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Chapter 1811: Dragon’s Breath

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Sima You Yue and Murong Hui’s group sat on a group of flying beasts and hurried towards Great Yu City.

Murong Hui looked at Sima You Yue, and looked as if he were about to speak but stopped himself from talking several times.

Sima You Yue could not read a book quietly when she saw this awkward behaviour, and she could no longer help it but raised her head and asked, “Father, what do you want to say?”

“Are you really going to Great Yu City?” Murong Hui asked.

Sima You Yue put down the book, “We have discussed this issue before we set off.”

“But the closer I get to Great Yu City, the more disturbed I feel.” Murong Hui said with worry, “I think you should go back to Vast City. The Princess Consort sent someone to send news before, although she had an agreement with the Mo Clan, it is only on the basis that she can’t do anything to you in Vast City, but if you leave Vast City, it’s not within the scope of the agreement. You know the background of the Princess Consort, even the Prince may not be able to control her.”

“I know, Father. You are worried that I will be retaliated against by the Princess Consort if I go. But it’s the same, I am also worried about you.” Sima You Yue said, “If I don’t go, you will become the Princess Consort’s target for revenge instead. Father, I too, don’t want you to be troubled.”

Murong Hui was a little moved. They also had a conversation before leaving, but Sima You Yue didn’t say that, but told him that she had the ability to protect herself.

“Father, I know that Vast Region is the place where you and Mother met and fell in love each other, so you don’t want to leave and you want to guard your special place. But you also want Vast Region to develop. Vast Region has fewer resources than others. To improve it, the region competition is a very important opportunity, so we must not miss it. If the Princess Consort deals with you or angers the team, you will not be able to play well.”

“This child…” Murong Hui was moved by her words as he looked at her and said, “However, I’m still more worried.”

“Father, I think the Princess Consort is also watching me in the dark. You don’t have time to send me back now, so even if I go back now, I am afraid I will only be hunted down.” Sima You Yue blinked, “Are you sure you want to continue discussing this topic?”

Murong Hui’s words were blocked by her, shook her head, and stopped persuading her to go back.

In fact, she was right. There were indeed people who were paying attention to their situation. Once she left the team, she would be intercepted by those people.

“Father, don’t worry, Yuan Yan contacted me before leaving, and Mo Zhi will go to Great Yu City in two days. When he has him to protect me, you can focus on the competition.” Sima You Yue said, ” Besides, I am not the same person who was bullied two years ago. Even if I show my strength, I am not afraid of being targeted.”

“Speaking of which, I don’t know, what is your strength now?” Murong Hui looked at Sima You Yue curiously. Although he could see that her aura was getting stronger, he could not see her specific strength. He didn’t know what method she used to hide her strength.

“Well…you’ll know it by then!” Sima You Yue didn’t intend to tell him about her strength, not because she didn’t believe him, but because telling him now would frighten him. This would be too incredulous for him.

But the more mysterious she was, the more curious Murong Hui was, like a cat scratching in his heart.

At this time Murong Lin walked in from outside, looking at the two men solemnly: “Young Miss , Master, there is a situation.”

Sima You Yue and Murong Hui both stood up: “What’s the matter?”

“We have been surrounded.” Murong Lin said, “The Princess Consort can’t help but do it.”

“Does she want to face the Prince?” Sima You Yue said in surprise, “If she does it now, the entire team will be involved. If there is something wrong with the contestants participating in the region competition, how can she explain to the Prince?!”

According to the rules of the dynasty, before the region competition, all contestants were protected. If anyone dares to choose a manual hand for the contest, they will be punished by the dynasty.

“It seems that the strength of the Princess Consort has improved greatly, so that she can ignore the rules of the dynasty.” Murong Hui said.

“In other words, her hatred for me is not that she can suppressed. When she learned that I was out of Vast City, she couldn’t wait to send a killer over.” Sima You Yue said.

“Send my orders! Do all you can to kill them. Don’t think we are really afraid of her! Even if the matter of today is picked before the Prince, we are reasonable.” Murong Hui ordered.

“Yes, Master.” Murong Lin took the order out and told the guards accompanying him.

Soon, the assassins appeared, and the guards fought without saying a word.

Sima You Yue and Murong Hui no longer sat in the carriage and simply opened the door and went out.

They were in mid-air at this time, and the room on two flying beasts had been destroyed, showing the ferocity of the battle.

Sima You Yue sensed the idea the little one on her wrist had, touched its head, and asked, “Do you want to play?”

Onyx flicked it’s tail.

“Go ahead. Be careful not to hurt anyone else.”

Anyway, those people already knew about the existence of Onyx, she didn’t have to hide it.

Onyx got the order and flew down from her wrist happily, and restored it’s body under the surprised eyes of everyone. The huge Black Dragon made the entire sky dark by half.

“She really has a Black Dragon.” The killers weren’t surprised to see Onyx, but when they saw that their people were destroyed by Onyx’s breath and there was no nothing left, they were all surprised at it’s strength.

“Isn’t it a young dragon? How could there be such a strong dragon breath! The previous news was fake?”

“No! Our news will not be fake!”

“Don’t…don’t tell me.. it… it has grown so much in the past two years?!”

“No, no way…”

Onyx looked at the horrified people triumphantly, and yelled: “A group of ants also want to kill my Master? It’s really whimsical! I will send you to hell now!”

It spewed dragon’s breath towards the assassin several times, and none of the people locked by it escaped. Then the huge body rolled up several people, and when it was released, they had become incomplete. And the people caught by its sharp claws were almost torn in half by it.

The guards of the Duke Manor had long since retreated to his side, seeing that Onyx had almost dealt with the assassins by itself, and they were shocked.

“This, this is too powerful…”

“Young Miss… That’s amazing!”

“It’s not Young Miss, it’s Young Miss’ Contract Beast!”

Sima You Yue has always known that it was very strong, but personally witnessing this combat power, as well as this destructive power, also frightened her.

“Your Black Dragon has entered maturity? It’s only been two years!” Murong Hui was also shocked.

No wonder Sima You Yue didn’t tell him about her strength, the fighting power of this Black Dragon was too strong!

If her contract beasts were like this, what about her? How far has she progressed? !

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