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Chapter 1859: Nirvana River

After a few days’ journey on the flying beast, they arrived at the Nirvana River.

Other than its wide surface, Nirvana River looked no different from other rivers.

“Is the Nirvana River really connected to the River of Oblivion? I don’t see the difference!” Sima You Yue asked Mo Zhi.

“It doesn’t look any different now, but the water is much lighter than normal river water. The closer you get to that area, the water is so light that even feathers can’t float.” Mo Zhi said.

“Are we going to that area?”

“We are going near that area.” Mo Zhi said, “It’s not far from here.”

Along the way, Sima You Yue saw many campsites set up, and everytime they passed a campsite, the people there would look at them vigilantly. However, upon recognizing Mo Zhi’s flying beast, they retreated respectfully.

“The Mo Clan holds a very high status in the Ghost Realm!” Sima You Yue sighed.

“The Mo Clan is the head of the eight noble clans in the Ghost Realm, so naturally our status is very high.” Mo Zhi said proudly.

“There are eight noble clans in the Ghost Realm?” Sima You Yue asked.

“There are four, three of them are from the Soul Region, and another one is in the Abyss of Hell.” Mo Zhi said.

“There are also family clans in the Soul Region?” Sima You Yue was curious. Weren’t those soul entities? Could these kinds of people marry and have babies?

“What are you thinking about?” Mo Zhi saw the light flashing under her eyes.

Sima You Yue smiled at him: “Don’t you want to know?”

Mo Zhi rolled his eyes: “The people of the Soul Clan cannot bear children and carry on the generations, but they can form a family clan. It’s just like forming a force, just that the name is different.”

“Then why don’t you just call it a force, but a family clan?” Sima You Yue was puzzled, wasn’t it all the same?

“Maybe it’s to do with a sense of belonging.” Mo Zhi said, “When the Soul Clan arrives in the Soul Region, they will cease to have memories of their previous life. It is easier to instil thoughts of family belonging to them this way.”

“Yes, most of them won’t have memories.” Sima You Yue said, “The head of the eight noble clans, you Mo Clan is really amazing!”

“Even so, isn’t it under the rule of the King?” Mo Zhi was not complacent of his family’s status, “Moreover, there are many hidden forces in the Ghost Region, those are the truly powerful ones!”

“Do you idolize them very much?”

“Not quite idolize, but something I yearn to achieve for myself.” Mo Zhi said, “The Ninth Underworld Clan that you mentioned last time, they are the real Kings of the Underworld.”

“The Ninth Underworld Clan used to be very powerful, but haven’t they declined now? They haven’t come into the world for so many years, maybe they don’t exist anymore.” Sima You Yue said.

“Even if they don’t exist anymore, people still aspire to be like they were. It is a kind of deep idolization from the heart.” Mo Zhi sighed after speaking, seeming to lament the decline of the Ninth Underworld Clan.

Sima You Yue wanted to know more about the Ninth Underworld Clan, but as she wasn’t able to speak to him much at that moment, she asked: “Can we go to take a look at that place?”

“Where?” Mo Zhi shook his head, “That place is too dangerous, it’s better not to get too close. If we fall into the water accidentally, we won’t be able to get back out.”

“Oh.” Sima You Yue’s original body was a soul-body, even if she really did fall into the water, she was not afraid. However, she didn’t want him to worry so she didn’t say anything.

After flying for a few days, they had finally reached the place where Mo Zhi’s clansmen had set up their campsite. When the people of the Mo Clan saw Mo Zhi, their dispirited breath swept away, as if they had found their support.

“Young Master, you are finally here!” A middle-aged man came to the front of the crowd and bowed to Mo Zhi.

“This is Mo Zhan, the steward of the Mo Clan, this is Ancestor’s disciple Sima You Yue, and her friend Huan.” Mo Zhi introduced the two of them and asked: “How is the situation now?”

Mo Zhan was surprised when Mo Zhi had introduced Sima You Yue as the Ancestor’s disciple. Why had he never heard of the Ancestor accepting a disciple before?

Upon hearing Mo Zhi’s question, Mo Zhan calmed his mind quickly and replied: “Previously, on average one person went missing every seven to eight days. Now, one person goes missing every five days. It’s been three days since the last person has gone missing.”

“In other words, another person will go missing in two days’ time?” Mo Zhi said, “Did you not notice anything out of the ordinary before?”

“I’m ashamed, no, I didn’t.” Mo Zhan said.

“Since there are only two more days, let’s wait here.” Sima You Yue said, “Maybe we will find something by then.”

She was very confident in Huan’s strength, and if there was anything, he would definitely be able to find out.

Mo Zhi understood what she meant. When he saw that Huan hadn’t said anything, he agreed. “Then let’s wait two days and see what happens.”

“Yes.” Mo Zhan replied.

“By the way, did this happen only at our campsite? What about the other forces?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Almost every force has lost someone. It’s just that the interval between the missing persons is different.” Mo Zhan replied.

“I saw many people on our way here, have they not thought about leaving?”

“There has been a lot of movement recently in Nirvana River, there has been a rumour amongst everyone that a strange treasure is about to be born. How can this rival against the enthusiasm of strange treasures?” Mo Zhan replied, “The most indispensable thing in the Ghost Realm is people.”

Sima You Yue understood, the death of a few people compared to the acquisition of strange treasures was incomparable to the hearts of living people.

“You Yue, we have been on the road for so long, you must be tired. Have a good rest today, and we will take a walk around tomorrow.” Mo Zhi said.

Sima You Yue was indeed a little tired. Although she was keen to go to the riverside to take a look, and upon seeing that Mo Zhi had matters to discuss with Mo Zhan and the others, she realised that they probably wouldn’t agree to her going out by herself. Therefore, Huan and her found an empty spot next to the campsite and set up her tent. When the Mo Clan people saw this, they all went to help her, hence, she had nothing to do.

Mo Zhan looked in the direction of Sima You Yue and asked: “Young Master, where did Sima You Yue come from? How did she become the Ancestor’s disciple?”

“She is a child born of the Dark Princess and a human in the Human Realm. It is not accurate to say that she is the Ancestor’s disciple, they are friends and teachers to each other. She is the Ancestor’s Master in the art of tea, and the Ancestor repaid her favour by teaching her a lot of underworld skills.” Mo Zhi was still brooding over this matter.

Mo Zhan was surprised, “It was rumoured in the Clan that the Ancestor had asked you to protect someone, is that her?”

“That’s right. Later on, send an order down and make sure that everyone pays attention to her safety. If anything happens to her, the Ancestor will skin us alive!” Mo Zhi ordered.

“I understand, I will give the order later.”

“Now, tell me what has happened during this time.”


Not long after Sima You Yue’s tent had been set up, there was movement coming from the Nirvana River. Apparently, the river water was moving more rigorously than before.

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