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Chapter 1870: Chaos

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Sima You Yue looked at Hades, and finally showed a smile: “Hades, you should have a way?”

“I don’t have a way.” Hades said, seeing that everyone didn’t believe it, he said seriously: “What I said is true, that Eye of the Dragon is very strange, even I can’t help him.”

“Then you let Lingyu …” Sima You Yue was really angry this time, knowing that there was no way yet he let him merge with Eye of the Dragon?

“Young Miss, I’m all to blame for this matter. If it weren’t for me being held back and going late, he wouldn’t be forced into the position of merging into the Eye of the Dragon.” Black Shadow said reproachfully, “Please punish me, this matter has nothing to do with My King. He left orders for me to protect Lingyu with all I’ve got.”

Sima You Yue’s eyes were red and wanted to cry, but she didn’t have any tears, only that her eyes were astringent.

She hasn’t thought about Wu Lingyu’s fusion, but now it was mentioned again, her heart hurt like a needle piercing it.

His fighting power was forced to the point where his body and spirit dissipated. The situation at that time must have been so grim. What kind of a serious injury did he suffer?

“Alright, didn’t you say that you can’t think about the things from the past?” Wu Lingyu wanted to hold her and give her a heavy kiss, so that she didn’t have any thoughts. But now that someone was here, he could only coax her softly.

The other three people were also frightened by her sudden change. They had never seen her like this before. She was not angry, but there was a kind of sadness emanating from the depths of her heart.

“For both lifetimes, you have been accustomed to being free. Staying in the rock for hundreds of thousands of years has already made you…now that you are trapped in this place…no, I will definitely think of a way to let you have your freedom restored!” Thinking that Wu Lingyu would be trapped here for the rest of his life, she couldn’t control her body and trembled.

Wu Lingyu held her hand and said, “Let’s find a way together.”

He didn’t plan to be stuck here forever, Hades and the others have no way? Well, he has to find a way then!

If he admits his fate, she will be more uncomfortable. Besides, neither of them would resign themselves to such a fate!

Sima You Yue clasped his hand tightly and nodded heavily.

“Do the two of you want to think of a way? What can the two of you think of? That stubborn guy? There’s no way it will work!” Hades let out a cold snort and poured cold water on the two of them.

“You don’t have a way but it doesn’t mean that others won’t be able to think of one.” Sima You Yue was really angered by him, instead of teasing him like before.

“Young Miss, My King had gone to find Eye of the Dragon before.” Black Shadow argued for Hades. Although it was true that they had not done a good job of this matter, Young Miss should also calm down and not wrong their King.

Sima You Yue didn’t expect Hades to solve it personally. Hearing what Black Shadow said, the fire in her heart disappeared.

“Well, let’s not talk about this for now. Hades, is there really no way to do it?” Sima You Yue asked, “Even if it’s a hearsay or any unorthodox methods.”

“I don’t have a way, but since you said that, I just thought of a legend that I have heard before.” Thinking of the legend, he frowned slightly.

“What’s the matter? What is the legend?” Sima You Yue had never seen him furrow his brows before.

“The Eye of the Dragon is rumored to be something produced from the very beginning when Heaven and Earth was formed from the Chaos. So to say, to solve this, most of it has to do with matters related to the Chaos.” Hades said, “but matters related to the Chaos aren’t easy to handle.”

“Why is it not easy to handle?”

“The Chaos World, although it is called a world, but in fact it seems that there is nothing, it’s like a void.” Hades said, “Even me, I haven’t been to the Chaos World.”

“You’ve never been to Chaos World before?” Sima You Yue was surprised, “Didn’t you say that I have the aura of Chaos World when you first saw me? How would you know if you haven’t been there?”

“I wanted to go before, but I was blocked and held back by someone at that time. I tried secretly a few times, but I couldn’t get past the Chaos Barrier.” Hades said, “I didn’t go anymore because of the burden on my body.”

“There is actually someone who can hold you back? That’s surprising! Moreover, I don’t think you are the kind of person who will give up curiosity because of burdens. Is there anything else?” Sima You Yue knew him well.

Hades knew that he could not escape her eyes, and hummed: “When I was crowned King of hte Underworld, I was forced to swear that I could not go there.”

“Is there anyone living there, just like the Underworld?”

“No, it’s not suitable for living creatures over there. But people who usually go there can’t get out. So no one knows what it looks like over there.” Hades said, “I didn’t expect you to come out.”

“I couldn’t get out at the time, it was Mo Sha that went in and brought me out.” Sima You Yue said, “Later, Mo Sha and Lingyu’s souls merged. I guess it is because of this that I am the only one who came directly to the Underworld and Lingyu in the Ghost Realm.”

The gaze in which the three of them looked at Wu Lingyu improved again. He was actually willing to enter and bring her out of the Chaos World. This character, strength, and his attitude were all considered qualified.

“You said that the Eye of the Dragon solution has something to do with the Chaos World. What kind of legend is that? Can you tell us more?” Sima You Yue asked.

“According to the text, only the aura of chaos can make the Eye of the Dragon move.” Hades said, “I think he can blend with the Eye of the Dragon, probably because your soul power carries the aura of the Chaos World. Otherwise, there are many who have set their sights on it, so how is he the one who can merge with it?”

“It’s very possible.” Sima You Yue nodded, “Hurry up and eat it. When we’re done, we will go have a look at that Eye of the Dragon.”


“That’s right,” Sima You Yue asked Wu Lingyu, remembering her original purpose of coming here, “Since you are so familiar with this place, do you know about the strange treasure?”

“Strange treasure?” Wu Lingyu was stunned, “What strange treasure? Why didn’t I hear the news?”

Having said that, he also raised his eyes to look at Black Shadow.

“Ahem, you don’t care about the news on the shore, so naturally you don’t know about this.” Black Shadow said, “Actually, this is also because of you. You went to the river bottom to find trouble with the beasts from time to time, and then you leaked some breath from time to time. Then those people thought that a treasure was about to be born.”

Sima You Yue blinked, so he was actually the perpetrator who made all these?

“It’s such a big misunderstanding! My treasure, it just melted into nothing!” She was heartbroken, and she was looking forward to it in vain.

She also understood now why she kept thinking of coming here, and always felt that she would regret it all her life if she didn’t come. With him here, if you don’t come, don’t you have to regret it!

At this moment, the child-mother stone in her interspatial ring reacted, seeing that Mo Zhi was contacting her, and remembering that she had not given him any news for so long, he must be worried.. Since there was no treasure, she decided to go back before looking for Eye of the Dragon.

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