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Chapter 1860: Collecting Gifts

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When Sima You Yue came out of the tent, she went over to Mo Zhi’s side and asked excitedly: “Is there any strange treasure coming out?”

“No, I didn’t sense the breath of a treasure.” Mo Zhi dampened her enthusiasm.

“Then what’s wrong?” Sima You Yue asked.

“My guess is that something has happened at the bottom of Nirvana River and it’s caused a commotion.” Mo Zhi said.

When Sima You heard that there was no treasure, her interest decreased by half, and she said: “Could it be that someone was fighting at the bottom of the river earlier?”

If that was really the case, then she had come all this way for nothing.

“No.” Mo Zhi said affirmatively, “I definitely sensed other breaths.”

“Alright then.” Sima You Yue looked at the surging river in the distance and she felt a little agitated. She wanted to go down there to take a look for herself.

She looked back at Huan behind her but saw Huan daydreaming, his attention was elsewhere.

“Huan, what are you thinking of?” Sima You Yue asked.

Huan severed the connection with Black Shadow and said: “I was thinking, what kind of underworld beast would dare to fight at the bottom of the Nirvana River.”

“Can it not?” Sima You Yue asked.

“The Nirvana River is connected to the River of Oblivion, once the water on the side of the Nirvana River is out of control, the water from the River of Oblivion will overflow. At that point, the underworld beasts in the Nirvana River will drown.” Huan explained.

“Drown?” Sima You Yue was a little amused by this: “Underworld beasts in the water can drown?”

“This kind of drowning is different from ordinary drowning.” Huan said, “The water from the River of Oblivion is soft, and the underworld beasts in the Nirvana River cannot survive in it.”

“Alright, then what if the water from the Nirvana River flows into the River of Oblivion?” Sima You Yue asked.

“This doesn’t have much impact on the underworld beasts in the River of Oblivion, they just won’t be able to sink to the bottom of the river to live.” Huan said, “Therefore, it is important to maintain the stability of the two rivers.”

“Is there anyone in charge of this?”

“Not in the past. However, the beasts living in this area understand this, therefore, none of them will fight at the bottom of the river at will.” Huan said.

Mo Zhi looked at Huan in surprise, who was he and how did he know so much?

“Now that there are underworld beasts fighting at the bottom of the river regardless of the danger, it seems, they must be feeling pressured and anxious.” Mo Zhi said.

However, Sima You Yue’s attention was caught by another point: “Huan, didn’t you say that there never used to be anyone in charge in the past? Does that mean that someone is in charge now?”

“There seems to be a problem at the River of Oblivion.” Huan was ambiguous, he muttered in his heart that the King was not right by not telling her about the situation now. When she found out that Wu Lingyu was on the other side of the River of Oblivion, and knew that he had become like this, she would definitely get very angry.

Should he go ahead first and get someone else to follow her?

Forget it. If she were to get angry, he would just tell her that it was the King’s order and place all the responsibility onto the King. Besides, she wouldn’t do anything to the King anyway.

Sima You Yue called out some scarlet bees and instructed them to go inside and find out some news. Some of them flew around their surroundings and some of them flew into the mysterious area.

However, the scarlet bees lost contact as soon as they flew into that area, which made Sima You Yue frown.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Zhi asked with concern.

“My scarlet bees have lost contact.” Sima You Yue said, “I’m going to take a look by the river.”

“It’s too turbulent today, let’s come back tomorrow.” Mo Zhi said, and he promised: “Don’t worry, a strange treasure definitely won’t be born today.”

Although Sima You Yue had wanted to go and take a look at the situation, at Mo Zhi’s insistence that they waited, she had no choice but to wait.

At the same time, at the bottom of the River of Oblivion and the Nirvana River, Wu Lingyu was fighting with a huge water snake. After a few rounds, the water snake was severely injured, and knowing that it had been defeated by Wu Lingyu, it turned and fled towards Nirvana River.

Wu Lingyu stared after the figure of the water snake fleeing and the corners of his mouth arched faintly.

“Want to run? If I don’t give up your snake gall today, don’t even think of leaving.”

Having spoken, he raised his right hand and waved it a few times in the water. The water formed a whirlpool and sucked the water snake back to him.

“Ah ah ah… you, how can you control the water from the Nirvana River?” The water snake looked horrified, as if it had realised something unbelievable.

The Nirvana River and the River of Oblivion were originally one body of water. Since I can control the water of the River of Oblivion, then what’s so surprising that I can control the water from the Nirvana River?” Wu Lingyu said contemptuously, “Little water snake, spit out your snake gall yourself. Or shall I do it myself?”

“I, I, I’ll do it myself…” The water snake finally gave in and vomited its own gallbladder.

It had two snake gallbladders, both of which were the source of its strength. At least if it surrendered one willingly and kept the other one, at least it would still be able to survive. At the very most, it could cultivate a new gallbladder in the future. However, if it didn’t surrender it now, it would definitely be ripped apart, and it would definitely die!

An emerald coloured snake gallbladder came out of its mouth, and Wu Lingyu waved his hand and sucked the gallbladder over to him.

The water snake thought that it would take its gallbladder and was surprised when it saw him place the gallbladder in a jade box.

“My, My Lord, are you not taking it?” The water snake couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“Who said that I took your gallbladder for myself to eat?” Wu Lingyu put the box away and glanced at it lightly, “I am using this as a present!”

Having said that, Wu Lingyu turned back towards the River of Oblivion.

“You You, I’ve collected another good thing for you. Come and get it!”

When the water snake heard this, it was petrified. He had snatrched its gallbladder for someone who still hadn’t arrived at the River of Oblivion? Who had such good luck to gain the love of The Big Devil?

Having lost a gallbladder was not only distressing, but it also greatly reduced its strength. It had to go into retreat so that it could restore its strength as soon as possible. As it thought of this, it fled back to its snake den quickly.

“What, you were also caught by the Big Devil?” The water snake’s neighbour, a little fish, swam over.

“That’s right! I should have listened to you and not gone out at this time!” The water snake said regretfully.

“Since the Big Devil arrived at the River of Oblivion, we have suffered badly at the Nirvana River. His strength is so strong! Oh, why doesn’t someone come to take him away?” The little fish loved its own strength dearly, against Wu Lingyu, it was powerless.

“He can not only control the water of the River of Oblivion, he can also control the water of the Nirvana River! Who can beat him now?” The water snake thought of Wu Lingyu’s strength and his heart shook.

“Oh, our days to come are so pitiful! Oh….”

A little fish and a water snake cried together, how odd this scene looked.

Wu Lingyu returned to an underwater palace where he usually stayed and looked at the boxes piled high next to him. He sighed for a long time. He wanted to spill out all of his yearning, unfortunately, it was useless.

“You You, when will you come to the River of Oblivion?!”

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