jade said, "If you continue to do things that disgrace the guild, the elders will definitely not approve!"

Li Mu looked at Sima You Yue, saying, "We've already selected our representative, do you have any alchemists? If you don't, then apologise!"

Sima You Yue lifted up a finger and shook it, saying, "No need to change, I will compete against you."

"You want to compete against me?" Li Mu looked at Sima You Yue. He didn't know what drugs she was smoking.

"That's right, I will directly compete against you. If you lose, you will immediately take you people and get lost!" Sima You Yue said.

"Ha ha, this guy wants to compete with Brother Li?"

"Is this guy crazy?!"

"We'll compete then, Brother Li. If he loses, then let him break his own arm!" Yuan Feng, who had recovered after eating a pill, said maliciously.

"That's right. Brother Li, go and take care of him!"

"Young boy, how old are you?"

Sima You Yue smiled, "I'm fine saying it, to prevent you claiming that I cheated after I win. I am turning twenty two."

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