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Chapter 1818: Let’s compare

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“Try? Hah, come, let’s try it!” Lang Yu said without admitting defeat, “There are two of us and you are alone. We have so many guards outside, much stronger than you. How can you make us stay?”

Sima You Yue didn’t say a word, and quickly weaved a series of signs with her hands. When they reacted, she had already surrounded the room with a barrier.

“This barrier can isolate the situation inside, so the people outside don’t even know that you are trapped. After solving you, is it not easy to solve them?”

“But you can’t hear the situation inside, so you can’t ask for help. The strength of the two of you is far worse than the two of us. Do you think there is a chance of winning?” Lang Yu said.

“Then you try and see if you can still mobilize any spirit power.” Sima You Yue smiled and looked at him, her self-confidence made her look more charming.

Lang Yu tried to mobilize his spirit power, and found that there seemed to be something in his meridian that was hindering the spirit power.

“Did you poison us?” Lang Yu was shocked, his nose didn’t even smell the poison!

Yu Xi also tried it, and found that he had difficulty mobilizing his spirit power as well. He looked at Sima You Yue in contemplation but no one knew what was on his mind.

“Although our spirit power can’t be mobilized smoothly, our spirit power can still be used. And we also have contract beasts.” Lang Yu said.

“Contract beasts, do you want to compare with me?” Sima You Yue asked.

Lang Yu was just about to say yes when the opposite Yu Xi spoke first: “We lost.”

“Yu Xi? Are we admitting defeat just like that? If we fight, we still have a chance to win.” Lang Yu said.

“Comparing with her contract beasts, that is looking for self abuse. Have you forgotten her contract beasts in the human world?” Yu Xi said.

When Lang Yu heard that, he weakly countered: “Aren’t her contract beasts in the human world?”

“Since she is so sure, it means she must have brought them here.” Yu Xi said, “Don’t forget, some of her contract beasts are of dark attributes and they are very powerful.”

Lang Yu opened his mouth, and then said, “Well, if you didn’t secretly poison us, we wouldn’t lose.”

“No matter what method I use, as long as I win you.” Sima You Yue shrugged, “Do you still want to tell your enemy that I’m going to poison you, so be careful?”

Well, they can’t do it either.

“When did you poison us?” Lang Yu asked, “Why didn’t I smell anything at all?”

“This is a colourless and odorless poison that I specially developed for the strong. As for when it was administered… I was scared by my Uncle just now. I shook my hand and accidentally spilled it.” Sima You Yue said innocently

Accidentally spilled… tonly ghosts would believe her!

“Fortunately, we are not your enemies!” Lang Yu said with pleasure, shuddering at the thoughts of her methods and mind.

“Hmph, if you are enemies, I don’t need this.” Sima You Yue harrumphed.

She still has a lot of poison. If they were an enemy, they would definitely see blood and not such a mild poison would be used.

“Can you show me your poison?” Lang Yu asked, “This is the first time a poison escaped from my nose!”

“Yes! You promise to keep my secret first, I will give you the antidote, and then show you the poison.” Sima You Yue said.

“I have no problem. Anyway, I don’t see the King often.” Lang Yu agreed very happily. Seeing this, Yu Xi had no choice but to agree.

Sima You Yue took out a jade bottle and threw it to Yu Xi, then came to Lang Yu, took out a black jade bottle and placed it on the table.

Lang Yu picked up the jade bottle, poured some powder on his hand, and then leaned in to sniff it, there was indeed no smell.

“Where did this poison come from? I’m going to ask him how it was done!”

“In fact, it’s nothing, just pay attention to the combination of raw materials, and then refine it to be more refined.” Sima You Yue said.

“You refined this?”

“I didn’t have anything to do when I was free.”

“Are you a poison master?”

“That’s it.”

“Do you have any other poisons? Show me, is it colourless and tasteless?”

“Where are there so many colourless and tasteless ones! Some are still not up to that level. But they are better than others.”

Sima You Yue took out a bunch of other poisons. Lang Yu looked at them and became more excited. He jumped onto the chair and squatted to discuss the poisons with her.

Yu Xi and Murong Hui looked at the two people who were discussing in full swing, and looked at each other helplessly.

“Tell me the whole story.” Yu Xi was speechless and could only talk to Murong Hui.

Murong Hui talked about the events of these years from beginning to end, and when he heard that Murong Xi was really dead, Yu Xi was still sad. Although he hasn’t cared about her all these years, it was still the blood of his sister after all.

When he heard what Sima You Yue had done for Vast Region and Murong Hui, he exclaimed: “Both mother and daughters are really similar in temperament!”

“The Princess has such a daughter, it is really enviable.” Murong Hui said, “but I am also very lucky to get her to treat me with love. She really respects me as a Father.”

“It’s really good. But you have to remember that her identity cannot be exposed until her strength is improved. In addition to Ghost Concubine, her enemies are those who died in Fair Eastern City.”

The incident in Fair Eastern City, the human world, caused a great sensation in the Ghost Realm, because many forces died in that incident. And they all knew that this matter was finally destroyed in Sima You Yue’s hands.

If he didn’t mention this, Murong Hui wouldn’t even think of it. Now it seems that her situation in the Ghost Realm was really dangerous.

“I will be careful.” He responded.

The two chatted for a long time, and Lang Yu and Sima You Yue kept talking. To be precise, Lang Yu pulled Sima You Yue and talked endlessly. Most of the time he was talking, Sima You Yue was listening, occasionally interjecting a few words. However, what she said gave Lang Yu a feeling of enlightenment, so even if she said less, he didn’t care.

Yu Xi endured and endured, and finally couldn’t help it anymore, and interrupted him aloud: “We should go back.”

“Go back? Where are we going back to?” Lang Yu looked at him with a dazed expression.

Yu Xi helped his forehead, “We should go back to the inn. They still have things to do.”

“Don’t go back.” Lang Yu waved his hand, “I will live with Xi’er. Anyway, Xi’er said that she isn’t participating in the region competition, so there is no need to prepare. Let’s move to this inn too.”

“We have to return to the Imperial City to report to the King.”

“Didn’t the King say that we should take a rest after we finished this matter?”


“Alright, I won’t leave anyway. Where Xi’er is, I will be there. If you want to go, go by yourself.”

The corners of Sima You Yue’s mouth twitched when she heard that. Hey, do you have to say it in such an ambiguous manner!

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