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Chapter 1812: What do you think?

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Sima You Yue saw that Murong Hui didn’t look at Onyx, but instead stared at herself and smiled at him.

“You girl, you’ve hidden deep enough!” Murong Hui rubbed her head, “That’s fine, there is the Black Dragon to protect you, then I can rest assured when I go to Great Yu City. But…”

Sima You Yue looked at him, wondering how he would blame herself.

“If you told me earlier, I wouldn’t have been so tangled all the way.” Murong Hui said with relief, “but it’s good, if you know how to hide your strength, then you can protect yourself better.”

If the Princess Consort knew that her contract beast was so powerful, the killer sent would not be of this level.

“Lin, dispose of these corpses, and we continue on the road. I think the journey behind is not as leisurely as before.” Murong Xi said.

With the failure this time round, the Princess Consort will definitely send others. Then there will be no less of such pursuit along the way.

“Father, we don’t need to play this with her.” Sima You Yue said, “The person she sends next time will not be so easy to deal with. What if the person she sends hurts our players?”

“You’re thinking…”

“Let’s change the route, so that we can go to Great Yu City peacefully.” Sima You Yue said, “It’s not good to have tails behind me, right?”

Murong Hui thought for a while, nodded in agreement, and instructed Murong Lin to go down and change his route.

“Master, shall we wait here for those people to catch up?” Murong Lin asked.

“They won’t catch up.” Sima You Yue said, “Otherwise they won’t have been with us for so long. The best way is to take the initiative!”

“But we don’t know where they are or how many people there are.”

“I know.” Sima You Yue smiled mysteriously, seeing the two behind her numb, feeling that someone was about to suffer.

Half a day later…

“Ah!! there are so many snakes here!”

“Hey, this is not a place where the snakes usually are!”

“Attack! Attack!”

“Ah! Who beat me!”

“I didn’t hit you, this is attacking those stinky snakes!”


Everyone who was watching was dumbfounded, and they couldn’t understand the following scene of cannibalism!

“This is the function of the illusion array!”

“Although I have seen an illusion array before, it was only for the Xiao Clan to tell the truth. I didn’t expect this illusion array to be used to attack!”

“It is true. This array is really amazing!”

“I haven’t seen such an array in the Ghost Realm yet!”

Murong Lin was also shocked when he saw this kind of attacking illusion array for the first time.

“Young Miss, how did this happen?”

“It’s very simple. In their eyes, their companions are all kinds of monsters.” Sima You Yue explained, “This kind of illusion is a bit more difficult than ordinary illusions, because it is not only necessary for them to have hallucinations, but also make them scared, angry, etc., so that they can attack the monster in front of them.”

“The general array has no such effect, at most it is to transform some monsters, but the attack will only consume spirit power, and will not cause such damage.” Murong Hui said, “It is indeed very powerful!”

“When these tails are resolved, we will change our way to Great Yu City.” Sima You Yue was no longer interested in the following situation, and the ending will not be unexpected.

“Young Miss, there is one more thing I am more curious about.” Murong Lin looked at her, hoping that she could solve her confusion.

“This is very simple.” Sima You Yue thought, and many bees flew towards her and stopped on her body.

“these are…”

“My bees.” Sima You Yue stretched out her hand and asked the scarlet bees to stop on the back of her hand.

“What kind of bees are these? I didn’t even feel their presence before.” Murong Hui couldn’t help but stretched his hand out and grabbed one, which looked like an ordinary bee.

“This is my bee responsible for collecting news. I brought it from the human world. For some reason, they fell asleep. Now they are awake.” Seeing the scarlet bees, she was in a good mood. And the little curl at the corners of her mouth revealed exactly how she was feeling.

In the past two years, not only the Scarlet Bee, but other spirit beasts have also woken up one after another. Now the only one that hasn’t awakened was Crimson Flame.

Murong Hui and Murong Lin both knew her identity, so it is not surprising that she had a contract beast from the human world.

“With these little guys, it will be much more convenient to do what you want to do in the future.” People may be found out to spy on the news, but these bees are easy for people to ignore.

“How about knowing the whereabouts of these guys!” Sima You Yue said, “And I have sent some to Great Yu City. When we get there, we should be able to know the news there. Then I will share with Father about the news collected. Knowing yourself and the enemy will not make you rush.”

Murong Hui and Murong Lin were both moved by her actions, and they felt that they were really lucky and had not lived their life in vain to have met such a person in their lifetime.

After all the guards below were solved, they changed the original route and went to Great Yu City from another city. Because there was no one spying on them, they walked peacefully along the way.

However, compared to their calmness, the other party was not calm anymore.

Xiao Ruo Bai looked at Yu Qi who came to her room, and was puzzled by his suppressed hostility.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

She would take the initiative to care about him, this was an improvement.

“When Murong Hui and Murong Xi were in Eternal Brilliance City, you were there too,” Yu Qi said.

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

“I remember when she went to Eternal Brilliance City, she was just a waste.”

Xiao Ruo Bai glanced at him and responded, “Yes. What’s wrong?”

“Then why don’t I know, she has such a great array skill within a few years after going there?”

“You mean the array in Moon Creek Valley? I saw the Young Master of the Mo Clan. He is a Master of arrays.” Xiao Ruo Bai said, “So, you said that the array was set by her, I have never believed it very much.”

“You are defending her.” Yu Qi stared at her, “Why? She is your enemy.”

“I didn’t defend her, I just don’t think it could be her.” Xiao Ruo Bai looked back at him, “You haven’t said why you are angry, why are you getting involved with Murong Xi again.”

“The man sent by the Princess Consort to monitor Murong Xi was killed halfway through. Our people found the remnants of the array there.” Yu Qi said, “As far as we know, Murong Hui did not bring an Array Master with him.”

“So you suspect Murong Xi did it?”

“Have you never doubted it?” Yu Qi leaned close to her face and observed her expression at close range. “Why does Murong Xi change so much after amnesia? Amnesia can change a person’s personality and change a person from waste to a genius? Ruo Bai, what do you think?”

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