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Chapter 1814: Hope

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Although Little Spirit said so, everyone’s enthusiasm was not dampened.

“As long as there is hope, it means it may be realized!” Little Dream exclaimed, “Is there any way you can recover earlier?”

“Yes! As long as I can find a Spatial Divine Artifact, and then fuse me with it, I can recover.” Little Spirit said.

“Spatial Divine Artifact? Is it possible to use an interspatial ring?”

Little Spirit gave Little Seven a contemptuous gaze, “Is the interspatial ring an artifact? It can’t even enter the ranks! What I want is a real artifact, do you know?”

“Alright.” Little Seven curled her lips, “The Ghost Realm is so big, I’m sure there will be an artifact! We’ll grab it for you.”

“This is what you said, I’m waiting!” Little Spirit said with a smile.

“Well, we’ll wait! As long as you find the artifact, we will grab it for you!” Little Seven didn’t jump into the pit that Little Spirit had dug, and said with a smile covering her mouth.

“Tch–” Little Spirit rolled his eyes, saying this was equivalent to not saying it.

“Spatial Divine Artifact, after I go out, I will inquire about it. If I’m lucky, I might be able to find out where I might find one.” Sima You Yue said.

“Since it is an artifact, some words will be hidden and tucked away. It is not easy to get news.” Sima Liu Xuan walked over and said.

“Well, if we’re lucky, we will know it eventually.” Sima You Yue said, “The best would be to be able to get it. If we really don’t have the fate, then when I return to the human world, I can still meet Little Roar, Thousand Resonance and the others.”

“It’s best for you to think so.” Sima Liu Xuan was afraid that she would become obsessed when she suddenly learned such news. Now that he heard her say this, there was no need to worry about her.

“I didn’t plan to go out, but now it seems that I need to go out more.” Sima You Yue said, “Well, you have to be obedient in it, I’m going out.”

“Yue Yue, you have to cultivate hard when you go out, and improve your strength early, so that we can go out sooner.” Little Seven looked at her expectantly.

Sima You Yue rubbed her hair and walked out of the Spirit Pagoda.

That night, she sorted out the information that the scarlet bees had collected, gave it to Murong Hui the next morning and went out with Gu Zi Ping and the others.

As the royal city of the dynasty, Great Yu City was naturally very lively and bustling with activity. And because the region competition was just around the corner, there were many people from out of town coming, and there were more people walking on the streets.

“Young Miss, what would you like to shop for?” Gu Zi Ping asked her.

Sima You Yue stood at the crossroads, looked at the streets extending in all directions, and said, “I want to go to the shop where I can purchase underworld artifacts.”

“Do you want to buy underworld artifacts?”

“I just want to stroll around.” Sima You Yue smiled, “If you have a place you want to visit, you don’t need to follow me. I will just stroll around with Ting Shan and Ting Shui.”

Gu Zi Ping looked at Ting Shan, who was calm and steady, and Ting Shui who looked around because of curiosity, and said, “Let’s stay with you. There are rules in the city that no one is to touch participants in the competition, but it is useless for you. Moreover, we are currently in the Princess Consort’s territory.”

“It just so happens that I also want to see if there is a handy weapon that I can use, so let’s go shopping together.” Zhang Ming Da, the other person who is also a secret trump card of their team said.

“That’s right!” Fang Ying Han nodded, “I heard that there are many good artifacts in Great Yu City. Let’s go and take a look. Maybe we can find one that we like.”

Sima You Yue looked at the three of them and smiled, it was not in vain that she arranged the Spirit Gathering Array for them.

“In that case, let’s go.”

A group of six people went to the shop selling Underworld Artifacts and a shop assistant immediately greeted them enthusiastically, “Everyone, what kind of Underworld Artifact would you like to see?”

“Let’s just take a look.” Fang Ying Han said.

“Do you have anything you’re looking for in particular? I can introduce them to you.” The shop assistant continued.

“I want a long sword, do you have anything good?” Gu Zi Ping asked.

“We have a good range of long swords here, with various grades, I will take you over to see.” The shop assistant immediately replied.

Gu Zi Ping and the others wanted to go, Sima You Yue said: “Go ahead, I’ll go to the spatial vessel area and look for you later.”

“The area in which we are selling the spatial vessels can be found on the second floor.” The shop assistant continued to introduce warmly.

Gu Zi Ping and the others felt that they were all in the store, and there should be nothing wrong with them.

Sima You Yue took Ting Shan and Ting Shui to the second floor where the spatial vessels were sold, and the shop assistant in charge of that floor immediately came up to greet them.

“Young Miss, what would you like to see?”

“I want to see your most expensive spatial vessel here.” Sima You Yue said.

When the shop assistant heard this, her eyes glowed and she bowed slightly, smiled and said, “Please follow me.”

Sima You Yue followed her to the innermost area, where there were the fewest items on the shelf, but from the box one can see that the items here are more expensive than the previous ones.

“On this shelf, our most expensive spatial vessels are displayed. This is the interspatial ring. The volume inside can hold half of the city.”

“This box contains a bracelet, and the space inside is similar to this interspatial ring.”

“This box is also a bracelet, but it can hold a city.”

“In this…”

The shop assistant opened all the boxes on the shelf, and each box contained an exquisite Underworld Artifact, but Sima You Yue only glanced at it and lost interest.

“Don’t you have anything better?” She asked.

“What kind of spatial vessel is Young Miss looking for?”

“Divine Artifact, it is better to have awoken a spirit.” Sima You Yue stated her request.

The shop assistant was so shocked by her words that she couldn’t speak, and was slightly angry, thinking she was using herself to open the items for fun, not really wanting to buy a spatial vessel. But seeing her serious expression which didn’t seem like she was joking, the fire was suppressed again.

“Young Miss, we are just a general Underworld Artifact shop, and there is no such precious Underworld Artifact. Not to mention us, even the best Underworld Artifact store does not sell such an Underworld Artifact. Because such an Underworld Artifact will not be sold at all. No one would take it out and sell it.” She said.

A look of disappointment flashed in Sima You Yue’s eyes, then she nodded to the shop assistant, said muttered sorry to bother her, turned around and walked back.

The shop assistant did not send her out, but carefully closed the lid of the box.

Before Sima You Yue got down the stairs, she heard a commotion below and Zhang Ming Da’s persuasion.

“Zi Ping, don’t be impulsive, this is Great Yu City.”

Fang Ying Han’s voice followed: “They are also region competition players.”

“But that was what you saw first!” Gu Zi Ping said angrily.

“Whoever fancied it first? This is a shop. If you haven’t paid for it yet, it’s not yours. Of course, it’s the one with the higher price who gets it. If you don’t have the money, don’t be an eyesore here.” An arrogant voice was mixed with a rampant laughter. Hearing that, Ting Shui and Ting Shan wanted to curse.

Sima You Yue stood at the stairs, looking at the commotion below: “The one with the higher price will get it, well, you said it well. Boss, I want that long sword!”

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